Best Dog Collar Brands – What to Look for in a Good Dog Collar


Here’s a list of the best dog collar brands, as well as a few tips for choosing the best for your dog.

Dog owners want the best for their dogs, but it can be overwhelming to pick when there are so many options. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to a good dog collar, mainly depending on how your dog wears it. 

For example, is their collar a fashion statement or a reflection of their personality? Does your dog only wear a collar on walks? Are you buying separate dog collars for different activities?  

Best Dog Collar Brands – What to Look For


Before you decide on look and function, every good dog collar must follow a few guidelines.



It might seem like price and quality to go hand in hand. While that can be true, you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to find a quality collar. Instead, focus on the materials and durability. Reviews, manufacturing information, and company quality guarantees are all crucial clues to understanding the quality and safety of a good dog collar.

If you’ve bought a few dog collars only for your canine to wear the collars out in a short time, it might be time to upgrade to sturdier material. It’s also possible that you might benefit from buying more than one collar.

For example, suppose your dog enjoys rubbing or scratching their neck and back. In that case, it might be best to have a few cheap but comfortable dog collars, so you worry less about expensive collars wearing out too soon. The same is true if your dog has a habit of biting or chewing at its collar.



Just as not all people feel comfortable wearing necklaces, not all dogs like their collars. However, you can make it easier on your furbaby by choosing a collar that’s comfortable to wear.

Some materials are surer bets than others, but it can be a bit of a gamble when a stubborn dog rejects a collar. Avoid hard materials, like plastic and metal. Instead, try out flexible materials and a fit that doesn’t cause pinching or chafing. Leather (or faux), nylon, and neoprene should be at the top of your list. 

Small, medium, and large are general sizes, which means the measurements can vary. Therefore, it’s best to measure your dog rather than rely on the three universal sizes.

When measuring your dog, you can use a flexible or fabric measuring tape.  

You can also use a ruler or sturdier measuring tape in combination with a string or similar material. First, shape the string around your dog’s neck, then mark the length with a finger or marker. Finally, compare the string to your measuring device.

Remember to measure where the dog collar will sit, which tends to be the base of the neck. Also, measure twice, as mistakes can happen.

Use the two fingers rule. You place two fingers, side by side, flat under the measuring tape or string. The trick ensures your dog has room to breathe and move while wearing its collar. Generally, it adds an extra inch or two.



A high-quality good dog collar ensures durability, but you can improve your chances of success by considering what the collar needs to endure.

Seek out dog collar brands that off warranty and quality assurances. For example, if it’s a cloth material, is it washable? Is it stain-resistant or fray-resistant? There can be a lot of variables, but quality and function are the best determining factors. 

If you want something for special occasions or holidays, it doesn’t need to pass strength tests. But if it’s something worn during training, walks, or other activities, you need to be sure it can handle pulling, scratching, and weather conditions.

Best Dog Collar Brands


Keeping in mind quality, comfort, and durability, we’re sharing the best dog collar brands.

Illumiseen LED Collar


Illumiseen LED Dog Necklace Collar - USB Rechargeable Loop - Available in 6 Colors - Makes Your Dog Visible, Safe & Seen
  • THIS WILL SAVE YOUR DOG'S LIFE - Vehicles will see your dog well in advance with this bright necklace - ALL THE TIME
  • 2X TIMES MORE BATTERY LIFE THAN THE COMPETITION – At least 6 hours of illumination per 1-hour charge in flashing mode – 3 hours in steady...
  • USER-FRIENDLY, COMFORTABLE, FULLY ADJUSTABLE - Change the light between quick flash, slow flash or steady mode with just a push of the button....


Never lose sight of your dogs in the dark! The Illumiseen LED collar glows brightly with three separate modes: steady, rapid flashing, and slow flashing.

The collar uses a USB rechargeable battery, which lasts 5 hours after a 1-hour charge. It’s also padded and adjustable for comfort.

For extra visibility, Illumiseen also creates LED leashes. Suppose you want to join your pup for night outings. In that case, you can also light up with Illumiseen products, like their reflective belt or illuminating waist pack. 

The Illumiseen collar is available in six different LED colors and six sizes. However, the LED collar can be hazardous for chewy dogs.

Tuff Pupper Heavy Duty Collar with Handle


If your canine chews anything and everything, or maybe frequently scratches at their neck, look no further than Tuff Pupper for extreme durability. The collar uses rip and fray-proof ballistic nylon to provide heavy-duty durability. In addition, the exterior stitching is reflective, which is a handy safety feature. 

The 100% stainless steel buckle and hardware create five adjustable points, which means more flexibility for collar measurements.

The attached bungee handle enables tight control, which can be helpful for dogs that need a hands-on reminder to be still. 

Tuff Pupper also brags about world-class customer service with a satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty. If you have any issues with Tuff Pupper pet accessories in the first 30 days, they’ll replace your purchase at no cost.

The Tuff Pupper collar comes in eight colors and three adjustable sizes.

Regal Dog Products Waterproof Collar


Regal Dog Products Medium Pink Waterproof Dog Collar with Heavy Duty Double Buckle & D Ring | Vinyl Coated, Custom Fit , Adjustable Pet Collars | Comes in Other Sizes for Puppy Small and Large Dogs
  • ADJUSTABLE / CUSTOMIZABLE FIT: This handmade dog collar fits small, medium, large, and big dogs. It can be used for neck sizes ranging from 13...
  • VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE: This heavy duty waterproof dog collar is constructed with rust resistant, nickel-plated double buckle which lets the...
  • COMPLETELY WATERPROOF: Does your pup love the beach? This is the perfect collar for you! vinyl-coated webbing is more durable than rubber, nylon,...

With synthetic, indestructible material, your dog can enjoy all the great outdoors has to offer without ruining another collar. Odor-proof and waterproof, there are six color variations available in three adjustable sizes. In addition, the vinyl-coating ensures the collar remains flexible in cold weather.

Regal Dog Products are handcrafted using durable textiles and synthetic leathers, which means you’ll rarely need to replace them. Their waterproof collar is also available in different styles, such as the military clasp or buckle.

Ruffwear Crag Reflective Collar


RUFFWEAR, Crag Dog Collar, Reflective and Comfortable Collar for Everyday Use, Seafoam, 14"-20"
  • Everyday collar: The Crag Collar is an easy-to-use collar full of thoughtful features; It's durable, quiet, and reflective, making it ideal for...
  • Reflective webbing: The Tubelok webbing features integrated reflectivity for visibility in low-light conditions; It's long-wearing and colorfast,...
  • User-friendly buckle: The easy-to-use side-release buckle lets you quickly put on, take off, and adjust the collar, ensuring the perfect fit for...

Ruffwear offers a few durable options, but we’re leading with the Crag Reflective collar. The collar has an accessible side-release buckle and durable webbing with reflective thread. The collar is available in both solid colors and patterns for a total of six options in three sizes. 

Their Crag Collar offers the best of Ruffwear’s features. It comes with an aluminum V-ring, a separate ID tag attachment point, and a silicone tag silencer.

You can also check out their martingale and chain dog collars if that’s your preferred style.

PetSafe Gentle Leader Head Collar


PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar, No-Pull Dog Collar, Perfect for Leash & Harness Training, Stops Pets from Pulling and Choking on Walks, Medium, Black
  • VET RECOMMENDED AND TRAINER DESIGNED: This headcollar instinctively redirects your dog’s tendency to pull by placing gentle pressure on...
  • TEACHES BETTER LEASH MANNERS: Gently and safely helps you control unwanted leash behaviors like pulling, lunging and jumping for even the most...
  • NO MORE COUGHING AND CHOKING: A padded neoprene nose loop puts pressure on the back of the neck instead of your dog’s throat, which prevents...


The PetSafe collar is a newer solution helping dogs form better walk behaviors. By controlling where’s your dog’s headed, you have better control over any lunging or jumping. The collar material is comfortably padded neoprene.

Your dog retains their full-movement range, including the ability to eat or bark while wearing the head collar. If you need a good dog collar for training, PetSafe is available in five sizes and eight colors.

Best Dog Collar Brands – Conclusion


Those are a handful of the best dog collar brands. Of course, you might need to experiment if your dog is picky about their neckwear, but you can’t go wrong when your choices consider quality and comfort. 

Which fantastic brand will your dog be wearing?

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