Top Bird Dog Training Supplies to Make Your Life Easier

bird dog training supplies

To train your bird dog more efficiently, you can buy retrieving dummies, dummy launchers, and hunting dog training gear.

If you’re a waterfowl hunter or a pheasant hunter, it’s essential to have starter pistols and noise conditioning supplies to prepare them for the field’s sounds. In addition to the regular dog training products and hunting gear, these bird dog supplies and dog training equipment will help train your dog for bird hunting

Training a bird dog can be a hassle – puppies are little balls of energy and need to be tamed and trained quickly for the best results. Is there anything that would make this process more accessible and get your dog out in the fields sooner?

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The Best Bird Dog Training Supplies

When you train a puppy to be a bird dog, you have to start them young. You need to have the right bird dog gear for your bird dog training for beginners. The dogs have to track and retrieve birds without damaging them, be used to gunshot noises, and be completely obedient.

This is why your pup needs to undergo basic obedience training.  Obedience is a basic training. This is only the beginning to training a great hunting dog. Start training young dogs. The first six months are vital to your hunting dog’s success and can be made easier with good bird dog training supplies. 

Of course, you can always take your dog to a professional trainer, who will ensure they are ready to track and hunt birds. But if you are training your bird dog yourself, look at these tips for hunting dog training from the country’s top dog trainers. 

Either way, any of these products will make your life easier while training your hunting pup! 

Bird Dog Training Supplies – Carrying Crate

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If you plan to take your dog on multiple hunting trips, the first step is to crate-train them. A dog that is content in a crate will be more amenable to every other step of training. A good carrying crate is one of the first and most important investments you will make when you buy a dog

Make sure to buy a carrying crate that will fit your full-grown dog and not cramp them. It’s also helpful to keep a blanket and dog bed in the box so that your dog is comfortable and feels at home traveling or sleeping in the crate. Your dog’s crate training will make your life on hunting trips so much easier. 


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Whistles are essential hunting tools for dogs. A well-trained dog will return at the sound of a whistle, even if they are chasing birds or other animals. You can get a variety of whistles or just one kind so your dog recognizes your tone, but it’s vital to have a good hunting whistle.

Some hunting dog trainers suggest blowing the whistle when you feed your puppy to teach them to associate the sound positively. You can then move on to using the whistle (already associated with something good) whenever the dog fetches correctly. This early whistle training will lay the groundwork for further training

Bird Dog Training Supplies – Locator Collars and Pinch Collars

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Every dog needs a collar, but hunting dogs need specific kinds of collars to train them to come back. A pinch collar or force training collar helps dogs learn to heel and not jerk on a leash. For a bird dog, this skill is vital, because you don’t want them running towards the game too early and scaring it away. 

A locator collar is also a great thing to have when your bird dog is not leashed. In the early days, your pup might get excited and run after the birds (or training dummies). Having their location on hand will help you find them more quickly and train them not to run too far

Dog Training Bumpers

Dog training bumpers are a type of dog toy that is specifically designed to be used during training sessions. Unlike traditional dog toys, which are often small and easy to lose, training bumpers are large and easy to see. This makes them ideal for use in retrieving games, as the dog can easily find the bumper and bring it back to the trainer. Training bumpers are also usually made of softer materials, which makes them gentle on the dog’s teeth and gums. In addition, they often have a built-in squeaker, which can help to keep the dog’s attention during training sessions. Ultimately, dog training bumpers are a valuable tool for any dog trainer, as they can help to make training sessions more fun and successful.

Dog Check Cords and Ropes 

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In addition to the collars, it will be necessary to purchase cords of varying lengths. Keep your dog on a leash to train it to roam near you while you hunt. You can let them walk on a longer lead in the field. Or you can keep them on a shorter leash while you are shooting. 

Instead of buying a retractable leash, you should get a few different lengths of cords and ropes to train your bird dog. That gets them used to being by your side while you hunt. This aspect of training is vital for the safety of the dog and the effectiveness of your hunting. 

Bird Dog Training Supplies – Dog Handler’s Jacket 

CALIDAKA Dog Handler Training Vest Pet Trainer Vest Dog Trainer Protective Cloth with Multi Pockets Pet Trainer's Jacket Professional Pet Owner Obedience Vest for Men/Women
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  • CONVIENIENT: With D Rings and rope loop around the vest that allow attachment of various accessories.

This jacket is one of the few products on this list that is for you, not your dog! While you might think that a unique jacket is unnecessary, a dog handler’s jacket is made especially for people training dogs to hunt or track. 

They usually have mesh panels and wide arm cuffs to keep the owner cool and comfortable while training their dogs. There are pockets for doggy bags or treats either for you or your dog, so If you’re going to put in the hours to train your dog, this jacket will make that a little easier. 

Retrieving Dummies (and Scents) 

SportDOG Brand Canvas Dummies - Hunting Dog Training Tool - Weighted Bumper for Easy Throwing - Readily Holds Game Scent - Floats - Puppy - Natural
  • Canvas dummies are great training tools for sporting dogs, both young and adult; not meant to be used as a dog chew toy
  • Weighted for easy throwing, they simulate actual game size and weight
  • The heavy duty canvas material holds game scent better than plastic dummies

The most important job that a bird dog does is track down the birds and bring them back to the hunter. As you train your dog, you have to get them used to finding dead birds without damaging them too much. To start this, you’ll need to retrieve dummies (false birds) that mimic the real thing. 

After you train your dog to fetch tennis balls and toys, it’s time to move on to bird dummies. Retrieving dummies will prep the dog to find real birds while you’re hunting. They can look like rubber toys or actual birds and are used in force fetch training, which conditions your dog to retrieve the birds without tearing them up or damaging them. 

An additional supply to help you train your pup to fetch birds is a bird scent. You can spray it on the dummy to help your dog associate the scent with finding a bird. Depending on the kind of bird you hunt regularly, you can buy different smells to train your dog

Bird Dog Training Supplies – Dummy Launchers

D.T. Systems Super-Pro Dog Training Dummy Launcher Kit with Orange Cordura Nylon Launcher Dummy
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D.T. Systems Super-Pro Dog Training Dummy Launcher Kit with Orange Cordura Nylon Launcher Dummy
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If you have dummies and are already using them to train for force fetching, the next step is to buy a dummy launcher. Throwing the dummies for hours can be exhausting. Also, it doesn’t always mimic the same motion of a bird falling out of the air. 

These launchers will shoot the dummy far enough away that your dog has to search for it. Looking for the dummy will prepare it for actual hunting. Once your dog is tracking and finding the close dummies, a launcher will help train it to find the ones that fall farther away. 

Starter Pistols and Blanks

A hunting dog will have to be used to the sounds of gunfire. Even the best dogs can get a little skittish if they aren’t accustomed to hearing pistol and shotgun blasts go off. However, you don’t want to train a dog with actual guns and ammo because of the project’s sheer cost. 

Buying a cheap starter pistol and some blanks is a great way to get your dog used to the sound of gunshots. You can even use the same method as the whistle; fire off a round of blanks right before mealtime, so they associate it with good things! 

Noise Conditioning Vest

Alfie Pet - Revel Anxiety Calming Wrap Vest for Dog - Color: Navy, Size: Small
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Some pups are more sensitive to noise than others. Even if your dog is used to gunshots, it could have issues with thunder or other loud noises, which are bound to happen when you’re hunting. A pressure point vest to wear during thunderstorms will calm them down until they are used to the sound. 

If your dog struggles with certain noises, you can also use the “hear that” training method. Begin to associate the noise they don’t like with treats and positive reinforcement. As a result, they will eventually be less anxious about it. 

What Gun Dog Training Supplies Should You Get?

When it comes to owning a gun dog, having the right training supplies is essential. There are a variety of different gun dog supplies available to help you get your pup up and running, such as quail hunting supplies, coon hunting supplies and hunting hounds that are specially designed for the job.

In addition, there are also various other hunting supplies that you’ll need to have in order to give your pup the best training experience. Taking time to research and purchase the right gun dog training supplies can make all the difference in successfully training your pet.

With the right supplies, you’ll be able to start teaching your pup how they should behave while out hunting.

Bird Dog Training Supplies – Final Thoughts 

Orange Camo Waterproof Hunting Dog Collar with Heavy Duty Center Ring | for Small and Medium Dogs and Puppies (Orange Camo, Medium (fits 13 inch to 19 inch neck))
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The most important part of training your dog is, of course, not the bird dog training supplies, but your dog. Proper training and collections can only make a well-disposed dog even more obedient. Every one of these dog equipment depends on your dog’s tendencies and personality. They will help make them the ideal bird hunting companion! 

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