C4 Dog Collars – Lifetime Warranty Review


In this article, we will go over the importance of a collar, what makes a collar quality or not, and if the C4 dog collars meet those standards—as well as a lifetime guarantee claims analysis.

C4 is one of the ambitious dog collar brands right now, claiming to offer 100% recyclable collars that are also indestructible—so much so that they have offered a lifetime guarantee on their products.

However, can these collars stand up to the test of real-life dogs and their needs? Or will that lifetime guarantee end up with you on hold, constantly trying to get a replacement?

The Importance of a Good Collar

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A good collar should allow you to guide your dog’s movements on walks, and make training easier. They can be stylish or provide safety—for example, collars with a reflective element.

However, it’s also been shown that dogs that wear a collar and are microchipped are significantly more likely to be found and returned to their owners if they are lost, making them vital for most owners.

C4 Dog Collars Personalized

C4 dog collars personalized provide your dog with the ultimate in comfort, style and safety. These collars are made of medical grade thermo elastomer. These collars may also come with a dog leash lifetime warranty, so you can be sure that your investment will last.

In addition, This ultra durable dog collar is ideal for active dogs who love to play outdoors. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that C4 dog collars are one of the most popular choices for pet parents. They’re also easy to clean – all you need is a light soap.

Legal Requirement

In many areas, you are legally required to keep a collar on your dog, and if they do not have one you can face a hefty fine from the local authorities. While this is not always true in largely rural areas, many cities will enforce this law seriously to curtail the issue of stray and lost dogs.

Collar Safety

As we mentioned before, collars are a huge help should your dog get lost or wander off, allowing the rescuers to easily engage with your furry friend and find the owners much quicker.

This is especially important if you live in an area that is prone to natural disasters—the Louisana SPCA estimated that more than 15,000 animals were left behind during Hurricane Katrina, and many of them were never reunited with their owners.

Having a well-fitted collar along with other dog accessories and clothing is essential to helping you find your beloved pet after a disaster.

C4 Dog Collars Review

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As we mentioned, C4 dog collars are ambitious in many ways. When considering a dog collar, there are four main elements to consider:

  • Material
  • Comfort
  • Return policy/lifetime guarantee

With this in mind, we will go step by step through the C4 dog collars, reviewing these aspects of the collar.

What Are They Made Of?

There are many different types of materials that dog collars are made of. Some of the most popular include:

  • Nylon
  • Nylon blends
  • Leather
  • Faux leather
  • Canvas
  • Metal chains

Material can affect many things, including how heavy it is (nylon is known to be the lightest, usually.) While all these materials all have their pros and cons, the C4 doc collars have gone a different route: thermo-polymer material. Though they are not the only sellers to go with this choice in materials, they may be the most well-known.

Typically this material is also used in items snowmobile treads or adhesives, making it a unique choice to have as a collar. C4 dog collars argue that this material is both durable and waterproof, two items of importance for most dog owners looking for a new collar.

Are They Comfortable?

C4 dog collars claim that because of the thermo-polymer material, it prevents the growth of microorganisms and bacteria. However, that doesn’t do any good if the collar doesn’t fit right or is uncomfortable for your pet.


Right now very narrow and minimalist collars are becoming popular, but these may not be the right option for your dog. A wide collar helps distribute the weight and tension of the material more evenly across the neck, so it is less likely to dig into your pet’s neck.

A good width is especially important during walks, as most dogs will likely walk ahead of you or occasionally tug at their leash. If the collar is too thin, then it could end up hurting your furry best friend.

For the C4 dog collar, the small is ⅝ inches wide while the medium, large, and XL are one inch wide each. Many larger breeds need a minimum of 1” wide collar. Making this likely to be a good fit.

However, extra-large breed dogs such as the Great Dane, Scottish Deerhound, Newfoundland, and more are recommended to have a collar width of 1.5 to 2 inches. This means if you do have an extra-large dog, the C4 dog collar may be slightly too thin, depending on how much they tug on their walks.


Many professionals will tell you that a good collar should be loose enough that you can comfortably slip two fingers between the collar and the dog’s fur. This will allow for them to be active during playtime without chafing or causing irritation.

The C4 dog collars come in four sizes, including:

  • Small, 11-14 inches
  • Medium, 15-18 inches
  • Large, 19-22 inches
  • X-Large, 23-26 inches

Even if you have a purebred dog, the size of your pet will vary. However, many large dogs can have neck sizes between 26-30 inches, meaning if you want to have those two extra inches that professionals recommend, then C4 dog collars may not be right for you and your pet.

If you have a dog with a long or thick coat, make sure to measure for a new collar after they have a trim. This will allow you to get the best size for your dog’s actual neck, instead of measuring their coat.

If you have a smaller dog, make sure to consider where they fall on the scale. If your pet’s neck falls at 13 and a half inches, you will have to consider whether to go with the small or medium, potentially choosing a collar that is too tight or one that is too loose.

How True Is the Lifetime Warranty Promise?

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All of these factors come down to why it’s important to fully analyze and understand the lifetime warranty and how the returns process works.

When ordering a collar online, there’s always a risk that it simply will not be right for your pet. And you may need a different size. There is also a possibility that you will love it. But, it breaks—so will they really send you another for free?

Despite the promise of a lifetime guarantee, many customers reviewing the dog collars have claimed that it is very difficult to get the company to follow through on this process.

On the lifetime guarantee page, they make it clear that this promise is not actually for a lifetime. In this case, a lifetime guarantee really only lasts three months. So, if your dog breaks their collar or you are dissatisfied with it for another reason, it must be within 90 days for them to replace it.

This is actually very common for companies to promise a lifetime guarantee that is much shorter than a literal life.

There is no national legal regulation on what a lifetime guarantee or warranty must promise when using the term. And manufacturers are often free to limit the guarantee to as long as they feel is appropriate. All they have to do is disclose the information to the consumers.

Is a C4 Dog Collar Right for Your Pet?

As we mentioned before, it is important to be aware of the true meaning of a lifetime warranty claim. Especially for items as important and necessary as your dog’s collar.

In this case, a lifetime guarantee is only three months. Keeping in mind the other factors, such as material and width, only you can decide what collar is best for you and your pet.

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