Cheap Dog Collars – 7 Things to Look Out For


So, are cheap dog collars worth it? Will they do the job? What determines quality? Read on to learn more about what you should look for in a dog collar and how it relates to price.

More than 470 million people worldwide own dogs, and about 65 million of those people are American. 

The thing is, owning a dog is not a hard task. The real work is keeping your canine friend healthy and happy. It entails buying all the necessary items such as food and collars and keeping their living conditions favorable. 

As far as dog collars are concerned, it’s important to invest in a high-quality collar that guarantees durability and strength. 

7 Things to Look Out For in a Cheap Dog Collar


Undoubtedly, buying a dog collar is no simple purchase. That’s because a collar is a handy item that serves multiple roles, including restraint, protection, fashion, and identification. Additionally, with so many materials and designs available in the market, choosing the best collar for your furry friend can be challenging.

Fortunately, we can make this easier for you. We curated a list of the seven most essential things to consider when investing in a dog collar. These include:

1. Collar Style/Design


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Before you even go shopping, first consider the collar style you want for your dog. Do some research on various dog collar styles.

Some of the most common dog collar types to choose from include:





2. Dog Collar Material


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After settling on the style, it’s time to choose the right collar material. 

You see, the style has a lot to do with the functioning of the dog collar and fashion. On the other hand, materials are about the quality of the collar and your dog’s safety.

The different collar materials you can choose from include:


  • Nylon: Most dog collars are made of 1000-D nylon. That’s because nylon is durable, costs less, and allows much flexibility of design and color. In addition, its pliability makes it a great choice for small dogs or dogs with sensitive skin. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean it’s the best material for all dogs. For dogs that spend most of their time outdoors, this collar might get wet and start to smell after some time. Also, some dogs are allergic to nylon. If that’s the case with your dog, go for fabric collars made from cotton.


  • Leather: Traditionally, leather is the material used for dog collars. Leather dog collars look classy and elegant on your dog, but it’s not just the look that makes them a good choice. The collars have in-built protection from weather elements, making them highly durable. This is not a cheap collar, although, without a doubt, it’s worth every penny.



After you know the materials used to make a collar, you can research how durable and strong these materials are. That way, you have an idea of how long the collar can last. 

3. Neck Size


Your dog’s neck size is another important factor to consider. Before heading out to purchase a dog collar, it’s advisable first to determine your dog neck’s size. You see, collars are available in different sizes to accommodate all shapes, from the smallest of dogs to the extra-large ones.

The recommended collar sizes for dogs include:


  • Small dogs: 10 to 15 inches
  • Medium dogs: 14 to 19 inches
  • Large dogs: 18 to 24 inches
  • Extra-large dogs: 20 to 29 inches


The best size for your dog is one that doesn’t affect their daily activities, including running, sitting, and sleeping. 

How do you size a collar to ensure it fits your dog? Ensure that when you slide in two fingers between your dog’s neck and the collar, they easily slide into this space. If they cannot, then the collar might be too tight. On the other hand, your entire hand shouldn’t slip through between the neck and collar. It would mean that it’s too big and will probably come off.

4. Dog Breed


You might succeed at finding a very cheap dog collar, but does it suit your dog breed? 

It’s worth noting that some breeds require specific dog collars. This is according to veterinarian recommendations, especially for breeds with sensitive skin.

While your breed might be the strong type requiring a specific collar, another breed might not need any special collar. Also, breeds come in different sizes and fur types. Therefore, check to ensure the collar you invest in is comfortable and doesn’t cause fur loss.

Also, remember different dog breeds have different temperaments and tendencies. For example, breeds such as collies, huskies, and retrievers are super active. Other breeds keep chewing, licking, or picking at their collar. Therefore, ensure the collar you choose matches your pup’s activities.

Luckily, most dog collar stores label their items, indicating the breed for which a specific collar is suited.

5. Functionality 


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People will buy dog collars depending on the intended use. Be careful when shopping for a cheap dog collar because some models are better than their counterparts for specific functionality.

If you’re in the market for a collar to help train your dog, some collar styles such as the martingale are a good fit that serves that purpose well. 

For small-bodied dogs and puppies, light dog collars made of durable plastic might be a better choice. And if your dog is huge or for security purposes, you’re better off with a leather or nylon collar. In this case, you can even invest in tactical dog collars

For dogs that spend most of their time indoors, you can let the dog collar color match the color of your interior decoration. On the other hand, a hunting dog requires a collar that matches the hunting environment and is not easily detectable by prey.

So think about the occasions you’re most acquainted with to help determine the type of dog collar you choose. Of course, one that matches the functionality or occasion is the real deal.

6. Personalized Dog Collars


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You’re looking for a cheap dog collar for your pup and want a personalized one. Is it possible to get a quality item? 

Many online shops will personalize a dog collar for you, but the final price will vary depending on the personalization quality. The price can range between $20 and $70. The higher the quality of material and extent of personalization, the higher the price.

Be wary of stores, online or otherwise, that sell cheap dog collars, but the quality is wanting. The item could look like leather, but the material is something substandard and cheap. Especially if you’re a fancy color, chrome finish, or personalization enthusiast, you’re an easy target.

The thing is, you get what you pay for. And this is not to say there are no cheap dog collars that are good, but of course, you can expect the quality to be better when a collar costs more. 

To ensure you don’t pay much for the personalization, just have the seller include your dog’s name, your name and contact details, and your address. These are the most important details that will help you find your dog faster if you lose them, and they will not cost you much.

Generally, what might make the price go higher is including more details and using fancy fonts.

7. Reviews


Now you know what to look for in a dog collar. Comfort, your dog’s breed and disposition, and your training goals and challenges should be your primary consideration. 

That said, there are so many dog collars in the market, each with varying strengths, and sometimes it can be confusing. Something else that would help a lot is checking out reviews before making a purchase. 

People tend to leave reviews, especially when unhappy or very satisfied with a product. Their comments will help you determine how strong (tear-resistant), functional, and durable a product is from people’s first-hand experience. 

Cheap Dog Collars – Final Word


So, are cheap dog collars worth it? You see, you now know what to consider when choosing a dog collar. This includes comfort, durability, functionality, and whether you can personalize it. Unfortunately, these qualities are hard to find in a cheap dog collar. Generally, cheap dog collars don’t last, have limited functionality, are made from low-quality materials, and the extent of personalizing them is limited. 

That said, if after considering the factors mentioned above carefully you find a cheap dog collar that you think is ideal for your pup, don’t hesitate. It will be worth it.

Don’t forget the comfort and safety of your four-legged friend should be your priority, while other things such as aesthetics come later.

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