Dog Bike Leash – Top Options and Best Practices


Sharing your favorite activities with your dog is one of the greatest joys of having a four-legged friend. Whether you’re hiking, swimming, running, biking, or just lying around the house, doing something you love together is a fantastic way to bond and hang out.

I love running with my dog. Since we started running together three years ago, I’ve gotten in better shape, and my dog’s behavioral issues have practically disappeared. We have also learned to communicate better, and our bond is stronger than ever.

If you love to walk or run, a regular or hands-free leash is all you need to start bringing your dog along. But what if you want to try biking with your dog? 

Biking with your dog can be a fun and rewarding experience. However, it presents unique challenges and can be dangerous if done incorrectly. The most important equipment you need to start biking with your dog is a proper dog bike leash.

In this article, we will explore some best practices for keeping yourself and your four-legged pal safe. Then we will look at some of the top dog bike leash options.


Dog Bike Leash – Should I Bike with My Dog?


Not every dog makes a good biking buddy. Before we look at some dog bike leash options, let’s talk about whether your dog is suited for biking.


Behavioral Concerns

Some dogs hate bikes and try to attack them at every opportunity. Other dogs have very high prey drives and will bolt after anything that moves. Some dogs are reactive to other dogs, people, or cars. If your dog displays any of these behaviors or is nervous in general, it’s best not to try biking with him until those issues have been resolved.

The best dog to bike with is well-adjusted, confident, mellow, and predictable. You don’t want your dog unexpectedly running into traffic or attacking another dog while attached to your bike.


Physical Health and Age

Taking your dog out for a long bike ride—particularly on a hard surface like cement—is hard on his joints. Dogs aren’t built for running long distances. They are naturally predisposed to short sprints. Biking is something that you should work up to with your dog. Start with short distances.

Most veterinarians recommend that you don’t start running or biking with your dog until they are at least two years old. Waiting until he’s mature gives the young dog’s bones a chance to finish growing. Taking your dog for long runs before he is ready can lead to joint problems later in life.

You shouldn’t take a very old dog or a sick dog biking. Talk to your veterinarian to assess what’s right for your dog.



A dog bike leash is best suited for medium to large dogs. Most dog bike leashes do not reach close enough to the ground to be safe for small dogs. Small dogs also have short legs and will get tired quickly.



If your dog isn’t trained to walk on a leash, he won’t be successful running next to a bike on one. Your dog shouldn’t pull on the leash or ignore you while you are walking. Before you hook your dog up to your bike, make sure he can walk consistently in the heel position and start, stop and sit when you tell him to.


What to Look for in a Dog Bike Leash


If you have evaluated your dog’s physical health, mental health, and training level and have determined that he’s a good fit for biking, congratulations! Now you need a proper leash to make sure your biking sessions are safe and fun.

When biking with your dog, the most important thing is to keep your dog at an appropriate distance from the bike. A flexible leash or hands-free leash will allow your dog to run away from the bike, but it will also let your dog run into the bike. This can cause accidents, potentially injuring both you and your pup.

A dog bike leash is not like a hands-free leash or any other leash. It is specifically designed for biking with your dog. A dog bike leash has a rigid arm that mounts to your bike and sticks out over the side away from the bike. The arm keeps your dog from getting too close to the bike.

Some dog bike leashes mount to the saddle of your bike. Others mount above the rear axle. Some only work on one side of the bike. Some are easy to mount, while others are more complicated. When looking for a dog bike leash, look for one compatible with your bike and riding style.


Top Five Dog Bike Leash Options


There are lots of dog bike leashes out there. How do you choose which is right for you? Let’s take a look at some of the top-rated options.


Walky Dog Plus Hands-Free Dog Bike Leash

Walky Dog Leash Bike Attachment Plus Leash Hands Free Dog Bicycle Exerciser Leash 550-lbs Pull Strength Paracord Leash Military Grade
4,251 Reviews
Walky Dog Leash Bike Attachment Plus Leash Hands Free Dog Bicycle Exerciser Leash 550-lbs Pull Strength Paracord Leash Military Grade
  • TUV SUDProduct Service Certfication Approved Mark for " German quality " Tested for Safety
  • High Carbon Stainless steel for strength, leash installs on virtually any bike in under 5 minutes. True Quick-release Bikle Leash for Detaching...
  • The walky dog plus has an internal shock-absorbing system which allows for sudden movement by your dog. The walky dog plus is a sport tool for...

This leash boasts a high-carbon steel rigid arm for maximum strength and durability. The leash is made of military-grade paracord for up to 550lbs of pull strength. It attaches to the post of your bike seat in under five minutes. 

The Walky Dog features a shock-absorbing system to help mitigate the force of your dog tugging while on the leash and has a quick release to easily release your dog when you’re done riding.


Springer Hands-Free Dog Leash Bike Attachment Kit

Springer Hands Free Dog Leash Bike Attachment Kit -Pet Exerciser for Running, Walking Jogging - Universal Fit for Bicycles - Quick Release, 18-Inch Rope
  • Biking with Your Buddy: The Springer Dog Exerciser is a hands free dog leash bike attachment that allows you to safely ride a bicycle with your...
  • Safety & Protection: The Springer uses a low-mounted, heavy duty steel spring to absorb up to 90% of the force of a dog's unexpected tugs, while...
  • Quick Release: The leash has a “safety release” which instantly frees your dog should a post, tree, or hydrant come between your dog and...

The Springer Hands-Free dog bike leash is a simple system. The alloy steel arm is U-shaped and partially springy for maximum shock absorption. The arm has a universal mount that attaches to any bike and mounts low under the saddle. The quick-release system is easily accessible while riding, so you can quickly release your dog in an emergency.

The Springer is the most expensive dog bike leash listed here, best for people looking for a very durable, long-lasting system.


Fanwer Hands-Free Dog Bike Exerciser

wefaner Dog Bicycle Exerciser Leash Hands Free Bicycle Dog Leash
  • 1. Comprehensive upgradeDog bike leash the new cast iron base strong and durable can withstand large tension improve the metal rod rotation...
  • 2. Quick installation and useBicycle dog leash equipped with a wrench can be attached to any bike in 5 minutes the metal rod can be unscrewed and...
  • 3. Safety belt systemBike leash equipped with a strong elastic bungee cord can resist the risk of dogs suddenly jerking the bike pulled down....

This is another simple setup with a straight arm of stainless steel and silicone. It attaches to nearly all bike models and mounts under the saddle. The arm does not include shock absorption, but the included leash is an elastic, shock-absorbing leash.

The Fanwer Hands-Free leash is an excellent budget option for people looking to spend a little less on their setup. This leash is not as sturdy as the Springer leash, but it will work as long as you use it properly and follow best practices.


Unicam Retractable Bicycle Dog Leash

Unicam Retractable Bicycle Dog Leash, Hands Free for Pet Dogs, Safety Dog Bike Leash Fit for Outdoor Exercise, Dog Walking Essentials, Easy to be Installation and Removal.
  • Premium Materials- Our dog hands free leashes rod body is high-strength, made of hard stainless steel, and the handle is covered with silica gel...
  • Fantastic Function- This free hand bike leash is suitable for all bicycle's models, it could give your dogs a guidance, and control your dog to...
  • Robust And Durable Construction- High carbon stainless steel metal and reinforced nylon.

The Unicam Retractable leash is another good budget option, similar to the Fanwer leash. The arm is stainless steel coated with silica gel for improved grip. No shock absorption is included in the rigid arm; instead, the kit comes with a stretchy elastic leash. The stainless steel bar adjusts to a maximum of 30 inches.

Some shoppers have reported that this leash moves around on its mount. Don’t expect this to be as stable as the Springer leash or the Walky Dog. I wouldn’t recommend it for high speeds or uneven ground.


New Urban Dog Bike Leash

NEWURBAN - Dog Bike Leash - Easy Installation Removal - Hand Free Dog Bicycle - Exerciser Leash - for Exercising - Training Jogging - Cycling and Outdoor - Safe with Pets
  • ★ Easy installation/removal. Can be easily disconnected from a bike by screwing and unscrewing in seconds. Compatible with any kind of bike....
  • ★ Keeps Your Dog Safe: The flexible leash lets your dog set the pace for the ride so you’ll always know you’re going the right speed. The...
  • ★ Patented design includes a shock-absorbing system allows you to maintain control while riding without the effects of your best friends sudden...

The New Urban leash is another budget option that may not be as stable as the Springer or Walky Dog systems. The rigid stainless steel arm installs easily to almost any bike and detaches very easily via the hassle-free detachment system. There is no shock absorption built into the arm.


Final Word and Safety


As well as a purpose-built bike leash, you should always use a body harness when running your dog next to a bike. Attaching the leash to your dog’s regular collar is very dangerous and can result in strangulation, neck injury, or the death of your pooch.

Now that you’ve got your bike leash, harness, and training under your belt, you’re ready to get out there and start biking with your best bud! Just make sure to keep your pup warm if it’s cold outside.

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