Dog Collars with Names and Phone Numbers- Examples and Tips

dog collars with names and phone numbers

If you’re anything like us, then your dog is your best pal. He goes with you just about anywhere that you can reasonably take him, and the both of you enjoy every minute of it. That’s why it’s a good idea to invest in quality pet products including dog collars with names and phone numbers. 

Whether you’re out hiking trails and conquering the great outdoors together or enjoying more posh activities at your favorite dog-friendly locations, it can be easy to get wrapped up in the fun and forget safety.

Dog Collars with Names and Phone Numbers – Planning Ahead

That’s why it’s so important to have considered all possible scenarios and have planned for them in advance.

Of course, you prepare for your outings and pack everything you might need to keep your pet safe and comfortable: a travel drinking bowl and water, a comfortable harness and leash, a toy to occupy them on the trip, and maybe even a blanket or coat for cold-weather adventures.

But one thing that can be easy to overlook, even in the realm of your pet’s everyday safety, is the worst-case scenario of losing them. The worst feeling in the world is realizing that your pet has gotten out or gotten lost. This feeling is made even worse if you haven’t planned.

One of the most critical aspects of planning for this possibility is making sure that your dog has a suitable collar that shows their name and your phone number for contact. This one simple choice can make the difference between your lost dog making his way back to you and staying lost for good.

If you’ve never considered getting a personalized collar before, now is the perfect time to learn about what options are available to you and how to go about finding the perfect one to keep your pet safe.

Match the Collar to Your Pet

If you’ve ever gone shopping or virtual window-browsing for items for your pet before (which, of course we know you have!), then you know the sheer amount of options available to you in just about every category under the sun.

While this can be overwhelming, it’s a great advantage to the discerning shopper. Because each dog is different and unique in its preferences, the wide range of options means you’re not likely to come away empty-handed even if you’re a bit picky when it comes to pet products.

When searching for a personalized dog collar, it’s best to start by determining the best kind of material for your dog. While style and looks might come into play, the most important thing to consider is durability. Because, of course, what good is a personalized collar if it doesn’t hold up when it counts?

Waterproof Collars

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For active dogs who enjoy the outdoors and are always on the go (or getting into a mess and mischief), waterproof material is excellent for various reasons. Dog collars like these are often nearly indestructible, meaning that they’re not likely to fail or snap if your dog goes roaming around on a solo outing in the woods.

Waterproof materials are also helpful because they require less maintenance. Because these collars don’t hold and absorb moisture, they won’t start to smell in the same way that softer collars do. This means that you won’t need to wash them as often, so you’ll never have to worry about your dog being without his collar and identification.

How to Personalize Waterproof Collars

While some collars can be directly stitched with your pet’s name and your contact information, this is much harder to do with vinyl-coated, PVC, and other waterproof materials. And traditional hanging tags can be a bit much for some of these large, active dogs.

If you want a less bulky, less intrusive, and more durable alternative to traditional hanging tags to personalize your waterproof collar, then a slide-on dog tag or a rivet-on dog tag will be perfect for ensuring your dog’s safety.

Slide-on Tags
Silent Slide On Puppy Dog Cat ID Tags,Elastic Silicone Band and Stainless Steel Name Plate, Personalized Laser Engraved On Collar,Universal Design for Most Style Pet Collars
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  • Laser Etched & Clear Characters - All personalized information are engraved by laser and the characters are clear,easy to read

Slide-on dog tags are great for buckling collars since the dog tag must slide onto the collar on the open end. These tags are perfect for owners who want a noiseless solution that doesn’t get in the way of their furry friend’s adventures and is sure to hold up on even the wildest outdoor journeys.

Rivet-On Tags
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A rivet-on dog tag is another excellent alternative. It features a plate attached directly to the collar by a pair of rivets. This is a more permanent identification solution, which is easy and convenient. The front of the plate is engraved with all the desired information. And is attached to the dog collar, so you don’t have to think any more about it.

With both these solutions, as opposed to traditional tags, you can only put information on the front of the tag. So if you want to include more information than your pet’s name and your phone number, a traditional ID tag might be best for you. But for simplicity, durability, and convenience, you can’t beat these alternative tags.

Durable, Non-Waterproof Collars

Regal Dog Products Custom Fit Pink Dog Collar with High Strength Military Buckle and Heavy Duty D Ring – -Proof, Waterproof Dog Collars for Small, Medium, Large, or XL Dogs
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Waterproof collars are great for active dogs. However, some owners with smaller or less adventuresome pups could find the materials too bulky or plain. For dogs who spend more time inside, there are plenty of options for collars with durable materials. These offer more in the way of style and comfort.

Leather Collars

Regal Dog Products Genuine Mahogany Leather Dog Collar | Adjustable Dog Collar with Durable Metal Buckle and D Ring | Soft Leather dog collar for Small, Medium, and Large Dogs (Mahogany, 21")
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Even though your dog may not explore often, you’ll want a collar that is long-lasting and good quality. Leather is one of the most popular materials for a durable and stylish collar. Because leather collars feature buckles, they’re good candidates for use with a slip-on or a rivet-on dog tag.

Patterns and Bow-Ties

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However, if leather isn’t your style, there are many other stylish and comfortable options for a personalizable dog collar. There are collars with patterns, bow-ties, you name it! And all of these collars can support all the types of dog tags we’ve talked about so far. Although, you’ll have to wash them regularly. 

Embroidered Collars 

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Another appealing option for personalizing your dog’s softer-material collar, especially if it’s made of nylon, is embroidery. And no, it’s not just for old ladies and pillows! Many softer-material dog collars can be directly embroidered with your pet’s name and your contact information. This very permanent solution is convenient and worry-free and will last quite a long time.

Similar to the alternative dog tags, embroidering your dog’s collar does, however, only offer so much space to display information. Again, if you want to include extra information, a traditional tag may be best.

Traditional Tags

As we’ve mentioned, traditional dog ID tags might still be best for some people and their pups. Although there are many great alternatives offering convenience and comfort. They come in all shapes and sizes, so you don’t have to worry about a huge tag. These can clank loudly every time they move, weighing down your small pup. 

If those aspects do still concern you, you can easily seek out traditional tags made of silicone. Or find tag bumpers that keep them from making noise, which is easier on your ears and your pet’s.

With a traditional tag, you can engrave both the front and back, opening up space for more information. Although, you are somewhat limited in your size choice. Like we’ve said already, any identification for your dog needs to have at least their name and your best phone number for contact.

Dog Collars with Names and Phone Numbers – Final Thoughts

We all love our pets dearly and want to keep them as safe as possible. The idea of our dog getting lost is hard to think about. But, it’s essential to prepare for the worst. So that even if it happens, they can be returned to you safely and quickly.

When customizing your dog’s collar with names and a phone number, keep in mind any other information that would help them find their way back to you quickly and efficiently. Depending on where you live, you may want to also include your address. However, make sure to keep in mind and weigh out any privacy concerns you might have. 

If including your address on the tag isn’t for you, then consider adding your name. Maybe a special note if your pet is microchipped or rabies vaccination information. And other information that could identify you quickly if your pet gets lost.

Planning ahead and customizing your dog’s collar could save you regret and worry later on. Take the first step today to ensure that nothing keeps you and your pet from enjoying every day together. 

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