Dog Grooming Sedative: Will It Benefit Your Pup?


Have you ever tried to give your dog a dog sedative before during dog grooming? Let’s face it, not all dogs can take getting groomed. Sometimes, even the most experienced groomers still have a hard time especially with aggressive dogs.

Most pet parents don’t have that much time on their hands to groom their pets. Taking your furry pal to a grooming salon is the best option for any busy pet parent. However, the issue is dealing with a dog with either mild anxiety or severe anxiety.


Professional groomers always know how to keep your pup relaxed, but sometimes aggressive behaviors can surface due to the equipment that is being used. Many dogs tend to bite the groomer during a trip to the grooming specialist.

Other pets need an injectable sedation to keep calm. But of course, you don’t always have to result to a mild tranquilizer. You can consult with a dog behavior specialist or a dog trainer to properly keep your dogs calm during a grooming session.

If you are looking to keep your dog’s life easy during grooming, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be discussing when to use a dog sedative for grooming. We will also be giving you some tips on behavior modification with veterinary behaviorist so your pet can become comfortable with loud noises. Additionally, we are also going to mention some other procedures that will generally safe zone your dog while having their nails trimmed.

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When Do Dogs Need a Dog Sedative?


Some dogs tend to go their whole lives without using oral medication or sedation. While there are also other dogs who need behavior modification by a licensed veterinarian.

Some dogs suffer from motion sickness or either two extremes of anxiety which is severe or mild. Sometimes, their health conditions even reach a point where their safety and overall quality of life get severely affected.

Of course, anxiety is quite normal for dogs even for humans. But, there will be a reasonable amount of it acceptable. Medical professionals will often rule this out during vet visits. The goal of a visit to the vet’s office is so your dog doesn’t develop long term anxiety issues when they are with the groomer.

If a dog’s anxiety is frequent, elevated, or so severe to the point that the safety of the groomer becomes a concern, then vets recommend to sedate a dog.

How Will you Know If your Dog Needs Dog Sedatives?


Before bringing your new pet to a groomer, it’s important to know the signs of anxiety. Sometimes its very clear in a dog, while others are a bit subtle to spot in your dog. Some signs that you can watch out for is:

  • Attempting to pull back or escape from the groomer. This could be anything like running away from you or destructive behavior. This is why positive reinforcement is important.
  • Pulled back ears
  • Crouching with their tail tucked in between their legs
  • Panting
  • Pacing
  • Bladder accidents
  • Trembling
  • Tense muscles
  • Excessive barking
  • Growling or aggressive behavior

Some dogs that are affected by anxiety may show all or some of these signs. Going to a vet to check on your dog’s medical history is essential. The vet can give you natural remedies to curb their anxiety and the correct dosage.

Some vets may recommend an injectable sedative during diagnostic testing and proper dosage. Many sedatives high dosages so it’s important to go with a lower dose. Sometimes a dog will also take into consideration the dog’s weight and will make appropriate tests like x rays to determine the intensity of their health condition.

They will also measure a dog’s ability to walk in a dog park, if they are comfortable being around other animals.

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How Do you Calm a Dog’s Anxiety During a Grooming Session?

We all love our furry friends, but sometimes dog ownership means taking care of them. They can get a little worked up when it comes to grooming time. Whether it’s the clippers, washing your dog’s nose in the bath, or the unfamiliar surroundings, dogs can get quite anxious during a grooming session.

But fear not! There are a few tricks that you can use to help calm your furry friend’s nerves. Firstly, try to make the environment as calming as possible. Use soft lighting, calming music, and a gentle touch to help your dog feel more at ease.

Secondly, take breaks as needed. If your dog is starting to get antsy, take a break and give them a chance to relax.

Lastly, treat your furry friend with lots of love and patience. A calm, reassuring voice can work wonders in helping your dog feel more comfortable during a grooming session.

So take your time, be patient, and before you know it, your furry friend will be looking and feeling their best!

What Are The Different Types of Dog Sedatives

If you have already tried several options to keep your dog calm, then it’s time to consider dog sedatives. Here are some that your vet may recommend you use on your dog:


This sedative is often a good choice is you want something that is light and doesn’t affect your dog too much in the long run. It’s mainly used for all types of allergies and car sickness. It’s also over the counter, which you can give your dog before visiting the groomer. It will cause your dog to fall asleep. Make sure to always consult with your vet before giving your dog a sedative.


Melatonin is also a good sedative to use. Humans use this as well to fall asleep. It’s available over the counter but it is known to have some mild side effects. If your dog has severe anxiety, this may not be the best sedative to take as it will only knock them out but not help their anxiety.


This is a more potent drug if benadryl and melatonin doesn’t work on your dog. Remember that if the drug is more potent, that means more threats can be associated with using it. It will alleviate anxiety, however, it may leave your dog with some side effects. It can make your dog aggressive or hyperactive. So make sure to consult your vet first before using it.

General Anesthesia

In severe cases, your dog may need to anesthesia for grooming. Of course, this will be done at a vet clinic. If your furry friend is also in pain the vet will need to perform this method.

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Natural Sedatives for Dogs


Many people have online opinions regarding Natural sedatives. There’s lots of talk about valerian roots, passion flowers, rescuing remedies, essential oils and more!

At best with natural pet sedatives, it is a gentle tranquilizer that calms down some of the dog’s anxiety, if there is something less threatening about him.

At worst, an oral sedative might have harmful effects on the human body. It should never be taken as naturally as it should.

Prescription Sedatives for Your Dog

Generally speaking, your doctor will recommend sedatives used to treat a patient, and often safely for dogs if they are not prescribed by your veterinarian. Trazadone: Helps to relieve the pain in your pup when your anxiety is high. Trazadone helps relieve pain in the pet. It’s a popular medication for dogs’ anxiety. This gentle product works well for older as well as older pets. It could affect groomers whose dogs are stiff and unrestive.

How Are Dogs Treated for Anxiety?


Behavior modifications (training dogs to become less scared when they are stressed) are always appropriate for dogs that are anxious. Behavior change can be effective alongside medication. The medication helps dogs calm down, improve training and health.

Training is still addressing the causes and allowing a pet to quit their medication may be helpful (if used less often).

Behavior changes are essential to separation anxiety and other longer-term problems. It can also be useful to those undergoing temporary medical treatment.

Injectable Sedatives Used to Groom Anxious Dogs

When an animal becomes anxious, it is difficult to treat with sedatives. This was not a perfect circumstance at this time!! When a dog is anxious about grooming, it can be useful to inject the dog sedative for grooming only. Veterinary specialists will choose the right sedative to ease the pain of grooming. Usually this indicates the dogs are sleepy but haven’t been conscious of drug use.

Cost to Sedate a Dog

Some of you are worried about how expensive sedatives can be. The sedating dose involves vet examinations but is not considered advisable because the pill costs a little more. Typically you will have spent sedating dogs less than $100 (excluding grooming costs).

Injections of sedating can cost $100-200 depending on the type of sedation you have. Anesthesia can cost anywhere between $300 or $500 depending upon where you are located. Depending on your pet’s age, your pet may require a diagnostic test before anesthesia.

Why Your Dog Hates Grooming?

Not every pet loves grooming. Several dogs think this can be fun for gaining attention. Why do some dog owners feel they dread grooming? In some cases, grooming can also cause pain. Longhaired dogs with matted fur feel pain as their mat pulls against their skin. It gets worse if you start to brush your skin with the brush. Finally dog grooming typically involves cutting off nails causing frustration to most dogs.

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When Should Groomers Be Allowed to Sedate Your Dog?

Sometimes it’s necessary if the pet wants seclusion for medical reasons. Most animal hospitals employ dogs groomers. The sedation you use depends upon your dog’s mental health condition. You can ask your vet to give your pet sedatives at home or send them for grooming. Some animals may need injection therapy from a veterinary clinic if they are so anxious to hurt themselves from groomers.

Cost to Sedate a Dog With Over-the-counter Dog Tranquilizer Pills

This time, let’s discuss my recommendation that Benadryl be used as a sedative in dog care.

In some ways the Bendryl helps relieve the already calm dog and make him sleepier and calmer. Benadryl may cause death for dogs in excess and can cause severe nausea. Benadryl does not work as a dog tranquiliser.

Discuss Options With Your Vet

In some situations, dogs may be allergic to sedation. Some dog breeders suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorders or anxiety. The veterinarian will pay you to see your pup for an assessment of their behavior and the symptoms; they also prescribe medication solutions to help your pet stay calm throughout his/her life.

Symptoms of Dog Anxiety


Dogs are anxious. Best examples are veterinary visits. Another could be to travel, or bring the new pets in. Thunderstorms may cause anxiety. So despite hearing thunder and occasionally fireworks, people still hide. This is a warning sign of dog anxiety:

Dog Grooming Sedative: Aggressive behavior

Fear-related aggression is a common aggression among dogs. Dogs experiencing such situations tend more defensively against certain threats. The dog has a tendency to be aggressive when they are not even sure. Aggression occurs in puppies from 3 to 4 weeks. A dog can become more aggressive in adolescence. It could arise due to poor social education or even no socializing.

Dog Grooming Sedative: Depression

In dogs, depressions seem similar compared with people. Your dogs behavior changes and they are not enjoying what they’re doing normally.

Also, it might help to consult a vet if you or fearful dog have other medical issues. Always make sure to go in and get a detailed diagnosis to understand the cause.

Dog Grooming Sedative: Pantry

When you notice your dog panting, it can feel a feeling of warmth, excitement, and tension. Always check in on the health conditions of dogs since panting causes agitation. Monitoring your dogs’ temperatures during this time can help to address whether the symptoms are related or not.

Dog Grooming Sedative: Excessive barking

When a dog has separation anxiety, their barks are usually excessive and the owner has a bad reaction. When the bark is excessive the animal can also make repetitive actions such as running around in circles. Symptoms may range between agitation or drowsiness.

Dog Grooming Sedative: Excessive Drooling

You have to be careful when it comes to drooling. It may indicate that your dog’s stress and separation anxiety are increasing. When we leave the house and our dog’s coat dries we’re sure it’s because it means your pet is feeling trapped or panicked.

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