Top Dog Running Collar – How to Pick Them 


You need to find the right dog running collar to guarantee a safe, enjoyable running experience for your pet. 

Whether it’s you or your dog that loves running, it’s an excellent way to expend energy. And if your dog is the active, energetic type, then they’ll make an ideal running partner. 

Top Dog Running Collars 

Regal Dog Collar with Center Ring 

Regal Dog Products Medium Orange Heavy Duty Reflective Dog Collar with Durable Metal Buckle and D Ring Adjustable, Chew Proof & Waterproof Center Ring | Strong Small Dog Collar
  • SAFETY AFTER SUNDOWN – Walking your dog in the dark is dangerous. Fetch some safety for both you and your furry friend with the Reflective Dog...
  • UNCATCH YOUR CANINE - If you are looking for an easy to clean and safety durable dog collar, have a look at our wide range of reflective...
  • DOGGONE DURABLE – Don't settle for flimsy dog collars that break easily! Our thick dog collar is built to withstand even the most enthusiastic...

Regal Dog’s reflective collar with a center ring is an excellent choice of dog running collar. The reflective material comes in a variety of colors to reflect your tastes and preferences. It also features a reflective strip across the middle that gives your dog added visibility at night or in low light.

This is a must if you plan on running at night or on wintry days. Additionally, the placement of the center ring means that if your dog gets caught on a branch, fence, or other obstacles, pressure on his neck is alleviated. 

These collars are also waterproof and odorless, so your dog can enjoy splashing through rivers without smelling more doggy than absolutely necessary. 

While this collar may be susceptible to chewing, that’s the only potential downfall of this Regal reflective dog collar

Blueberry Pet Classic Dog Collar 

Blueberry Pet Essentials Matching Large Dog Collar | Adjustable Classic Solid Color Nylon Dog Collars for Large Dogs | Military Green Dog Collar for Large Dogs
  • Neck 18"-26", Width 1", Size Large dog collar; This collar for dogs does not stretch itself, please make sure leave ONLY 2 fingers between the...
  • Blueberry Pet is perfecting the dog neck collar product lines. Our classic pet collars for dogs collection products will be becoming part of...
  • Show your pet some love with our high-quality accessories. The sturdy dog collar is crafted from high-density, 100% nylon webbing for lasting...

It’s not a showy dog running collar, but it’s comfortable, durable, and washable, all important considerations when choosing a collar for your athletic dog

It’s made of durable nylon and eco-friendly plastic that stands up to the most rambunctious and active dog.

It also comes in various sizes and colors, meaning you can find a Blueberry collar to accommodate various breeds and dog sizes. 

Not only that but the collar can be adjusted as your dog grows, though the company advises you always allow space for two fingers between the collar and dog’s neck for maximum comfort. 

It’s also noteworthy that this isn’t a break-away collar, so if you opt for it while running, it’s worth steering clear of obstacles, at least until you trust your dog not to get distracted. 

It’s an ideal collar if you want to prevent a dog from roaming and get good value for your money. 

Ruffware Front Range Harness 

Ruffwear, Front Range Dog Harness, Reflective and Padded Harness for Training and Everyday, Red Sumac, Medium
  • Made for extended wear: Lightweight, durable, and made for all-day outdoor adventures; Designed for easy on and off
  • 2 leash attachment points: Reinforced webbing at chest stands up to pulling and gives additional control (ideal for training, too); Aluminum...
  • Padded for comfort: Foam-padded strips across the chest and belly provide equal load distribution and comfort when running, walking, or resting

Ruffware’s front range harness has two leash attachment points, enabling you to connect the leash where it’s most comfortable for your dog and gives you the best control. 

Its padded design reduces friction while running and guarantees comfort for your dog. 

Moreover, its reflective trim keeps your dog visible, whatever the weather or time of day. 

Blueberry Pet No Pull Training Harness

Blueberry Pet Soft & Comfy 3M Reflective Dog Harness Vest | Mesh Padded No Pull Dog Harness w/Front/Back Clips | Multi-Colored Stripe - Violet and River Blue | Reflective Dog Harness for Medium Dogs
  • Chest Girth 22-26.5", Neck 17.5-26", Chest Strap 11.5", Medium; The chest strap is not adjustable. For a safe and fit purchase, be sure to check...
  • Designed with 2 leash clips for dog walking. Front clip can provide more control over pulling on the leash, suitable for dog training; and back...
  • Easy to put on/off. Slide the harness over your dog's head, buckle the buckles up and adjust the straps. Safe and no choke

This dog running collar has a neoprene-padded chest to minimize running-related friction. Like the Blueberry collar, this is a sturdy and lightweight harness that easily fits on your dog

It uses reflective material to ensure your dog is visible to nearby vehicles and features a side buckle for easy access to your pet

If you have any problems with friction and fit, consider buying a larger size. In general, this is a safe, comfortable dog running collar

Running With Your Dog 

But before we start talking about collars, it’s worth taking a minute to talk about what it means to go running with your dog. 

Stopping to Sniff the Flowers 

Running with your dog isn’t as straightforward as simply collaring the dog and setting off. Why? Dogs are almost completely nose. Loveable and affectionate noses, but still scent-preoccupied. 

Consequently, the impulse to stop and sniff everything is a strong one. 

That’s not ideal for you as a runner. To help you and your dog maintain a consistent speed, it can help to look for:

  • Wide paths 
  • Areas with minimal greenery/foliage 

That said, you don’t have to stop your dog sniffing everything. Picking up the odd scent at the beginning or end of the walk is harmless – provided you can trust them not to go haring off after a squirrel or two. 

Dog Running Collar and Leashes: What You Need to Know 

But even before you start running with your dog, you have two considerations:

For the best experience when running with your dog, you’ll need to decide which leash and collar suits you best. 

Running Leashes Matter

You’ll also want to consider the type of leash you use. It can be tempting to go for the extendable, flexible leashes. But if your dog is new to running, that can be dangerous. 

While leashes that attach to you or your clothing can be convenient, they allow an excitable dog to pull you off the path. That means until you and your dog have acclimatized to running together, you’re better off with a handheld leash. 

It ensures you have control of your dog and reduces the chances that you find yourself running into a creek or up a tree. Handheld leashes are also useful if you’re training your dog to heel. 

Retractable Leashes 

While retractable leashes give your dog more freedom on an afternoon walk, they’re not great for running. And since you want your dog to keep pace with you, there’s less need for that flexibility, anyway. 

But the real hazard of extendable leashes is that if your dog runs parallel to you, it’s easy for the leash to get caught up in a fellow runner, or another dog, or even a bollard you fail to miss. 

With that in mind, shorter leashes are better for both of you. 

Choosing a Collar 

Once you’ve settled on a leash you’re happy with, you need to find a dog running collar that suits your needs.

Look for collars that are:

  • Comfortable
  • Sturdy
  • Safe


Even the best collars cause a certain amount of friction, and dogs’ necks can be sensitive. But that friction increases when your dog is running because they’re moving quickly and exerting more energy than they would when walking. 

When considering dog running collars, you want something that rubs as little as possible. 


That said, you also need your dog’s running collar to last. There’s no sense shelling out for a collar that needs replacing every couple of months. 

With that in mind, pay careful attention to the materials dog running collars are made of. If you’re going to run in all weather, make sure your pick will survive a washing machine. 


Above all else, the dog running collar should keep your dog safe

That means that not only should the collar not choke or in any way strangle your dog, but it should give them visibility. This is especially true if you’re running at night. 

Look for collars that:

Collar Versus Harness 

Finally, when looking for a dog running collar, consider whether you want a collar or a harness. 

Collars can strangle and stress the dog’s neck. They can also snag on branches, bollards, and other obstacles that you may miss when running. 

To that end, collars that naturally undo under duress can be beneficial. However, that leaves your dog untethered while you retrieve the collar. If you’re not confident in your dog’s recall or want to alleviate the strain on their neck, a harness might be a better choice. 

As with collars, you want running harnesses to be:

  • High visibility
  • Adjustable
  • Comfortable
  • Safe

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