Embroidered Dog Collar Vs. Printed Dog Collars

embroidered dog collar

You love your dog and want him to have the best collar you can find. If you want to go all out, get a custom embroidered dog collar for your pup. Not only are customized collars more fashionable, but they also have fantastic safety features. For example, you can make your dog’s name and your mobile phone number part of the design. 

You can choose an embroidered or printed dog collar. There are many kinds of custom dog collars available in a variety of materials. The array of options means that you can get the exact dog collar that you want. Let’s compare printed and embroidered custom dog collars and find out which option is the most durable. We’ll also explore other helpful information about dog collars

What’s the Difference Between a Printed and Embroidered Dog Collar? 

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With a printed custom dog collar, whatever you want on your dog collar will be printed directly on it. If you go with an embroidered custom collar, the same information is embroidered into the collar. If you’re trying to decide whether to go with a printed or embroidered custom dog collar, you probably wonder which option is more durable

With some custom collars, there is a metal plate where your information can be engraved. If you get a leather collar, the engraving can be done directly in the leather. A leather dog collar is an investment, as it’s more expensive than other options. However, it’s remarkably durable and may last for several years.  

Generally speaking, embroidered or engraved custom collars are more durable than printed ones. When your information goes on the collar with printing, it might eventually wear off. With embroidery or engraving, on the other hand, this won’t happen. If there is any wearing down of embroidery or engraving, it will take a lot longer and occur after a lot more wear and tear than you would get out of a printed collar. 

With an embroidered custom dog collar, your chosen text and numbers are embroidered with thread into the collar. Engraving is different. This process seems similar, but it carves the letters and numbers into a leather collar or a metal tag. As a result, engraving tends to be longer lasting than embroidery. 

What Do You Want the Collar Made Of? 

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Decide on the kind of material you want used for your dog collar before ordering a custom collar for your pet. Dog collars can use several different materials. These include leather, nylon, polyester, biothane, neoprene, hemp, and more. The suitable material for your dog will depend on the kinds of activities you do with your dog and other factors. 

For example, there are waterproof dog collars available. If your dog spends a lot of time in the water, this may be a fantastic choice. Looking forward to bringing your dog to the beach soon? Think about one of these cute collars

Which Collar Design Is Best for Your Dog? 

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As well as deciding whether you want printing or embroidery on the collar, you also have to decide on a collar type. There are several types of dog collars available. 

Flat Collar

Most dog collars you’ve seen were probably flat collars. The flat collar is the most popular type of dog collar. A flat collar’s closure is a plastic snap or buckle. The plastic snap variety is called a quick-release closure. The collar also has a ring on which you attach your dog’s ID tags and whatever else you need on his collar. This is also where you attach the leash

A properly fitting flat collar should fit your dog so that there’s enough room for you to get two fingers between it and your dog’s neck. This makes sure that it’s neither too tight nor too loose. You can get a custom flat collar in one of the many materials that dog collars are available in, such as leather, nylon, or polyester, and more. 

Limited-Slip Collar

Do you have a dog with a small head that means he can escape from his collar? If so, you should get him a custom limited-slip collar. Limited-slip collars are sometimes called martingale collars. 

Some dog breeds that usually need limited-slip collars are sighthounds such as Whippets, Salukis, and Greyhounds. If your dog has a head that is the same width or narrower than its neck, it can slip out of its collar. This is where the martingale collar comes in. A martingale or limited-slip collar’s unique design means that it will tighten whenever your dog attempts to slip out of it. 

You must correctly adjust your martingale collar so that it will never tighten too much. Make sure it will never get smaller than the diameter of your pet’s neck. If it goes smaller than that, it will choke your dog. Measure your dog’s neck to find out the correct size for this adjustment. 

Head Collar

A head collar is a more unusual kind of collar. If you have a large and powerful dog that resists you and jumps up on walks, a head collar might be a good choice. It includes a halter that goes around the muzzle area. This is different from a traditional collar, which goes around the neck. 

Like other kinds of collars, a head collar must be correctly fitted. If you use a head collar that isn’t the right size for your dog, it won’t work as it should.  

Your Dog’s Collar Must Fit Properly 

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Get a collar that correctly fits your dog. This is one of the advantages of custom dog collars. You can make sure it’s the exact right size for your dog. Follow the instructions your chosen custom collar maker provides to correctly measure your dog for the collar they will make. 

If your dog’s collar is too tight, it may choke your pet. On the other hand, a too-loose collar may lead to other potentially hazardous problems, such as your dog getting its collar stuck on an object. This may also lead to choking.  

Embroidered Dog Collar – Other Tips to Remember


Think about the best place to put your contact information on the custom collar. Remember, one of the benefits of a printed or embroidered dog collar is how you can have your personal contact information printed or embroidered on the collar. That way, if your dog gets lost, people can more quickly and easily contact you. 

Many dog owners like to have their contact information printed or embroidered on the part of the collar that sits on the back of your dog’s neck. This will mean that people can see the information without having to touch your dog. Decide on information to put visibly on the dog collar that will help someone immediately contact you, so you can retrieve your dog if he ever gets lost. 

Go Ahead and Treat Your Dog

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A custom embroidered or printed collar is a wonderful gift for your dog. Not only that, it may help keep your beloved pooch safe and secure. After all, if your pet ever gets lost, his custom collar will show your contact information and his name. Invest in a high-quality collar for your dog.

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