How to Stop Dog Scratching Door – When You Leave and at Night!

dog scratches door frame

How to stop dog scratching door? This is what most dog owners ask when they find their dog exhibiting aggressive scratching almost every night.

Do you find dog scratches on glass door? Are you thinking of getting a scratch proof front door or a door protector? Have you considered door guards to stop dogs scratching?

Of course, you can always get a tempered glass, door shield, or glass door protectors for your sliding glass door or the glass doors all throughout your home, but this won’t stop your dog from scratching.

Do you have a dog that’s constantly scratching at the door every time you go out or when you go to sleep at night?

You aren’t alone. Sometimes, it could be an annoying sound to hear when your dog scratches the door especially while you are asleep. Every pet parents nightmare is is seeing undesirable behavior from their dogs.

The good news is, this unwanted behavior and scratching problem could be stopped but it will take a lot of positive reinforcement, chew toys, and a lot of treats to get your dog to stop scratching.

protect door from dog scratching

Now, there are a few reasons why your dog scratches the door, a few would be:
  • Your dog’s emotional
  • Your dog has separation anxiety
  • Your dog developed destructive behavior

These are just a few reasons, but there are many other causes. Dog scratching is a common problem, and most dog owners have a hard time. If you are looking for a way to control door scratching, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will be teaching you how to control your dog’s scratching behavior so that it doesn’t further damage your house. We will also teach you how to develop calm behavior and healthy separation so that you can make your dog stop scratching the door. We’ll give you tips on protecting doors from dog scratches.

Why Does My Dog Scratch Doors?

dog scratching door at night

How to stop dog scratching door?

First of all, why does your dog choose door scratching? What is it about your doors that walls don’t? Well, first thing that you have to take note of is that – dog’s do not have an understanding of space the way humans do.

Doors Can Act as a Barrier

So, when a bedroom door is closed, he’ll learn that it’s a barrier instead of it being just a normal door with a door knob. Furthermore, it’s something that they cannot walk into or open themselves, so they will scratch and scratch the door until the dog’s paws, dog’s nails become wounded.

Many dogs develop different behavior, if your dog in particular has anxiety, it could result to bloody paws. You can get a door scratch protectors to protect your doors. Perhaps, you can get a dog scratch plate for door or a glass door dog protector. Maybe you can get a dog door to prevent anxiety.

Sleeping in the Room With Their Owner

Most dogs also like to sleep in the room with their owners or when their owner leaves, they could start barking. Basically, doorways separate your pets from what they want on the other side of the room.

Since they do not have a way of opening the door, they scratch at the door hoping to be let in. So, to better understand the way your dog thinks when they scratch the door, here are some common reasons that you should look into:

Your Dog is Experiencing Separation Anxiety

The first step to curbing your dogs unwanted behavior is by understanding what the underlying problem is.

Dogs scratch doors because they could have separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is a behavior that most pet parents aren’t fully aware of. Remember, the door acts as a barrier for your dog. If he has separation anxiety, scratching the door is his way of getting your attention at night when you are about to go to sleep.

Dogs are pack animals, and they want to be able to see their owners at night so that they can protect them around the house. So, if your dog is not allowed to sleep with you in the bed at night, this is most likely the cause of the anxiety.

Another thing to take into consideration, if your dog is a guard dog – visibility and being able to spot a threat could make him anxious about protecting you properly at night.

dog proof doors

Your Dog is Bored

If you leave for work and your dogs are left alone in the house all day, he could get bored. Your dog may simply scratch at the door because he wants to go for a walk or play with you.

Your pet could also be attempting to keep himself entertained while he’s alone in the house so scratching at the door becomes his past time.

This is why it is important to enforce good behavior and positive reinforcement so that it doesn’t result to scratching doorways.

Your Pet Feels Curious to Know What’s on the Other Side of the Door

All dog lovers could agree that dogs are just really nosey. If something is going on behind the door that they are not a part of, scratching at the door is your pet saying “Let me in, I want to be a part of all the fuss!”

When dogs hear or smell something going on in the other room even if you are together, he will also want to check that out. You can’t really win with your furry friend, huh? That’s okay, the least you can do for him though is teach him how to be calm in any situation around the house.

Training and proper obedience will stop your dog from scratching the door.

Your Dog Needs to Use the Bathroom or Has Physical Needs

Another common reason could be that your dog needs to use the bathroom. Sometimes, it’s like clockwork. Of course, many dog owners will catch on and eventually get up to take their dog out to pee. But if you do this all the time, the scratches could be more frequent if you don’t take them out.

stop dog scratching door at night

Your Dog Is Trying to Get Your Attention

Scratching the door could be your dog trying to get your attention. In this case, it could be a “Something’s wrong, get up!” kinda thing. It could be that your dog thinks its urgent so scratching the door is their way of alerting you that the situation needs more investigation.

Could be that you left the screen door open or your baby gate. This will only apply if scratching the door is only done once in a while. Both you and your dog will feel safe if everything around your home is well checked out before you go to sleep at night.

How Do I Stop Dog Scratches on My Door?

How to stop dog scratching door?

Now that we have listed down all the possible reasons for why your dog scratches the door, its time to look at some possible solutions. Training your dog to stay calm and take a proper training course is just one of the methods you can do to help keep your dog from scratching.

Here are a few simple steps that you could also try out during your dog’s training that could stop your dog from scratching:

Help Your Dog Feel Less Scared and Anxious

It’s never fun to see our pets in a panic or anxious. But it’s mostly because they do not understand what is going on in their surroundings. If your dog has bad anxiety, he will most likely want to be around you all the time.

When this happens, regardless of any kind of anxiety that he may feel – you need to teach him that the door is not meant to be a barrier. Always be patient and correct positive behavior with a treat or praise.

how to protect a door from dog scratching

Give Your Pup Plenty of Toys and Mental Stimulation

If you are out for work all day, make sure that you leave your pet some toys to help him burn off some energy.

When you get home, make sure to give your dog lots of love and attention through some cuddle time, a walk, or maybe even playing with them for a while. This will tire your dog out and be happy to curl into bed once he’s done.

Tell Your Dog to Go to Bed Sternly

If your dog is just really curious but you know he is fine, don’t be afraid to tell him to go to bed sternly. Be kind but always keep your voice stern. This command will help him listen to you but not feel frightened to execute it.

How Can I Protect My Doors From Dog Scratching?

It’s no secret that dogs love to scratch things – including doorways. If you’ve ever come home to find your door covered in scratches, you know how frustrating it can be. Not only is it unsightly, but it can also damage the finish on your door. So what can you do to protect your doorways from scratching?

Install Door Screens

One option is to invest in a pair of dog Door screens. These innovative products attach to your door and prevent your dog from being able to reach the surface.

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Apply Vinyl Film

Another option is to apply a clear vinyl film to your door. This will create a smooth surface that your dog can’t grip, making it much less likely to scratch.

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How to Stop Dog Scratching Door: How Do I Fix a Dog Scratch In a Door?

If your dog has scratched up your door, don’t worry – it can be fixed!


The first thing you’ll need to do is remove any loose debris or splinters from the door. Once the door is clear, sand down the scrapes with fine-grit sandpaper. If the scratches are deep, you may need to use a coarse-grit sandpaper first to smooth them out.


Next, you’ll need to select a wood filler that matches the color of your door. Apply the wood filler to the scratches, using a putty knife to smooth it out. Allow the wood filler to dry completely, then sand it down until it is flush with the door.

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Finally, apply a new coat of paint or stain to the entire door – this will help to blend in the repair and protect the door from future damage. With a little bit of work, your door will look good as new!

How to Stop Dog Scratching Door: How to Install a Doggie Door in My Home?

how to stop dog scratching door

How to stop dog scratching door?

If you’re a pet owner, chances are you’ve considered installing a doggie door. Because your furry friend keep scratching at the door. After all, what could be more convenient. Giving your furry friend the freedom to come and go as they please, is the best!

While the thought of having an open door 24/7 may make some homeowners nervous, there’s no need to worry. With a little planning and preparation, installing a doggie door is a relatively easy DIY project.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:
1. Choose the Right location

When selecting a location for your doggie door, it’s important to consider the needs of your pet. This also goes hand in hand the security of your home. For example, if you have a small dog, you’ll want to choose a spot that’s easily accessible.

2. Measure Twice, Cut Once

With most doggie entrances, you’ll need to cut a hole in an exterior door or wall. In order to get the sizing just right, it’s important to take precise measurements.

But Wait, Do These Tips Apply to Cats as Well?

Cats scratch for a variety of reasons. First, scratching helps to remove the outer layer of their claws, which can become worn down or damaged over time. In addition, cats use scratching as a way to mark their territory.

By leaving scent and visual markers, cats can communicate with other cats and let them know that this is their space. Finally, scratching provides cats with a form of exercise. Not only does it help to keep their muscles toned, but it also gives them a chance to stretch their body and relieve tension.

As a result, cat scratches for both practical and psychological reasons.

If you have a problem with a cat scratching door at night, there are a few things you can do to stop it. First, try getting a cat tree or some other type of cat scratching post. This will give them something to scratch besides the door. You can also try using a sticky spray on the door to deter them from scratching.

If all else fails, you can try putting a piece of double-sided tape on the door. The sticky side will keep them from being able to scratch, but won’t hurt them if they accidentally touch it. Wild cats also scratch trees to leave their scent and mark their territory.

So, by providing your cat with a scratching post, you’re not only helping to protect your door, but you’re also giving them a way to express themselves naturally.

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