How to Stop Dogs From Fighting Over and Stop Aggression

Wondering how to stop dogs from fighting?

As dog owners, we always need to make sure that our dogs are safe and healthy. Apart from that, we also need to make sure that they have a calm behavior and can get along with other dogs fairly well.

However, many dog owners fail to read a dog’s body language when they do not get along with other dogs. Many dogs seem okay at first, but a confident dog paired with a weaker dog could lead to dog fights.

There are many contributing factors to dog fights that many dog owners should be made aware of, especially when it comes to the dog’s body language. This is often your first indication that a male dog becomes aggressive and engages in a dog fight.

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Dog fights are often the most common reason for serious injury. Most dogs can engage in dog fights at any time and for any reason so it’s important to be aware of the signs. If you have multiple dogs, adding a new dog to the pack takes getting used to.

Additionally, dog fights can also happen with most dogs who have lived together in the same household for many years. If you have multiple dogs involved in frequent dog fights, perhaps it’s time to consider dog training.

In this article, we will be teaching you valuable lessons on how to stop fighting dogs from getting injured. We will also be teaching you what you should be doing to break up a fight between your own dogs so that no further damage can be done.

Table of Contents

Why Do Dogs Fight?

dog bites

Dog fights are a sadly common occurrence, but they don’t have to be. In most cases, dog fights can be prevented before they even start. So why do dogs fight? It generally boils down to one (or more) of three things: dominance, fear/anxiety, and redirected aggression.

Let’s start with dominance. Dogs are social animals, and in any social group there is always going to be some sort of hierarchy. When two dogs meet, they will usually go through a series of rituals – sniffing, posturing, etc. – in order to establish where they fall in the pecking order. If one dog doesn’t back down and these rituals escalate, it can lead to a full-blown fight.

Fear/anxiety is another common trigger for dog fights. This can happen when a dog feels threatened or cornered – say, if one dog is trying to steal another dog’s food bowl or toy. It can also happen when a dog is introduced to a new dog in an unfamiliar or scary place (like the vet’s office). Dogs who are fearful or have separation anxiety are more likely to lash out if they feel like they’re being backed into a corner.

Warning Signs of a Dog Fight

dogs tend

Many pet owners fail to notice the first few signs that a dog fight is about to break loose. What we don’t know however, is that dogs tend to show some signs of rough play before an actual fight happens.

Of course, not all dogs will show these signs. A stressed dog will often want to be in a secure space where there’s no distraction from new dogs. There are definite scenarios that necessarily indicate dogs fighting.

However, make sure to separate dogs before things escalate to a fight. Here are some things you may want to look out for in the other dog before a dog fight happens:

  • Dogs growling
  • Mounting a young dog or a female dog
  • Ears raised high around one dog or other dogs
  • Baring teeth around other dogs
  • Stiffened body around a new dog
  • Staring at an older dog or a younger dog at a dog park/dog parks

Additionally, even dogs that are weaker may show signs of submission around a more confident dog or a dominant dog. So if their tails are tucked or have flattened ears around a dominant dog or more than two dogs make sure to stay vigilant so that a dog fight doesn’t take place.

How to Stop a Dog Fight

young dog

If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to witness a dog fight, you know how harrowing it can be. Two dogs, locked in a battle to the death, while their panicked owners look on helplessly. But there are things you can do to stop a dog fight before it starts – or at least mitigate the damage if one does break out.

The first step is to understand why dogs fight in the first place. It could be that they’re both males and are fighting for dominance, or one dog is feeling threatened by the other.

In some cases, it’s simply because they’re both excited and their adrenaline gets the better of them. Female dogs also sometimes fight over territory or resources, like food or toys.

Regardless of the reason, though, dog fights can quickly escalate into something dangerous – for the dogs involved and for anyone who tries to break them up.

If you see a dogfight about to start, the best thing to do is to separate the dogs as quickly as possible. This can be easier said than done – especially if there’s only one of you and two dogs involved. But try to grab each dog by the scruff of the neck and pull them apart. If that doesn’t work or isn’t possible

Of course, if those first few suggestions didn’t work to break up the other dog during a dog fight, here are some other techniques to try to separate dogs from fighting:

Ring the Doorbell Before a Dog Fight

dogs growling

When a top dog decides to engage in rough play with other dogs of the same sex, the assertive dog becomes focused on their target. This also the reason why owners end up with bite wounds and sometimes serious injury. Sometimes, all you need to do to keep dogs from fighting is taking away their focus from the other dog. Ringing the door bell is a great way to keep the focus away from an angry dog in the same room. it’s also more effective than trying to talk to them since dog often have to turn their heads to see who’s at the door.

Throw a Blanket on the Other Dog That’s About to Attack

dog training

Throwing a blanket on a dog that’s about to attack works well at the beginning before a fight happens. If you have a spare blanket laying around your house, use it immediately. This method works well when it’s wet or sprayed down. Smaller dogs will sometimes back down from all the remaining dogs when they realize the blanket is wet. But timing is of the essence, if you do not use it right away it will just be useless.

Spray the Fighting Dogs With a Hose

stop dogs

When it comes to keeping your dogs from fighting, having a hose readily available is not always possible. However, if you have one dog in a fight and they happen to be in your yard, then this option may work. If you suspect that your senior dog is about to fight with the other dog you have in your house, make sure that you spray them with the hose before it happens.

Use Pepper Spray to Break Up a Dog Fight

dog park

A lot of owners don’t like the thought of having to use pepper spray on their dogs because it can be considered cruel. However, the real cruelty is not being able to prevent fights when your dogs start to get into a fight with one or maybe even three dogs. Not being able to prevent dog bites is also worse for an older dog.

There are some brands of pepper spray that are quite mild compared to others, but you have to make sure that you use it the right way – otherwise you could be injuring the first dog in the eyes. To use pepper spray effectively, you have to be able to spray the attacking dog effectively without getting bitten as well.

If both dogs are currently fighting, you may have to spray both dogs to prevent them from making any further damage. There is no guarantee that it will work though. Since dogs get worked up and excited so quickly, it’s possible that it might not work.

Throw a Leash on One of the Dogs So That You Can Remove Him From the on Going Dog

not all dogs

If pepper spray doesnt work, you can always just use a leash to separate both fighting dogs from the other dog. The only problem that you can encounter with this is that the dog will try to pull against you or keep fighting with the other female dogs or the older dog. This could result in choking or the dog passed out from the lack of oxygen if the dog pulls too hard. Often times, this happens a lot when using a leash so always be careful.

Grab the Two Dogs by Their Hind Legs and Then Pull Them Apart to Break Up a Fight

Another way to prevent fights is if you have two people pulling the dogs apart. Sometimes, a dog’s life could be put at risk if only one person pulls both dogs apart. One dog can always retaliate more savagely.

It can also be dangerous to a dog’s life if the dog gets too focused on their attacker, they can mistakenly attack their owner without being aware of it. It’s kind of equal to blacking out when a human becomes enraged with anger.

To decrease the chances of a fight happening between your pets, it’s okay to spin your dogs as soon as they get separated from each other so that the dogs lose balance. This will make the dogs a bit dizzy and won’t have time to think about biting anybody or anything.

Pry the Dogs Apart To Stop Fighting

dog passed

If you’ve ever seen dogs fighting, you know it’s not a pretty sight. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to break up a dog fight and keep both animals safe. The first thing to do is to make loud noise. Clap your hands, bang on a pan, or blow a whistle – anything to startle the dogs and get their attention. Once they’re focused on you, you can try to pry them apart with your hands or a stick.

It’s important to be careful, as dog bites can be very serious. If the dogs are too big or too aggressive for you to handle, call a professional dog trainer or take them to a dog park/dog parks where they can run off some energy.

How Do you Know if your Dogs are Fighting or Playing?

dog trainer

Many dog owners have questions about dog training, but one of the most common is whether their dogs are fighting or playing. While it can be difficult to tell the difference, there are a few key things to look for.


One is the body language of the dogs. If they are standing stiffly with their tails up, they are likely to be fighting.


If they are wagging their tails and their bodies are relaxed, they are probably playing. Another clue is the presence of growling or barking. If the pups are vocalizing in a deep, threatening way, they may be fighting. However, if they are yelping and barking in a high-pitched, excited way, they are likely just playing.


Finally, it is important to observe the overall tone of the interaction. If the pups seem tense and aggressive, they may be fighting. However, if they seem happy and relaxed, they are probably just playing. By paying attention to these clues, dog owners can get a better sense of whether their pups are fighting or playing.

How to Prevent Dog Fights

dog parks

As any dog owner knows, dog fights are a frustrating and dangerous reality of life with furry friends. Though it may be tempting to chalk it up to pups simply being pups, the truth is that dog fights usually stem from deeper issues, such as separation anxiety or underlying anxiety.

If your dog is having difficulties getting along with other pups, it’s important to seek professional help from a dog trainer or behavior specialist. They will be able to assess the situation and provide you with specific guidance on how to address your dog’s obedience training needs.

In the meantime, there are a few things you can do to help prevent dog fights: make sure your dog is getting plenty of exercise, keep him well-fed and hydrated, and provide him with plenty of opportunities to socialize with other furry friends. By taking these precautions, you can help your dog stay calm and relaxed – and avoid potential conflicts with other pups.

No Sharing of Crates

Crate training is an essential part of obedience training for pups. It helps to stop dogs when a fight breaks, and it also allows owners to have a safe place to put their dog when they can’t supervise them. However, one important rule of crate training is that each dog should have their own crate.

Sharing a crate can lead to fights, and it can also make it more difficult for the pups to learn to be obedient. This is because they will be competing for attention and space in the crate.

In addition, sharing a crate can also make it more difficult to potty train the pups, as they will be less likely to want to soil their own space. For these reasons, it is important to make sure that each dog has their own crate when crate training.

Give your dogs Separate Food Bowls

If you have more than one dog, it’s important to give them each their own food bowl. Dogs are naturally competitive, and if they’re eating from the same bowl, there’s a good chance that the dominant dog will end up eating most of the food.

This can lead to health problems for the subordinate dog, so it’s best to avoid the issue altogether by giving each dog their own bowl. Additionally, if one of your pups is a known bully, it’s even more important to keep their food separate.

Otherwise, the bully may intimidate the other dog and prevent them from getting the food they need. If you’re not sure how to set up separate feeding stations for your dogs, talk to your veterinarian immediately or a professional trainer for guidance.

younger dog

Give your dogs Separate Beds

Most people are familiar with the benefits of giving their pups separate beds. It can help to reduce conflict, keep the peace, and promote a sense of stability and order in the home.

However, there are other benefits to giving your pups separate beds that you may not be aware of. For example, bully sticks are a popular chew toy for pups.

By giving each dog its own bed, you can avoid this problem and ensure that each dog has its own space to relax and play. In addition, having separate beds can help to reduce the spread of disease between pups.

If one dog is sick, it is less likely to spread the illness to others if it has its own bed to sleep in. As a result, giving your dogs separate beds can have numerous benefits and is something that every responsible pet owner should consider.

Give your Dogs Lots of Toys

Bully sticks are a great way to keep your pups entertained. Not only do they provide hours of fun, but they also help to reduce boredom and chewing on your furniture. Alternatively, giving your pups lots of other toys are a natural and healthy way for your pups to play. Most dog toys come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

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Limit Wrestling or Rough Play to 5 Minutes a Day

pups love to play, and most pups enjoy a good game of rough-and-tumble. However, it’s important to limit your dog’s wrestling or rough play to no more than five minutes a day. Any longer than that, and your dog could begin to experience joint pain or other health problems.

Keep in mind that some pups are more prone to these problems than others; if you’re not sure, ask your vet for guidance. And remember: just because your dog can handle five minutes of rough play doesn’t mean he wants to do it all day long.

Make sure you provide plenty of other opportunities for your pup to play, including walks, fetch, and tug-of-war.

How to Stop Dogs From Fighting: How to Teach Two Dogs to Get Along

stressed dog

Owning pups comes with a unique set of challenges, one of which is teaching them to get along. While some pups are naturally compatible, others may need a little help learning how to coexist peacefully. Here are a few tips for teaching dogs to get along:

How to Stop Dogs From Fighting: Start With Introduction Basics

When introducing pups for the first time, do so in a neutral location away from both pups’ homes. Allow them to sniff each other and explore at their own pace. If either pup becomes agitated, remove them from the situation and try again later.

How to Stop Dogs From Fighting: Encourage Positive Experiences Together

Once the dogs are comfortable with each other, begin rewarding them for positive interactions such as playing together or calmly sitting next to each other. Use treats, petting, and verbal praise to reinforce good behavior.

How to Stop Dogs From Fighting: Add Structure With Rules and Boundaries

As the dogs become more comfortable with each other, establish rules and boundaries such as “no biting” or “no jumping on furniture.” Consistently enforce these rules to help the dogs learn how to behave around each other.

With patience and consistent effort, most dogs can learn to enjoy each other’s company and coexist peacefully.

Things Not to Do: Don’t Do These Things During a Dog Fight

confident dog

Dogs are social creatures, and most of them love nothing more than a good play session with their canine buddies. However, sometimes things can get out of hand and a play session can turn into a full-fledged pup fight. If you find yourself in this situation, there are a few things you should NOT do.

For starters, don’t panic. This will only make the situation worse and could cause you to get hurt. Second, don’t try to separate the dogs yourself. Not only is this dangerous, but it’s also likely to be unsuccessful.

Instead, call for help from a professional pup trainer or behaviorist who can safely break up the fight. Finally, don’t scold or punish the dogs afterwards. This will only serve to confuse and stress them out, and could make future fights more likely. Just provide plenty of love and positive reinforcement, and everyone will be back to playing nice in no time.

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Here are some other things that you may want to stay aware of:

Don’t Suppress Your Dog’s Growl

Suppressing a dog’s growl during a dog fight is about as ineffective as trying to stop a freight train with your bare hands. It’s not going to work, and you’ll just end up getting hurt. The growl is your dog’s way of telling the other pup that he is not happy with the situation and wants it to stop.

If you try to suppress the growl, you’re effectively telling your pup to bottle up his feelings and stay silent in the face of adversity. This can lead to all sorts of behavioral problems down the road, such as aggression and anxiety. So next time your pup gets into a tussle with another pup, resist the urge to scold him for growling. It’s just his way of trying to defuse the situation.

even dogs

Unless the Situation Calls for it – Do Not Try to Pull Them Apart

Even the best of friends can sometimes have a falling out – and that’s certainly true of dogs. If you see dogs fighting, your first instinct may be to try to break it up. However, that’s not always the best course of action.

Pup fights can be dangerous for both humans and dogs, and unless you’re experienced in breaking up pup fights, you could end up getting hurt. It’s important to understand what’s going on before you intervene.

Dogs usually fight for one of two reasons: either they’re defending their territory or they’re trying to establish dominance over the other pup. In either case, the best thing you can do is remove yourself and the other dog from the situation.

Once you’re both safe, you can assess the situation and decide how best to proceed. With a little understanding and patience, you can help defuse a potential pup fight before it starts – or safely break one up if it does occur.

Don’t Use a High Pitched Voice or Become Too Excited

As any pup owner knows, fights among dogs are not uncommon. While some dogs are able to resolve their differences with a minimum of fuss, others can become quite aggressive, leading to a full-blown brawl. In such cases, it is important to remain calm and avoid using a high-pitched voice or becoming too excited.

This will only serve to heighten the dogs’ adrenaline levels and make the situation worse. Instead, try to break up the fight by making a loud noise or spraying the dogs with water.

If all else fails, don’t hesitate to call for help from a professional behaviorist. With a little patience and understanding, most pup fights can be resolved without anyone getting hurt.

more than two dogs

Don’t Let the Dogs “Figure Things Out”

Dogs are social creatures that thrive on companionship and structure. In the wild, canines live in packs led by a strong alpha male. Within the pack, there is a strict hierarchy that each pup understands and respects.

Pup fights rarely occur because each animal knows its place in the pack and will submit to the alpha dog if necessary.

However, when dogs are domestic, they don’t always have the same social structure. This can lead to aggression and fighting between dogs, even within the same household.

If you have ever seen a pup fighting, it’s important not to let them “figure things out.” Dogs aren’t trying to hurt each other when they fight; they are simply trying to assert their dominance.

However, these fights can quickly escalate and become dangerous for both animals. If you see fighting, the best thing to do is to break it up immediately. Use loud noises, water from a hose, or whatever you have to separate them.

Then, take time to figure out what caused the fight and try to prevent it from happening again in the future. With a little patience and training, you can help your dogs get along and avoid any future conflict.

How to Stop Dogs From Fighting: If Your Dog is Severely Injured

It can get tough and dogs will often suffer badly. There’s unfortunately no emergency dog ambulance and therefore your pup must go to an animal care clinic immediately. You should be able to identify which hospital is close to your property, the pup playground, or whatever you visit regularly. Have a plan for when something goes wrong. Check if this is really an emergency animal hospital with 24-hour service. Your veterinarian probably cannot handle emergency situations appropriately.

How to Stop Dogs From Fighting: Encourage Calm Arrivals and Departures

same sex

Usually, the barrier is the place for pup fights. Dogs can get excited, annoyed and compete with people for attention, and the feelings of this type spark the battles. Owner needs to have a plan to handle a human arrival or departure. It’s not advisable to keep several dogs swarming at the entrance when someone enters. Can dogs be separated by baby gates? No human should give a pet a chance if the dog barks or jumps. Getting to the dogs is a good way to reduce the chance of dogfights and the danger.

How to Stop Dogs From Fighting: Manage the Dogs’ Environment

When resources become scarce, you can do what follows. Give individual doses. Don’t separate the bones. Keep everything you’ve got away from sight. TIPS OF THE PROTRAINER: If you have problems with your behavior or situation, you must seek professional behavioral support. Always hire behavior experts using positive reinforcement, as they can effectively resolve problems in the past. I would suggest hiring professionals when dogs are guarding. I think fighting a pup with other dogs can become deadly.

How to Stop Dogs From Fighting: Rehoming Your Dog

senior dog

It seems like dogs are not friendly. It’s a difficult one for people. It may seem as though something was wrong. What are your memories about the teacher? Is there someone else who is working for you? Imagine that you’d have to live with that individual all day. This is terrible for the dogs. Bringing home an animal who lives in poverty doesnโ€™t have to be cruel. If you need to rehome your dog, it is best for the owner to be honest about the situation.

How to Stop Dogs From Fighting: What to Do When You Can’t Break Up a Fight?

Sometimes you encounter dog fights and you can’t get them out. If a dog is too dangerous or breaks up, a conflict with another animal can cause severe injury. When people are attacked in an accident by the dogs, they can have pronounced laceration in their joints. Make sure to take the appropriate action. Some dogs were killed by a violent confrontation, but a fight with the dog often ends after several seconds.

Know Your Limits

It’s important to find the safest way to do this for your dog. Learn to recognise your physical limitations.

How to Stop Dogs From Fighting: Dealing With Reactivity

more confident dog

If your dog reacts when walking or fighting along the fences to your neighbors, then you can likely see aggression in your pack. Often causing stress can create negative emotions within your family. When your dog gets so angry and barks or runs at you it’s possible there will be fights in your household. Walk your dog separately if necessary.

How to Stop Dogs From Fighting: Is There a New Breed of Dogs?

Some dogs can be more suited to a single family member. The other animals have been trained for groups and can be more prone to fighting. Canine adapted to live inside kennels/packs have notorious difficulties with obedience training. It’s a good idea to teach your dog basic obedience but you can’t find any dog that’ll work.

How to Stop Dogs From Fighting: Why Household Dogs May Fight?

stop fighting

Dogfighting can take place in several household situations. Occasionally, dogs will start fighting. When new dogs come along, there is inevitably adjustment time. Some fights occur for many different reasons. Some reasons can cause a dog to fight.

Reaction to a Shock Collar

Dogs that are shocked when wearing shock chains have become stressed. The dog is scared and a person is shocked by it. This stress can affect the dog as well as the nearby pet and cause pain to his body. My wife went walking the rescue Linkin to Lhasa. Fortunately they got a quick separation. The owner of the puppy shocked the puppy when he passed his house. Apparently, the man did not wish his dog off his house. It is possible that a dog won’t stay at home. And the impact of the shock collars was clearly evident. Poor pug was very protective of passing dogs.

Guarding Their Owners

A dog can protect several resources. Resources include anything useful for the dog. Of course, this is an invaluable asset to our dog. We give them attention, feed them, walk and play with them, train them and take them to socialization and give them great treats. Some dogs have to keep an eye on owners as well as on their environment. When Fiddo is too far from the owner Max may attack. Fido is brave. Both dogs and their owners may face severe injuries during the skirmish.

Underlying Anxiety

Sometimes dogs have stress and anxiety problems and they may attack another dog. This happens when the dogs are noisy. Even though it is normal to hear regular household sounds, the noise of delivery trucks might cause an increase in energy consumption. Possibly he’ll kill another neighbor dog as well. Often dogs experience separation anxiety and can attack another animal if their owner is leaving them.

weaker dog

Guarding Other Resources

Certain dogs guard other valuables against other dogs. Naturally food is considered important for a dog and many of its members include toys. A minimum distance must be reached for dogs to avoid attack. Alternatively, when a companion dog catches up to the bones, the dog will attack him.

Improper Socialization

Dogs socialized poorly may have an increased probability of slaying others. The man is unable to correctly interpret the body language of someone other than his own. In other words the other dog could elude him into participating in the game. However, unsocialized dogs read this merely in order to fight.

Changes in the House or Routine

A change of family members โ€” especially after graduation โ€” can cause stress in the dogs’ lives. Even changes to routine can make your dog extremely nervous. Certain animals are unable to adjust easily to such changes. The greater the stress levels, the greater the tendency to fight.

Redirection When Dogs Become Overstimulated

Often dogs are too irritable to get out the door; some attack what they are close to โ€“ even dogs that live nearby. Despite a stimulus being not linked to another dog, attacks may occur. Sometimes it happens when owners or visitors enter or leave or when mailman reaches.

Changes in the Canine Social Group

A dog that leaves the home is subject to adjustment periods. It is likely that a more confident pup died and the hierarchy between the rest of the dog has evolved. A puppy can challenge this hierarchy.

To Maintain the Hierarchy

The female and male dogs are grouped separately by nature. In our home too, we often have fighting between dogs with similar sex. There are also higher chances for un-neutered dogs fighting.

Change in a Resident Dog’s Health or Age

Some dogs may think a neighbor’s dogs are sick. Some dogs will attack a diseased person. One other scenario occurs during dog maturation: It’s challenging an adolescent.

separate dogs

Medical Reasons

Sometimes dog pain can cause it, and the dog may attack if it comes closer. Other reasons, such as changing thyroid levels in dogs, could explain his behaviour.

Enclosed Spaces

When aggressive or overly stimulating dogs are found outside enclosed areas, such as if they are driving in an airplane, they can fight.

Social Aggression

In social violence no dog can deviate from others. This is not a rule and does NOT matter to dogs of any age or race.

Play May Escalate

The dog will usually play properly. The game escalated. The dog gets very dirty. The fighting will eventually happen.

How to Stop Dogs From Fighting: What to Do After a Dog Fight?

how to stop dogs from fighting

The sooner a dog fights the more they understand how to deal with it. Keep in touch:

Check Them for Injuries

Fighting is dangerous, but you want to inspect your pets thoroughly. Gently examine the entire body and hands to identify any softer spots. It can be helpful for dogs if their vet is checking them out for any problems. Their fur and high pain levels are often the most serious issue.

Take Them to a Safe Place

Take your dog for an overnight stay if you are not sure. Make the family feel comfortable and free to leave everything behind. A little rest and praise can help with the recovery. If your dog feels nervous, try walking it in a public park for shorter periods or for smaller dogs.

Calm Them Down

After you get home to find out where to go, give them comforting words and pets to help their recovery. Generally, the dogs recover quickly from small fights but sometimes they are anxious.

Remove the Dog From the Situation

Once an argument breaks out, it is best a dog be kept away from each other. Give them enough time to calm down before walking away.

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