Hunting Dog Collar Tags – Best Practices and Examples


We’re going to take a look at hunting dog collars with nameplates rather than hunting dog collar tags and why the former is better. 

Anyone who owns a dog knows how deep the love for that four-legged pet can run. They don’t call dogs “man’s best friend” for nothing, after all. Hunting dogs, in particular, are remarkable. 

Hunting dogs are trained, intelligent, and often expensive. They serve a dual purpose: your best friend as well as your hunting partner. When they’re at home, they’re just like any other pup. When their paws hit the field, they go to work. 

It’s essential to protect your hunting dog just like you would any other dog, and one way to do that is through dog collars with tags built in. Why use hunting dog collar with name plate vs tags?

Nameplates for collars have some significant benefits over using tags, so it’s a good idea to consider these factors for your hunting dog

Nowadays, you’d find numerous stores selling dog supplies which include hunting collars with name plates, like the Red Dingo dog ID tags.  Stores with similar technologies can produce collars with free name plate if you buy other items.

Hunting Dog Collar Tags Benefits – No Noise

For many kinds of hunting, noise levels are essential to consider. Nothing is worse than having an animal in your sights run off because they got spooked by a sound. 

This is why a dog collar with separate tag ring may not be the best one to use for hunting dogs.

Since a dog collar with tag built in is a flat piece of metal that lay against the band of your dog’s collar, it doesn’t jingle like traditional tags that hang. 

Plus, you can enjoy the peaceful silence in your home without listening to the constant noise of your dog’s collar every time they move. 

No Catching

Because nameplates lay entirely flat with dog collar with tags built in, there’s no chance that they’ll get caught or stuck on something. 

A snag at your dog’s collar can be incredibly dangerous when they’re running through a field or the forest. Your dog is focused on one thing: finding its prey. So, chances are they aren’t thinking about what they might get caught on.

While a dangling tag simply asks for trouble, a flat nameplate won’t attract any low-hanging branches or fence wires

Won’t Fall Off

The other risk of running a dog with traditional tags is losing them. Tags often attach to a thin ring that easily bends and breaks. Hunting activities increase the amount of stress put on these rings, making it all too familiar for them to fall off in the middle of nowhere.

Nameplates are durable and can’t get knocked around as much, so they stay in place. Since your dog’s tags have their information on them, it’s super important that they don’t get lost.  

Sleek Appearance 

Dog collar nameplates just look much better than hanging dog tags. They have all of the correct information neatly labeled in one place for a sleek, handsome appearance.

Nameplates are also often gold or silver metal , so they stand out nicely against any color collar on the market. They’re easy to see and read and just look great overall. 

Hunting Dog Collar Tags – Nameplate Best Practices

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Now that you know why you should use a nameplate instead of tags let’s talk about some good practices to keep in mind with your nameplates. 

Include Your Information

The most critical information you can put on your dog’s nameplate is your full name and cell phone number. If your dog gets away from you and someone finds them, they need to know who to call and how to reach you. 

It’s also a good idea to put a second phone number. This number can be a spouse, family member, or close, trusted friend. 

Some people also like to list their home address on their dog’s collar. Doing so is a personal choice; not everyone wants to have their address open to the public. If you’re on the fence, you might consider just listing the city and state where you live. 

Never Include Your Dog’s Name

Many pet owners are surprised to hear that they shouldn’t put their dog’s name on its nameplate. After all, isn’t that what the tag is for?

Knowing your dog’s name may be helpful for someone who’s trying to get them back to you, and it may even look cute on your dog, but it also spells trouble for someone who doesn’t have quite as good intentions. 

This rule is significant for hunting dogs. Hunting dog breeds are often very expensive, and you’ve committed many long hours of training to them. Someone who knows what the breed is worth may not be interested in getting them back to you and can quickly adopt it knowing its name. 

Microchipping Label 

If your dog is microchipped, you should note that on their nameplate. Some pet owners prefer to simply have their dog chipped and state this on the collar rather than giving out their information. 

Microchips have a unique ID number that links to your personal contact information. You can have this chip painlessly inserted into your pet. 

If someone finds your dog and their collar states they are chipped, that individual can take your dog to the nearest veterinarian or shelter where they can scan the chip and contact you. It also deters people from stealing your dog. 

Hunting Dog Collar Tags – Our Products

You can find high-quality nameplates at various locations, but it’s also super important to have the right kind of collar that showcases the nameplate properly. Check out some of our products below. These collars will make a great canvas for any nameplate. 

Waterproof Collars

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Our waterproof dog collars are made from a synthetic material that is completely waterproof, flexible, and almost indestructible. The material looks and feels like leather but holds up even better. 

You can find our waterproof collars in these varieties:

  • Center-ring/D-ring
  • Military clasp
  • Adjustable buckle
  • Standard

All of these collars come in several different colors and sizes and are highly adjustable. Their simple design makes it easy to add a custom nameplate. 

Plus, they don’t absorb moisture, odors, or dirt, so they last much longer than traditional collars

Reflective Collars

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Our reflective collar collection puts your dog’s safety as the number one priority. These collars all feature a highly reflective stripe through the middle that keeps them visible in the dark.

You can get the reflective collar in two styles:

  • Standard
  • Center-ring

Whether you’re hunting in the evening or just going for a nighttime walk, these reflective collars give you peace of mind. Car lights quickly bounce off this reflective strip, keeping you and your pup safe no matter where your adventures take you. 

They are also waterproof, rust-proof, and odor-proof for some added benefits. This thick collar is an excellent option for adding a nameplate for your hunting dog

Designer Collars

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Who says a safe collar has to be boring? Our line of designer collars is perfect for the hunting dog who has a bit of flair and personality in their style. 

Check out these designs we have available for you:

  • Twill
  • Designer
  • Bowtie
  • Nylon

Each of these variations comes in several different colors and patterns. They are made with reinforced stitching for a long-lasting product and include a quick-release buckle for easy on and off. 

They’re available in a wide range of sizes, and the thick design is perfect for adding a personalized nameplate for your dog’s safety. 

Hunting Dog Collar Tags – Final Thoughts

Your hunting dog may have cost you a pretty penny, but you certainly can’t put a value on the amount of love and joy they bring you – both in the field and at home on the couch. 

One of the best things you can do for your furry friend is to keep them safe with a proper collar nameplate. Use our best practices above to make sure your dog is protected in style. 

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