Hunting Dog Names to Choose From – List of 130


We have listed the most popular hunting dog names to the most obscure hunting dog names, because naming your dog can be a daunting task. So, keep reading for our extensive list of 130 different names that stand out from the pack, and you could happily put on your pet’s metal clasp collaror nameplate.

As a result, you may find the perfect name for your hunting buddy. And therefore, having a name you can be proud of.  Likewise, a name your canine can be proud of. Above all, we hope this makes your decision a little easier.

Whether you’ve got a loyal labrador retriever, for instance,  or a regal Vizsla by your side, your hunting dogs deserve hunting dog names that are as unique as they are because cliches like “Fido” or “Spot” just won’t do the trick. Therefore, it’s important to find the perfect name.

Meanwhile, you might get some good ideas to suggest to fellow dog lovers. In short, this list can be helpful in many ways. Firstly, let’s get started with our list.

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Hunting Dog Names: Our 130 Top Picks


  1. Scout: For fans of To Kill a Mockingbird, this name references classic literature, however, it’s also great for tracking dogs. 
  2. Hunter: It may seem a little obvious, however if you’re looking for hunting dog names that fit the occupation, Hunter is an excellent place to start. 
  3. Arrow: For example, Crossbow hunters, may enjoy naming their dog after their favorite piece of ammo, for instance.
  4. Gunner: Similar to Arrow, Gunner lets everyone know what your preferred piece of weaponry is. 
  5. Buck: Both deer hunters and fans of The Call of the Wild” may appreciate this classic name. 
  6. Bear: You may not be a bear hunter, although for large hunting dogs, this name is fitting. 
  7. Foxy/Fox: If you can describe your pup as clever and intelligent, you may want to opt for a name like Fox or Foxy. 
  8. Seal: Whether your dog is tough like a Navy SEAL, for instance,  or just spends too much time in the water, this name can be a perfect fit. 
  9. Copper: If you’ve got a hound dog, you could name them after the dog from “The Fox and the Hound.” 
  10. Chase: For dogs that love to chase after their prey, there’s nothing more fitting. 
  11. Bolt: If your dog runs like a bolt of lightning, you may want to consider this name. 
  12. Dash: Dash is perfect for speedy hunting dogs that don’t hesitate to go after their prey.
  13. Blaze: This name works great for hunting dogs that are fast and fiery on the hunt. 
  14. Ranger: If you like nature-related names, rangers are often associated with looking after forests and parks. 
  15. Artemis: In Greek Mythology, Artemis is known as the goddess of the hunt. As a result, this can be a fitting name.
  16. Hercules: Hercules, for example,  also has Greek origins, therefore is a perfect name for strong, yet fierce pups. 
  17. Xena: While it is associated with Greek mythology, the name can also reference the fierce princess from “Xena: Warrior Princess.” 
  18. Diesel: From German origins, you can’t go wrong with this name. 
  19. Brutus: Not only is it a strong name, but you won’t have to worry about your pup betraying you as the real historical figure did. 
  20. Finn: For dogs with lighter coats, this name means “white” or “fair-haired.” 
  21. Hulk: If your dog has no trouble smashing through the woods to get the job done, no name’s more appropriate. 
  22. Zeus: As the Greek god of thunder and ruler of Mount Olympus, Zeus is a regal name that’s fitting for many hunting dogs
  23. Thunder: There’s no name more striking than this one. 
  24. Ace: If your dog is the ace up your sleeve on hunting trips, you may want to consider this name. 
  25. Chief: Chiefs are recognized as the head of a family or clan, and if that description fits your dog, this is a perfect name.
  26. Boone: Meaning “blessing,” you can’t go wrong with this name.
  27. Goose: Your dog may not hunt geese, but that doesn’t mean you can’t name him after one. 
  28. Watson: This name is perfect if your dog is the Watson to your Sherlock Holmes. 
  29. Thor: As the Norse God of Thunder, Thor is a striking name for any hunting dog.
  30. Marley: For a name that feels peaceful or serene, Marley is never a bad option. 
  31. Trapper: This name works great for treeing dogs. 
  32. Avalanche: For energetic, lively dogs with lighter coats, there’s no better name. 
  33. Buddy: As one of the most common dog names around, you can’t go wrong with this classic. 
  34. Prince: If your hunting dog gets treated like royalty, why not make it official? 
  35. Rex: With Latin origins, this name means “King.” 
  36. Raven: This name is fitting for dogs with darker, sleek coats.
  37. Sammy: This playful name is perfect for easy-going, relaxed hunting dogs. 
  38. Caboose: Some hunting dogs prefer to lead the pack, but like the caboose of a train, others don’t mind sticking to the back. 
  39. Rocky: While it can reference everyone’s favorite fictional boxer, Rocky is a popular name for gray-haired hunting dogs too. 
  40. Black Widow: Whether you like the insect or the superhero, Black Widow works either way. 
  41. Athena: As the goddess of wisdom, Athena is an excellent name for intelligent and clever hunting dogs. 
  42. Daisy: Daisies are bright flowers, so this name works perfectly for lively, energetic female puppies. 
  43. Huntress: If you’ve got a female hunting dog, this is the feminine version of “Hunter.” 
  44. Beast: For large, intimidating dogs, you can give your pooch a name that’s just as terrifying. 
  45. Jet: If your dog constantly seems like they’re running on jet fuel, you may want to try out this name.
  46. Apollo: In Greek Mythology, Apollo is the god of the sun and archery. 
  47. Echo: Some dogs have a howl that can echo through the entire forest, so no name’s more fitting. 
  48. Midnight: If your pup has a beautiful black coat, why not pick a name that draws attention to it? 
  49. Lassie: You can always name your Collie after everyone’s favorite fictional Rough Collie. 
  50. Silver: Nothing makes your dog’s sleek, gray coat stand out more than a name that recognizes its beauty.  
  51. Stormy: Stormy is another nature-related name that’s popular amongst hunting dogs. 
  52. Bonnie: If your pup is the Bonnie to your Clyde, consider using this name for your partner in crime. 
  53. Hawk/Hawkeye: Name your dog after the animal or the popular superhero. 
  54. Dakota: Meaning “friendly one,” this name is perfect for outgoing hunting dogs. 
  55. Arawn: From Celtic mythology, Arawn was a king associated with hunting and dogs. 
  56. Astro: Astrology fans can pay homage to the stars with this classic name. 
  57. Atlas: Big, strong hunting dogs that don’t mind leading the way deserve a name like Atlas.
  58. Bones: If your dog loves to snack on bones, you may want to consider this fitting name. 
  59. Bow: Whether you use a crossbow or not, this hunting-related name is a good fit for many dogs. 
  60. Cazador: This name means “hunter” in Spanish. 
  61. Cain: With Hebrew origins, this name means “a spear.” 
  62. Cooper: There’s no better name for your hound dog than Cooper. 
  63. Deputy: You may be the sheriff on hunting trips, but your pooch will always be your Deputy. 
  64. Falcon: For dogs that hunt waterfowl and birds, Falcon has a nice ring to it.
  65. Huntley: While this name is great on its own, you can always shorten it to “Hunt” for a nickname. 
  66. Leo: If your dog is a lion at heart, this name is perfect. 
  67. Nero: Fans of Ancient Roman history might want to name their dog after this infamous historical figure that ruled Rome. 
  68. Neptune: For dogs that hunt waterfowl, give them a name that shows they’re king of the water. 
  69. Pluto: Whether you’re a fan of Disney or Roman mythology, “Pluto” is a perfect name for a bloodhound.  
  70. Sarge: This name fits any dog who’s the sergeant in your life.
  71. Todd: If your pup is a little too sly or clever, this name has English origins meaning “fox.”
  72. Titan: Another name from Greek mythology, this one means “defender.” 
  73. Winchester: For avid gun enthusiasts, why not name your pup after your favorite rifles? 
  74. Alpha: This name is great for dogs who not only stand out from the pack but enjoy leading it. 
  75. Bailey: This classic name means “bailiff” or “law enforcer.” 
  76. Bella: For striking female hunting dogs, this Italian name means “beautiful.” 
  77. Coco: If your pup has a chocolate coat, this simple name is fitting.
  78. Diana: She is recognized as the goddess of hunting and wildlife in mythology. 
  79. Dixie: For anyone who lives in the South, Dixie is a classic name for your hunting dog. 
  80. Kacela: With African origins, this name means “hunter.” 
  81. Lady: Nothing is more classic than giving your female hunting dog a name that’s as regal as she is.
  82. Nova: If your dog lights up your life, this name references a bright star lighting up the night sky. 
  83. Ryder: With a little more edge, this unisex name works well for male and female hunting dogs.
  84. Remy/Remington: As another gun-related name, Remington just rolls off the tongue. 
  85. Trudy: This German name means “spear of strength.” 
  86. Scarlett: For dogs with red or rust-colored coats, there’s nothing more fitting. 
  87. Ziggy: Since you want your hunting trip to be a success, pick a name that means “victory.” 
  88. Whiskey: Name your dog after your favorite alcoholic drink. 
  89. Terra: If your dog loves nature, for example,  this name means “earth.” 
  90. Jackie: Name your dog after this famous First Lady. 
  91. Blitz: This name is perfect for energetic, lively hunting dogs. 
  92. Dachs: If you take your Dachshund on the hunt, try out this simple and memorable name. 
  93. Fetch: Name your dog after their favorite game to play. 
  94. Kingsley: If your pup acts like royalty, no other name will do. 
  95. Moose: Since moose are the largest members of the deer family, this name is perfect for dogs who hunt deer. 
  96. Musket: You may not use a musket in the woods, but this is still an excellent name for hunting dogs. 
  97. Samson: Nothing says strong and intimidating like this name. 
  98. Tank: If your pooch is an immovable force, you’ll want to use this name.
  99. Theron: With Greek origins, this name means “hunter.” 
  100. Thimba: In Swahili, this name means “he who hunts lions.” 
  101. Max/Maximus: If your pup likes to approach things at full speed, you may want to consider this name. 
  102. Outlaw: This name works for dogs that don’t like to play by the rules. 
  103. Wolverine: Nothing grabs your attention more than naming your pooch after this superhero. 
  104. Bess: This classic name is a good fit for female hunting dogs.
  105. Beretta: Here’s another name inspired by everyone’s favorite firearms. 
  106. Justice: This name is for dogs that enjoy dispensing a little justice.
  107. Rebel: Your dog may stand out from the rest, so it’s only fitting to embrace it. 
  108. Scooter: This classic name has been a popular choice for hunting dogs for decades. 
  109. Koda: Similar to Dakota, this name means “friend.” 
  110. Mallard: Another perfect name for waterfowl-hunting dogs.
  111. Merida: This name is for all the dogs that are fierce princesses at heart. 
  112. Ivy: With Latin origins, this nature-related name means “vine.” 
  113. River: This name is the perfect inspiration for dogs who love to spend time in nature. 
  114. Maple: Whether it’s maple trees or maple syrup, you can’t go wrong with this name. 
  115. Wolf: Try this name out on dogs who are just as fierce as real-life wolves. 
  116. Simba: You can name your dog after this fictional lion.
  117. Snoopy: If you’ve got a beagle, for instance, why not name them after the world’s most famous fictional beagle? 
  118. Scooby: Some hunts can feel like a mystery, and you’ll always want your partner in crime by your side. 
  119. Teddy: They may be fierce on a hunt, but some dogs are teddy bears at heart. 
  120. Bond: For dogs that don’t mind sneaking around, for instance, this James Bond-inspired name is perfect. 
  121. Bruce: Your pup may not be fighting crime, but that doesn’t mean you can’t name them after Batman.
  122. Smoky: This forest-inspired name is great for dogs with silver or gray coats.
  123. Wyatt: This name is a classic, understated choice for hunting dogs. 
  124. Olympia: For dogs that are champions, there’s no better pick. 
  125. Liberty: This choice works for all the free-spirited hunting dogs out there.
  126. Walker: If you want a western-inspired name, look no further. 
  127. Smith: If you’re looking for something quiet and understated, this name is perfect
  128. Porter: This name means “gatekeeper.” 
  129. Orion: In mythology, Orion was the name of a mighty hunter. 
  130. Toto: You may not live in Kansas, but you can still name your dog after one of the most famous fictional pooches. 

Wrap Up

To sum up, there is our complete list of the best hunting dog names out there.  We hope this helps you choose appropriate hunting dog names for your furry friend, because we know it can be challenging! However, there are many more names out there that you might prefer.

Every dog is different, therefore deserves their own personal name. Likewise, every person is different and deserves a name that suits them. In conclusion, only you can decide what is the perfect name for your dog.

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