Hunting Dog Tracking Collar: Know What to Expect

hunting dog tracking collar

Does the distance, rolling terrain, or cover obscure your line of sight, making it difficult to spot your dog? You might need a hunting dog tracking system to help keep your dog safe even without a leash rope. Read on to learn more about a hunting dog tracking collar.

Thanks to hunting dog tracking systems, it’s now easy to know your dog’s whereabouts.

Whether you’re an upland hunter, waterfowl hunter, houndsman, or deer hunter, these devices are vital in your hunting expedition. They provide an effective way to track your dog or multiple dogs where beeper collars or dog bells are inapplicable.

Types of Hunting Dog Tracking Collar

There are two types of hunting dog tracking collars. These collars work as a hog, bear, bobcat or even coon dog tracking system. If you particularly into coon hunting, you would love these coon dog tracking systems. They work for most hunting dogs.

These are:  

1. Radio Telemetry Hunting Dog Tracking Collar

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These collar trackers have a directional antenna that sends radio signals, enabling you to determine your dog’s location.

Their sight range is typically further, but they provide limited information on exactly how far away the collar (your dog) is from you.

Since they don’t give the exact distance, you’re forced to estimate based on the signal strength you receive from the tracking collar. Your approximation can be far from true, depending on the terrain.

With a radio telemetry collar, you either get a signal or don’t. And if the signal goes off, it can be challenging to track down your dog, especially if you have no idea where to start looking.

Advantages of Radio Telemetry Collar Trackers

  • They cover a wider range than GPS trackers (about 30% more) when in perfect condition.

Disadvantages of Radio Telemetry Collar Trackers

  • They don’t give the exact distance of your dog
  • Once the radio signal is lost, you have to start hunting down your dog by trying to get close enough to your dog for your device to pick up a signal

2. GPS Dog Collar

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These dog collars use the Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to track a dog’s location in real-time. You can tell your dog’s actual physical location.

Through satellite, the collar picks up signals which it sends to your handheld device, (typically a website or an app on your smartphone) displaying the latitude and longitude on the screen. 

And besides the location, you can tell if they’re running and the direction they’re headed.

GPS trackers can be subscription-based or non-subscription-based.

Advantages of GPS Collar Trackers

  • They ensure the safety of your dog as you can accurately determine the dog’s location at any time.
  • With some GPS collar trackers, you can tell if your dog is moving or still and also if they’re barking.
  • Their compatibility with smartphones makes them convenient as you can easily get real-time updates and notifications about your dog’s whereabouts on your phone.
  • Because they don’t make beeping sounds, they won’t mess up your hunting expedition by scaring away birds.
  • They’re expandable, meaning you can pair them with more collars to track multiple dogs.
  • Some GPS collar trackers come built with an e-collar, making it possible for you to communicate with your dog over long distances. 

Types of GPS Hunting Dog Tracking Collar


GPS trackers can be classified as follows according to the different kinds of technology and the systems they use to determine the actual location of your dog:

Bluetooth Trackers

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These trackers pair your smartphone with a transmitter attached to the dog’s collar. You use a smartphone application to check the direction and distance of the dog’s collar

Bluetooth trackers are excellent for short distances but are unsuitable for long distances since Bluetooth has a limited connectivity range.

Cellular Trackers

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Cellular trackers use transmitters attached to the dog’s collar

The transmitter has a chip that receives signals from GPS satellites, which then sends the physical location coordinates to the smartphone that the tracker is registered or connected to. 

You then use your phone’s cellular network connection to access the physical location via a website or an app.

GPS Trackers

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These are collars that use a GPS device to determine the physical location of your dog. They are self-sufficient and do not require you to pay a monthly fee. These trackers connect to GPS satellites through their GPS device to track the real-time location of your dog.

Wi-Fi Trackers

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These trackers work in a similar way to cellular trackers. They use a Wi-Fi connection to determine the location of either the module device attached to the collar or the dog

This wireless network uses the available nearby Wi-Fi towers for positional reference to increase your dog’s physical location accuracy.

Features of a Good Hunting Dog Tracking Collar

Choosing a hunting dog tracker collar can be daunting, but considering these features will help you choose a good one:

1. Weight and Safety

A high-quality GPS tracking collar is small in size and lightweight, which is essential to your dog’s comfort.

Although small GPS collars are recommended, it may be necessary to choose a larger one if you have a large dog. That’s because if a collar tracker is too tight, it can help grow harmful bacteria that cause skin infection and may hamper blood circulation.

Another critical factor to keep in mind is that GPS trackers emit radiation, so it’s best to take it off when you don’t need it to minimize radiation exposure. 

A high-quality GPS collar is hit-resistant and therefore doesn’t easily break when it hits a hard surface.

It’s also economical as you will not need to replace it as often as you would a flimsy one.

2. Battery Life

A high-quality GPS tracking collar has a durable rechargeable battery with a relatively long battery life that can last through your hunt session.

Your hunting dog’s collar tracker’s battery life can draw the line between losing and saving your furry hunting companion.

Ideally, a battery should last for about 20 to 24 hours with a single charge, and high-quality ones should last a couple of days.

However, keep in mind that there are hunting dog electric collars, which provide an alternative to batteries.

3. Waterproof

A waterproof GPS tracking collar is essential, especially in rainy conditions or if you’re hunting while it’s raining for aquatic birds or just got caught in unexpected rain.

It ensures the collar is still functioning even after exposure to water. 

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4. Wide Tracking Range and Accuracy

Here, it’s all about choosing between cellular and non-cellular trackers.

Typically, cellular dog GPS trackers have unlimited range, while for non-cellular trackers, the range is limited.

Therefore, you need to consider this factor because it’s crucial to know your dog’s location. After all, isn’t that the primary reason for getting the device in the first place?

5. Tracking Technology

When choosing a collar tracking device, it is advisable to select one that uses GPS technology. This way, you can accurately determine your dog’s location in real-time.

And the more satellite systems a collar can accommodate, the better.

Hunting Dog Tracking Collar – FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions about dog trackers that work for multiple dogs including gun dogs.

Do I still need a tracker if my dog is microchipped?

Yes, you still need a tracker if your dog is microchipped. Why?

Microchips don’t provide real-time location tracking. We recommend that you get a dog tracker even if your four-legged friend has a microchip embedded under their skin.

That’s because a person who finds your dog won’t know your contact details without the help of veterinarians or shelters who can read the microchip.

Should I buy a cellular or non-cellular tracker?

It depends on the cellular service availability in the hunting area. If there is excellent cellular service, cellular trackers are perfect. And what’s more, these trackers can even monitor your furry hunting companion’s activity. 

However, they need Wi-Fi to function, so where there’s no cellular service, you’re better off with non-cellular collars.

Do all dog collar GPS trackers require subscription fees?

No. Some GPS collar trackers are free to use and require no subscription fee. Typically, cellular trackers require you to have a monthly subscription, while non-cellular GPS trackers don’t.

Hunting Dog Tracking Collar – Conclusion

Hunting dog trackers are essential dog supplies to ensuring your dog’s safety. We hope this article answers all your questions about dog tracking collars; telemetry versus GPS tracking collars, the types of GPS trackers, and what to consider when selecting a collar tracker – perhaps a coon hunting tracking system. Go ahead and get the best hunting dog tracking collar.

What are Telemetry Dog Tracking Systems?

Telemetry Dog Tracking Systems are GPS-based locators that provide accurate, real-time locations of hunting dogs and other pets. These systems can monitor a dog’s movements, alert owners if the animal strays too far from pre-set boundaries, or locate the pet if it goes missing.

Dog tracking devices come in many forms including cheap tracking collars for hunting dogs, dog locator collars, GPS tracking devices for dogs, GPS tracking tags for dogs and puppy hunting collars. These systems provide a secure way to keep track of your pet’s whereabouts at all times.

GPS Dog Tracking Systems are often used by hunters who need to know the exact location of their hunting dogs. By using GPS collars, owners can easily locate their hunting dog in an unfamiliar area, as well as ensure that their animal does not become lost during a hunt.

GPS collars for hunting dogs also allow owners to monitor and control the speed of their animals, ensuring that they do not become exhausted or overworked during long hunts.

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