Indestructible Dog Crate: Why It’s a Must-Have for All Dog Owners


If you’re on the market for a new dog crate, be sure to check out the indestructible dog crate. Not all crates are made equal, so make sure to invest in something that will last for a long time. This works for all kinds of pet products and accessories. You would want an unbreakable cat collar for your feline companion, right?

Pet parents know that their canine companion is a member of the family. And just like every other member of your family, your dog needs a place to call their own. That’s where an indestructible dog crate comes in.

Not only does it provide your dog with their own space, but it also gives peace of mind to pet parents knowing that they’re safe and secure when you can’t be there.

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What is an Indestructible Dog Crate and Why Do You Need One?

An indestructible dog crate is made of a very strong and durable material, such as metal or plastic. It’s designed to stand up against your pet’s chewing, scratching, and clawing, so that you can feel confident in their safety.

And if that wasn’t enough, many models are also waterproof and weather-resistant, perfect for keeping your pooch safe outdoors.

How Do Dogs Escape From Regular Wire Dog Crates?

Dogs can sometimes be very clever when it comes to escaping from a standard wire crate. Crating a dog can help with housebreaking and provide a secure area for them, but most dogs are natural escape artists.

Common ways that a determined dog escapes from a wire crate include digging their way out of the bottom or sides, pushing on the door latch until it opens, or finding weak points in the construction of the crate and using those to break free.

To keep your dog safely contained, it’s important to always use high-quality materials and make sure all parts of the crate are secured tightly so there’s no way for your pup to get out.

Additionally, if you suspect your pooch is an escape artist, consider purchasing a stronger type of crate such as an all-metal one – not a wire crate.

Finally, you can also try distracting your pup with a treat, toy or puzzle to keep them occupied and less inclined to attempt an escape!

If your pup is still managing to escape from their crate on a regular basis, it’s time to consult a professional dog trainer for some help. They will be able to provide you with tips and advice on how best to contain your pet in order to keep them safe at home.

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Features You Want in a Heavy Duty, Escape-proof-dog Crate

1. Heavy-duty Construction

Look for a heavy duty dog crate that can stand up to your pup’s extra strength and energy levels. The best heavy duty dog crates are made from heavy-gauge steel or aluminum, and should be reinforced with strong welds and joints.

Check the manufacturer’s weight recommendations if possible – some lightweight crates aren’t suitable for larger breeds or most dogs who like to jump around and chew on their crate.

2. Multiple Doors

With multiple entry points, you’ll have easier access when it’s time to put your pup inside his heavy duty dog crate, plus you’ll be able to easily reach him if he needs help during an emergency escape attempt. Choose a model that has both side and top doors so you can control your pup’s movements more easily.

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3. Escape-proof Double Locking System

Make sure the heavy duty dog crate has secure, locking mechanisms on the doors that won’t give even when your pup tries to push them open. It’s also a good idea to look for models with paired door latches or dual door latches or metal bars which can be used in addition to the main door latch for added security.

4. Air Flow and Ventilation

Keeping your dog comfortable while they’re inside their heavy duty dog crate is important, so make sure it has plenty of air flow and adequate ventilation holes throughout its body. This will help keep air circulating and prevent overheating during summer months.

5. Lockable Wheels

For pet owners with powerful pups, there’s no better buy than heavy duty dog crates with wheels that lock. The wheels provide easy portability and the locking wheels ensure your pooch doesn’t get too adventurous.

Designed with reinforced heavy duty welds, these are the strongest crates to withstand even the most rambunctious rexes. If you’ve got a pup whose energy knows no bounds, invest in a crate with locking wheels.

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6. Chew-proof Coating

If your dog is an avid chewer, look for models with durable coatings that can withstand their sharp teeth. These coatings are usually made from materials such as steel or aluminum and should last longer against normal wear-and-tear than plastic crates.

7. Comfort Options

If you want to make sure your pup has enough space to move around while they’re inside their heavy duty dog crate, look for models that come with adjustable dividers or extra padding. This will help keep them comfortable during long stays inside their heavy duty crate.

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The Benefits of Using a Heavy Duty Crate

The most obvious benefit of an indestructible dog crate is its durability. This means it will last much longer than a traditional fabric model, saving you the cost of having to replace it every few months.

But there are other benefits as well:

• Increased Safety

An indestructible dog crate will provide your pet with a safe and secure environment. Not only does this keep your pup from getting into trouble, but it also makes sure they don’t escape or wander off when you’re not looking.

• Easy Clean-Up

With an indestructible dog crate, you can rest assured that any messes will be easy to clean up. This is because the material used is non-porous, meaning no liquids or other substances can penetrate it.

• Reduced Stress

Heavy duty dog crates are designed with your pet’s psychological needs in mind. The enclosed space helps create a cozy den atmosphere which reduces stress and severe separation anxiety levels in your escape artists who may have difficulty adjusting to new environments.

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7 Best Heavy Duty Dog Crates: Escape Proof & Indestructible!

1. ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

ProSelect Empire Cages - Medium
  • Dimensions: 33.75" H x 37" W x 25.13" L | Bar Spacing: 2.25''. Inside dimensions-35¾ L x 23½ W x 24½ H inches
  • 20-Gauge Steel Cage – This ProSelect Empire dog cage is extremely strong with reinforced 0.5-inch diameter steel tubes and 20-gauge steel
  • Medium-Sized Cage – (26 - 40 lbs)

The heavy duty steel construction of the ProSelect Empire Dog Cage makes it virtually indestructible and completely dog proof. This heavy duty crate features a double door design with secure latches and easy access to your pet.

The crate also comes with a removable tray for easy cleaning and two slide-out trays that make feeding time easier.

2. EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate

EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate with Carrying Bag and Fleece Bed (2 Year Warranty), Indoor & Outdoor Pet Home (42" L x 28" W x 32" H, Beige)
  • This 42" soft crate measures 42" long x 28" wide x 32" high, which is 2" wider and 4" higher than most other brand 42" soft crates. The extra...
  • The crate frame is constructed from sturdy steel tubing, while the crate cover is made of high-quality, durable 600D fabric and hex mesh fabric....
  • The crate features three mesh doors located on the top, front, and side, providing convenient access, improved sunlight, and breathability. The...

This durable dog crate is made with water-resistant 600D fabric, making it both comfortable for your pet and dog proof. It has three doors, one on each side and one on top, plus mesh windows to provide plenty of ventilation as well as visibility inside.

3. OxGord Heavy Duty Dog Crate

This escape-proof dog crate is made from heavy duty steel frame with a secure double door locking system, so it’s difficult for your pet to get out on their own. It’s the perfect travel crate. The removable pan makes cleaning up after your dog simple and easy.

4. Petmate Sky Kennel

Petmate Sky Kennel, 28 Inch, IATA Compliant Dog Crate for Pets 15-30lbs, Made in USA
  • Meets Airline Standards: This travel dog crate conforms to IATA requirements for live animal transport, including door, side and back ventilation...
  • Includes Ready-to-Fly Essentials: It comes equipped with pet kennel essential items for airline travel, including 2 "LIVE ANIMAL" stickers, a...
  • Small Dog Crate for pets 15-30 Pounds: Ideal choice for pets such as Pomeranians, Cocker Spaniels or similar. Interior dimension: 24.25"L x...

This airline approved heavy duty kennel is perfect for traveling or home use. It ensures your dog’s comfort away from home. Even the toughest dogs will find it hard to escape from this dog’s crate.

5. Pet Gear Generation II Deluxe Soft Crate

Pet Gear Generation II Deluxe Portable Soft Crate for cats and dogs up to 50-pounds, Light Lavender
  • Three doors with a large side door for easy access
  • Strong internal steel tube frame with easy push button folding mechanism
  • Removable fleece pad and waterproof mat for easy cleaning

This escape proof crate is made from durable and lightweight mesh fabric, making it a great option for travel or for keeping inside the house. It has an adjustable handle and removable floor mat to keep your pup comfortable while on the go.

The entire unit folds flat with just one hand motion, creating quick and easy stowing away when not in use.

6. Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel

Petmate Ultra Vari Dog Kennel for Small to Medium Dogs (Durable, Heavy Duty Dog Travel Crate, Made with Recycled Materials, 28 in. Long) 25 to 30 lbs, Made in USA
  • DOG AIR TRAVEL KENNEL: This medium dog travel kennel features tie-down strap holes, wire vents for ventilation a raised interior to keep pets...
  • AIRLINE-ADAPTABLE: This dog crate meets most airline cargo specifications Made with heavy duty recycled plastic material and features an...
  • KENNELS HOUSES: Crate kennel training is vital for dog safety comfort We provide traditional travel carriers, wire training exercise kennels,...

This heavy duty kennel is designed to be both escape proof and chew proof, making it perfect for active pups that are prone to getting into things they shouldn’t!

It also comes with ventilation panels, top and side entry doors, as well as rounded corners that protect your pup from sharp edges. Plus, the removable tray makes clean up quick and easy.

No matter what size or breed of dog you have, there is a heavy duty crate that can keep them safe and secure!

With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find one that meets all your needs. Be sure to measure your pet first before selecting a heavy duty size dog crate to ensure they are comfortable while inside.

7. Smonter Crate

SMONTER 42" Heavy Duty Strong Metal Dog Cage Pet Kennel Crate Playpen with Wheels, I Shape, Brown …
  • Non-toxic:Our strong dog kennel is the metal frame of treated with a multi-layer hammer-tone coating that helps the crate stand up to rust,...
  • Rugged :Our heavy duty dog crates Made out of reinforced steel and having all parts welded which means our heavy duty dog cage can prevent even...
  • EASY TO CLEAN & MOVE:Our heavy duty dog crate is shipped partially assembled, just need to open it and fixed with screws, then fitted with four...

The Smonter Heavy Duty Dog Crate is a durable, secure and easy-to-assemble crate that provides a safe and comfortable home for your pet. This heavy duty dog crate features two double doors, allowing easy access to your pet and giving them the freedom to move around inside the cage.

The crate seams is reinforced with an industrial grade powder coating. It’s a great investment without the hefty price tag.

With its sturdy construction, this crate is completely escape proof.

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How to Properly Train Your Dog to Use a Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Once you have chosen the right heavy crate for your dog, it’s time to start training him or her to use it. It’s important to make sure that your pup is comfortable and safe in the heavy duty crate, so be patient as they learn how to adjust.

Here are some tips on how to properly train your dog to use a crate:

1. Introduce the Crate Gradually

Make sure that your pup has had an opportunity to explore their new home before introducing them to the crate. It’s best if you can show them around the area and let them familiarize themselves with all of their new surroundings first before introducing a strange object like a crate into their environment.

2. Create Positive Associations with the Crate

Start by making the crate a place of comfort and fun for your pup. Place blankets and toys inside, as well as tasty treats like peanut butter or cheese to create positive associations with being in the space.

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3. Give Your Dog Time to Adjust

Don’t rush your pup into using the crate right away. If they’re reluctant, give them time to adjust at their own pace. Let them explore the area, sniff around, and get comfortable with the environment before you encourage them to enter it.

4. Use Positive Reinforcement

Encourage your dog to enter the crate with positive reinforcement such as verbal praise or treats when they do something that achieves this goal. This will help create more positive associations with the crate, and will make them more likely to enter it.

5. Use Crate Training Sessions

Once your pup is comfortable entering the crate, begin training sessions by having them stay in it for short periods of time. Gradually increase the length of these sessions over time until they can remain in the crate without any fuss.

Crate training takes patience and consistency, but if done properly, it can help create a safe and secure environment for your pup.

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Is It Cruel to Keep a Dog in a Kennel?

No, it’s not cruel to keep a dog in a kennel if done properly. If used correctly, heavy duty dog crates can provide your pup with a safe and secure space where they feel comfortable and at ease when you are away from home.

As long as the crate is the correct size for your pet and is used in combination with positive reinforcement training, keeping your pup in a kennel can be an effective way to ensure pet safety.

How Long Can You Leave Your Dog in A Crate?

The amount of time that you can leave your dog in a crate will depend on their age and size. For puppies under six months old, experts recommend no more than two or three hours at a time; for adult dogs, four to five hours is generally considered safe.

If you need to leave your pet for longer than this, make sure that they have access to food and water, plenty of toys and blankets, and frequent potty breaks.

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When Should You Crate Train Small Dogs or Puppies?

It’s best to start crate training your pup as soon as possible so they can become used to their new space. The key is to start slowly and always use positive reinforcement when they enter the crate or stay in it for a period of time. With patience and consistency, your pup should be able to adjust quickly.

Is It Cruel to Crate a Dog Overnight?

While crating a dog overnight can provide them with a safe and comfortable space, it is important to consider the needs of your individual pup. Your escape artists need exercise, socialization, and mental stimulation in order to feel secure and happy.

If you decide to crate your pup overnight, make sure that they are getting plenty of outdoor playtime during the day to be able to get rid of excess energy. Also ensure that your pup has enough toys and chews for mental stimulation when in their crate.

Additionally, if you plan on having guests over or going out for extended periods of time during the day, it is best not to leave your pup in their crate for too long as this can become very stressful for them.

Ultimately, being mindful of your pup’s needs and ensuring that they have everything to keep them happy will help you determine if crating them overnight is the best decision for your pup.

Finally, remember that crate training should be done in small steps. Start by leaving your pup in their crate for shorter periods of time before gradually increasing it until they become comfortable enough to stay in their crate overnight.

It takes patience and consistency on your part, but with proper guidance and care you can help ensure that your pup feels safe and secure while in their crate.

As long as you carefully consider the needs of your individual dog and work with them to create a positive experience, crating them overnight can be a beneficial way to help keep your pup safe and comfortable.

But if your pup does not enjoy being crated, it is important to respect their wishes and find other safe and comfortable ways that they can spend time overnight.

With the right guidance and care, you can help ensure that your pup feels safe and secure while spending time in their crate or elsewhere.

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What Kind of Crate is Best for Large Dogs or Strong Dogs Like a Pitbull?

When it comes to buying a crate for large dogs, there are several important factors to consider. Definitely, you need solid walls, steel bars, secure locks, lockable wheels for powerful dogs. These features would also ensure your large dogs’ safety.

The first step is to measure the large dogs and make sure you select the right size.

If the crate is too small, it will be uncomfortable and possibly at risk of causing injury. The best way to measure is from the top of their head to the floor, with enough room for them to stand up and turn around comfortably.

When it comes to material, look for a sturdy metal frame or plastic option that will last through years of use.

Make sure any openings are secure enough that your pup can’t escape or get stuck. Additionally, opt for the strongest material possible to avoid any sharp edges or brittle construction that could cause injury.

Additionally, look for heavy duty crates with spill-proof floors as well as ventilation holes or windows to promote air circulation.

Escape proof dog crates come in a variety of styles and sizes. So consider which features will work best for your pup’s needs. Some durable crates are designed with removable panels while others provide built-in dividers.

Finally, you’ll want to look into additional accessories such as divider panels or cozy bed if needed.

With the right features, you can find a suitable crate that is both safe and comfortable for your pup.

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Why Does My Dog Keep Escaping His Crate?

If your puppy keeps getting out of his crate, it means that he doesn’t like where he is. Make sure the crate is the right size and made of the right material for your dog. A crate that doesn’t fit or isn’t right for your dog can cause stress and lead to escape attempts.

Additionally, check for any potential hazards such as sharp edges or latches. You should also look into accessories to make the crate more comfortable and inviting. soft bed can make your dog more likely to stay in the crate. You may even consider adding some treats or toys. With the right environment and training, your pup should stay inside their crate without issue.

Finally, make sure you are providing enough exercise and mental stimulation throughout the day. A tired pup is more likely to stay in his crate during alone time than one that’s full of energy.

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What is the Best Outdoor Dog Kennel?

An Alcatraz Crate is a heavy-duty, galvanized steel outdoor dog kennel that provides additional security and comfort for your pet. It features an extra-high wire mesh fence designed to keep even the most determined escape artist safely within its confines.

What is the Best Material for a Dog Crate?

When selecting a dog crate, the material is an important factor to consider.

The most common materials for escape-proof dog crates are metal and plastic, and each has its own benefits. Most metal dog crates, like those made of aluminum or steel, are more durable than those made of plastic.

Additionally, metal cages tend to be easier to clean and maintain over time. However, some metals may not withstand wear-and-tear over long periods of use due to rusting or breakage.

On the other hand, plastic crates tend to be lighter in weight and less expensive than their metal counterparts. They also provide better insulation from extreme temperatures that could cause discomfort for your pup. However, plastic dog crates may not withstand rough handling or escape attempts as well as metal options.

Ultimately, the best material for a dog crate will depend on your pup’s individual needs and preferences. When choosing crate for your furry friend, you should think about what features are most important to you.

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Don’t waste your money on a flimsy dog crate that your pup will just destroy. Do your research and invest in an indestructible dog crate – it’ll be the best decision you make all year. And while you’re shopping for the toughest dog crates, why not pick up a new collar for your furry friend?

We’ve got a great selection of stylish and durable collars that are sure to please. So what are you waiting for? head over to our store today! If you would also like more information on dog tips and high quality products, check out our blog posts – HERE!

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