Are Knot A Collars Safe? The Risks Overview

knot a collars

The Knot A Collars from Ruffwear offer a rugged and durable restraint system for active dogs. However, many owners ask: are Knot A Collars safe?

With an adjustable, climbing-inspired design, Knot A Collar is a good choice for an active lifestyle. However, it may not be the safest choice for all dog owners. Here, we’re going to go over the risks of Knot A Collar, also how to use one safely.

About Knot A Collars

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The Knot A Collars offer an alternative to the everyday flat collars found in most pet stores. Inspired by mountain climbers, it uses the same durable nylon rope designed to hold a human’s weight. The material holds up against regular wear and tear, even for larger dogs. 

With a low 7mm profile, this collar offers a clean-cut look that doesn’t snag hair in most dogs. The design works with both short and long fur and helps to reduce matting sometimes associated with flat collars. Multiple size options are available, including collars to fit both medium and large-sized breeds.

The Knot A Collar comes in several different vibrant, therefore noticeable colors. Not only can you choose the color that best suits your pup’s personality, but you can also be confident that the collar will be easy to recognize in an emergency. 

Each design also features bright, reflective trim to ensure that joggers, motorists, and more can recognize both you and your dog in low light conditions. The material is easy to hand wash, and also air dry as needed.

The collar includes two attachment points. First, a Quick Ring Separate ID attachment point gives owners a secure spot to add or remove tags for identification. Also, a built-in silicone tag silencer ensures that your pup doesn’t make too much noise around the house, which can be particularly important for noise-sensitive dogs.

A bent head split ensures that you never accidentally attach the least to the tag point, as this could make it easier for your dog to escape. Instead, there’s an anodized aluminum V-ring specially designed to withstand the force of a leash. The Knot A Collar has no plastic components to reduce the risk of collar failure and to improve comfort. 

Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of the Knot A Collar is its adjustability. A sliding fisherman’s knot allows you to customize the size of your dog’s collar without the need for belts or buckles. You can set it to the ideal size to minimize chafing and choking. 

You can find a matching Knot A Lead to go with your collar for a full restraint system. The lead contains the same lightweight yet durable material as the collar, complete with reflective safety trim. You can find leashes in two different sizes depending on how much space you want to give your pup to roam.

Knot A Collar Risks

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As with any collar, the safety of Knot A Collar is a top concern for most dog owners. Before putting one on your dog, it’s a good idea to ask: are Knot A Collars safe?

The Knot A Collar can cause serious injuries and may pose a choking hazard in certain situations. It uses a durable rope material that doesn’t offer much give. If your dog is prone to pulling against its leash, this collar could potentially cause harm around the neck and spinal area.

When dogs pull against their collar, it places force on their trachea and cuts off blood flow to the head and brain. This stress can lead to a myriad of health issues, from organ damage to paralysis. Smaller dog breeds are also prone to tracheal collapse when pulling.

Straining against a collar can also damage the thyroid, eventually leading to hyperthyroidism. Dogs that pull particularly hard may even cause damage to nerves in the legs and paws.

As a flat collar, the Knot A Collar places all pressure against your dog’s neck when it strains. What’s more, unlike many other flat collar options, the Knot A Collar doesn’t have a safety release in case your dog gets caught. If they struggle, it may end up causing severe damage, as the collar won’t fall away. If your pup ends up accidentally tightening the fisherman’s knot, it could cut off airflow entirely.

On the flip side, the Knot A Collar also poses a risk of loosening. A loose collar means that a dog can escape, potentially running into traffic, attacking another dog, or even going after a stranger. It’s vital that dog owners keep their pups securely restrained when out in public, both for their safety and the safety of others.

While the Knot A Collar doesn’t have any uncomfortable plastic additions, two metal attachments at the front and back may cause chafing in some dogs. This rubbing can lead to hair loss, injury, and eventually infection if left untreated.

The collar itself may also cause discomfort in sensitive dogs. It lays flat across the fur, so excessive movement can cause hair loss and irritation around the neck, especially where the material knots.

Safely Using the Knot A Collars

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There are some risks to consider with the Knot A Collar. However, proper use can minimize the chances of accidents or injuries. 

You must use the sliding fisherman’s knot to fit the collar to your dog’s neck correctly. The metal tag attachment should go in the front, while the V-ring leash attachment should sit on the back of your dog’s neck. 

First, slide both of the two fisherman’s knots forward so that the collar has enough space to fit over your dog’s head. Once it’s in the correct orientation, reduce slack by sliding the knots back. You should tighten it enough that your dog can’t break loose, but not so tight that it cuts off blood flow.

Generally, you should be able to fit a couple fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck. Additionally, keep a careful eye on your dog and watch for any signs of irritation or discomfort. 

You may have the collar too tight if you notice any chafing around the nylon or metal attachments. Similarly, a loose collar can move around too much, also leading to irritation. 

The Knot A Collar may pose risk to dogs who pull on their leads, from tracheal collapse to nerve damage. As a result, it’s best reserved for well-trained dogs or as an identification collar around the house.

If your dog is prone to straining, it may be a good idea to start them out on a harness before introducing the Knot A Collar. A harness is the safest and easiest way to train a dog when out walking. Once you can trust that your dog won’t pull, you can try making the switch to a Knot A Collar.

Knot A Collars – Conclusion

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So, if you’re thinking about getting a Knot A Collar for your dog, you’re probably wondering: are Knot A Collars safe?

The Knot A Collar can pose a health risk to dogs, especially when it’s not fitted properly. With careful adjustments, and some training, Knot A Collars make a good choice for dogs of all sizes.

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