Leather Dog Leash – Pros and Cons Overview


While all types of leashes are great, some may work exceptionally well for you and your dog. A good number of leashes are made from either leather or fabric, each having its pros and cons. However, there has been a drastic increase in the popularity of leather dog leashes since this material has a bit of natural flex and has minimal chances of dropping. So, is a leather dog leash best for your dog?

It is a statutory law to keep your dog on a leash while in public in most cases. Although a leash is rarely noticed, this wonderful piece is an essential item in the world of dog products. It is used to keep your dog safe, help during training, and prevent your dog from engaging in undesirable behaviors. 

However, one of the most significant decisions you can make as a dog owner is deciding the type of dog leash to get for your pup. This is because your leash of choice may intensify some problems or create miscommunication, especially during training or while having walks or exercises

Although all leashes have fundamental functions, different breeds may require specific leashes to regulate their behaviors while out in public. Leashes are available in a wide range of lengths, widths, materials, colors, and styles. However, it is imperative to purchase a superior quality dog leash that guarantees durability and has an enduring aesthetic appeal. 

The Pros of a Leather Dog Leash

Below are some of the advantages of a leather dog leash:

1. Long-Lasting

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There is nothing as frustrating as going for a hike or exercise with your dog only to get back home with a ragged, frayed, holey leash. However, this is not the case with leather leashes. When it comes to other materials, leather leashes’ durability is unmatched. Leather leashes are tremendously strong compared to their nylon counterparts and do not suffer abrasions or scrapes. 

They are impervious, do not rot, are not affected by chewing or mold, and can handle dirt better than leashes made from other materials. If you have large-breed dogs, leather is the perfect leash material for you. This is because it is a bit studier and robust, convenient for dogs of this stronger stature. Most leather leashes last the same years as the dog that wears them, giving you value for your money. This means they can last for approximately 15 years without compromising their structural integrity. 

2. Comfortable

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Leather leashes are more comfortable to grasp, as they do not agitate the skin. Since they are made of natural materials, they do not cause irritations to your puppy’s neck. Most of them can accommodate adjustable straps, which allows them to fit perfectly on your dog’s neck without hurting it. They feel great in hand, thus making them the best, especially when going for long walks or exercises with your pup. They are relatively soft, which means they can soften and take a different shape with time to put up with the hands of the handler that uses them. 

3. Great Grip and Control

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Leather leashes have an incredible grip. Dog owners using leather leashes won’t need to feel upset about the harness failing and the pup running away if the dog pulls or lunges. This is because leather leashes have exceptional grip stability and minimal chances of slipping through your hands. 

Compared to its nylon counterpart, a leather leash remains unaffected by water and does not become slippery whenever it gets wet. This makes it the ultimate leash material for dog training since it offers control for obedience training. It is also very helpful, especially during winter and the summer. 

4. More Classic Look

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Many dog owners like stylish leashes for their pets. Leather leashes look extremely sleek. Whether there is a glossy shine that exhibits shine from a far distance or is just the brown appearance that comes to your mind whenever you think of leather, the beauty is undeniable. 

Fortunately, you can customize your leather leashes since it can engrave a clear image, whether the leash features a word polka dot design, among others. This is not the case with nylon or even a chain. 

Leather leashes are also available in chic and vibrant colors, including pink, orange, brown, among other fun colors

With a leather leash, you can incorporate a leather flower or any other chic design to the handle of your leash since leather is moldable. Therefore, your pup will doubtlessly stand out from the crowd with a leather leash. 

Leather Dog Leash – Cons

Below are some of the drawbacks of leather lashes:

1. A Leather Dog Leash is Expensive

Since leather leashes are made of natural materials, they are costlier than those designed for artificial materials. Leather products are expensive because superior leather products typically apply vegetable tanning that uses zero chemicals and instead uses natural methods of adding colors, such as tree bark and tannin. This may take an extended period compared to other tanning approaches, thus becoming costlier. Therefore, if you are ready to spend up, this is the perfect material for you. 

2. If Not Well Maintained and Oiled, they Can Get Dry and Crack

If you have a leather leash, you must ensure it gets regular oiling and cleaning to maintain its condition. This is because some leather dog leash models are stitched together at particular points along the length, and these joints can become less tight or detach after some time, thus requiring repair. Also, as time progresses, leather can overstretch, enlarging the leash slightly. 

3. A Leather Dog Leash is More Work to Maintain

If you are not ready to put in additional maintenance work, then a leather leash is not an ideal item for you. To ensure it remains in its original shape without cracking and drying, you must ensure it gets adequate maintenance. 

For better maintenance, always ensure the leather leash is cleaned and conditioned as required to remain as good as new. However, it is not easy to clean a leather leash, and if left uncleaned, it can get pretty smelly. Therefore, if you have a leather leash, always ensure you have non-toxic leather cleaners and a leather cream to condition it in order to conceal scratches and other marks. 

4. They are Heavy

Going on hikes, walks, exercises, or other outdoor activities can be distressing with a dog whose leash is not packable. Since leather leashes are heavy, they can be unsuitable for outdoor activities. 

Leather leashes are also not suitable during training. This is because if the leash is too heavy, the dog can get confused and may end up thinking you are pulling on the leash, which might not be the case. 

5. Not Sustainable


A leather dog leash can cause detrimental effects on the environment. Since leather is manufactured from animal hide, an animal must be killed for the leather.

Leather Dog Leash – The Best Leash to Buy

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Although all leashes are good and can serve their key purpose, it is imperative to consider where and how you will be using them. For instance, are you using it every day? Is it for training while indoors or outdoors? I would suggest you buy a leather dog leash as this will save you frequent shopping trips due to your leash getting frayed, losing clips, or bursting seams since it is durable, strong among other benefits.

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