Leather Hunting Dog Collar – Pros and Cons

leather hunting dog collar

A leather hunting dog collar is stylish and sturdy – but are they the best option for hunting conditions? Let’s take a detailed look.   

Usually, leather collars constructed of cowhide can be either flat or rolled. Leather collars typically have a buckle fastener, but not always. What’s great about a leather collar is the various colors available and the ability to add engraving to the collar itself. 

On the other hand, if not correctly cleaned, leather collars can hold onto the unpleasant smells of the hunt. Additionally, most leather collars do not have a communication function like vibrating or noise cues. 

Hunting dogs are working dogs and need special equipment to be successful. Finding a balance between collar function, toughness, and style is difficult; here, we aim to outline the benefits and pitfalls of purchasing a leather collar for your hunting dog. 

What Kind of Leather Hunting Dog Collar Should You Consider? 

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Several preliminary questions will help you find the best collar for your hunting dog. Consider these questions before diving into the pros and cons of a leather hunting dog collar:

How do you plan to train your hunting dog? 

Understanding how you will train your dog to hunt is a determining factor in selecting a leather dog collar. If you plan to use vocal calls or hand signals, then a leather collar might be a good option, but if you plan to rely on collar vibrations, you might consider other collars.

Many new collars made for dog training and hunting include GPS technology and other add-ons like video or two-way communication. 

What type of hunting will you practice? 

While leather collars are very durable, the collar will need particular leather care to prevent it from smelling, especially if subjected to moisture. Therefore, if you know that you plan to hunt ducks and would like your hunting dog to swim regularly, consider the amount of time required to ensure your dog’s equipment is well-kept. 

Why Leather? Pros of a Leather Hunting Dog Collar

Leather is a natural material and is gentle on your dog’s skin

Some dogs are susceptible to skin sensitivity, and collars can exacerbate that problem because collars are in constant contact with your dog’s skin. If a collar is made of synthetic materials, it can cause irritation or hot spots. Leather is a natural, hypoallergenic material that can help provide an irritation-free experience for your hunting dog. 

Furthermore, leather dog collars are eco-friendly because they are made with organic materials and are often more comfortable for most hunting dogs, particularly if your dog suffers from sensitive skin.

Importantly, when you are purchasing a leather collar, look for genuine leather. The alternative, bonded leather, is a mixture of scrap leathers joined with a bonding agent. 

Leather collars can be a variety of colors with additional reflective components if needed

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Some owners prefer to choose colors that can lower risk to prevent hunting accidents – like hunter’s orange. Alternatively, reflective collars can also make seeing your hunting dog in the woods easier.

On the other hand, some hunters need their animals to remain as camouflaged as possible because part of the dog’s work is very close to your target – specifically when duck hunting. Alongside color and reflective options, owners can add personal information to the color if a dog gets lost on the hunt. 

Leather collars have long-term durability.

Equipment used for hunting dogs must be durable because these working dogs will romp through forests, bogs, and other unpredictable terrains. If properly cared for, Leather collars can withstand the moisture and the muck that happens during the hunt. Furthermore, a leather collar is less likely to break or rip when your dog is running. 

When Should I Consider a Different Option? Cons of a Leather Hunting Dog Collar 

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Leather dog collars are usually more expensive than alternatives

While the most expensive dog collar in the world is a $3.2 million diamond-studded collar, leather collars are typically more costly than other options, like nylon. The cost of your hunting dog’s leather collar is an indicator of the quality of the material. 

In our current market, faux leather is branded as an equal, less expensive option. While often fashionable, faux leather collars are not as durable. 

Leather collars are harder to clean and maintain and may smell

While listed as a con to owning a leather collar, every material will emit an odor if not properly cleaned. Nylon, leather, and metal collars can all stink if not cleaned.

It is acceptable to soak leather collars in water. However, to limit damage to the collar, some owners choose to clean with other substances like baking soda or vinegar. Regardless of your desired cleaning method, always avoid subjecting your collar to direct heat.  

Some leather collars can be very heavy

When a hunting dog is trampling through the forest, you do not want a heavy or constricting collar on your dog. When you purchase a leather collar, account for the thickness and width of the collar compared to your dog’s size.

A custom leather collar can be smaller or tailored to your hunting dog to ensure maximum comfortability and offset the leather collar’s weight. 

Leather collars lack communication opportunities during the hunt

A hunting dog and its owner are a team, and for the pair to be successful, the two have to communicate constantly. Most collars on the market that offer vibrating or noise options are not leather. 

Historically, leather collars for hunting dogs were very common. Now, with technological advancements, and the addition of GPS tracking systems, many hunters opt for other collars that include communications and location services.

When you go hunting, hiking, or walking with your dog and lose it, the GPS tracker in the collar sends location information to your laptop or smartphone. 

Modern GPS dog collars can also include: 

  • Increased communications by allowing you to give hunting dog commands;
  • Added recovery options with an emergency button that allows a lost dog to be found quickly; 
  • Incorporated remote control which sends vibration signals that your dog interprets as commands;
  • Built-in visual options with a functional camera. 

The Leather Hunting Dog Collar

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Of all of the items you’ll buy for your hunting dog, the collar is essential. Leather hunting dog collars provide style, durability, and comfort, but if you plan to hunt in water or hunt in difficult to navigate terrain, a leather collar – no matter how strong it is – might not be the best fit. 

Traditionally, hunting dogs wore leather collars, and most included a brass nameplate for identification if your dog is lost. The leather hunting collar remains as durable and can help your dog feel comfortable. 

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