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light for dogs collar

In this guide, we have compiled various light for dogs collar choices and their applications to your dog’s life. Taking safety measures protects your pup and encourages other dog owners to take similar precautions.

If you have found yourself searching for your dog in the dark, you may have considered getting a light for your dog’s collar. Lights help you identify your dog in any lighting condition to keep them safe while they have fun. Furthermore, lights signal to others that you have a dog with you, so they may exercise caution to protect your pet.

However, there are countless options for lighting collars. If you want a light for dogs, you will need to research the different types to see which one your furry friend will like best.

Light For Dogs Collar – Benefits

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While most people take their dogs on daytime walks, some prefer the night. 

For instance, antisocial dogs may require evening walks to avoid running into other dogs. Other times, the walker finds it more relaxing to stroll on more empty sidewalks. Maybe you live in an apartment or are on vacation and need to take your dog out for a potty break in the dark. 

Whatever your reasons, an LED collar can help you locate your dog in any situation. If you let your dog run off their leash, you can keep them in your range of sight with a lighted collar. Also, the lights can help you identify potential dangers your dog may encounter.

If you have trouble seeing at night, a light for your dog’s collar can illuminate the sidewalk to guide you in the correct direction. You and your pet can avoid road hazards by signaling drivers that there is a person and dog on the street. Lastly, you can readily pick up your dog’s poop.

Types of Light for Dogs Collars


There are four common types of lights: waterproof, flashing, rechargeable, and glowing. Each has its applications, but you can find products that combine all of these functions.

Waterproof Dog Collar Light

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  • LONG-LIFE BETTERY&USB RECHARGEABLE:This light is equipped with 70 mA capacity battery, has a run time of up to 6 hours and fully recharges in 0.5...
  • WEATHER RESISTANT&WATERPROOF: It has a durable stainless steel carabiner and strong case, that make it waterproof and dust resistant, perform...

If you have an active dog, you might want a waterproof dog collar light. These LED lights can withstand rain, snow, splashes, and even dives into the water. 

Pet parents who frequent the beach, pool, or hiking trails would benefit from this option. If you live in an area with high precipitation, it also helps locate your dog in harsh weather.

You can pair the light with a waterproof leash and collar to compound the effects.

Flashing Dog Collar Light

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  • FULLY USB RECHARGEABLE: The battery is USB rechargeable. For the 0.5-hour charge, it gives 3 hours of illumination.
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If you regularly walk your dog in the dark, you may desire a flashing dog collar light. These provide greater visibility as the lights stand out in the dark.

People who walk near busy streets will benefit from this one because it signals drivers of someone being close. They can slow their vehicle and drive cautiously around you to protect you and your pup.

Many models have options for the flashing frequency. You can choose between a fast or slow flash, a solid light, or turn it off.

Rechargeable Light for Dogs Collar

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  • 【USB Rechargeable & Lightweight】When fully charged, the battery life of this led dog collar light can last up to 20 hours. It can last for...
  • 【IP65 Waterproofing & Shatter-Proof】Under the protection of the IP65 Waterproofing, no matter rain, snow or sand dust, the dog light can not...

Most owners prefer a rechargeable light. These save money on replacing batteries and units, and you generally charge them with a USB cable. Assuming the model is durable, you can extend the longevity of the product.

If you stay in an urban area with plenty of access to USB ports and chargers, you can reasonably choose this option. However, you may want a battery-operated one for extended hiking trips or vacations where you will have minimal access to chargers.

You could always purchase both collar lights: a rechargeable one for home and a battery-operated one as a backup.

Glowing Dog Collars

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A glowing light acts as a steady lighting source. It does not flash, so you get consistent visibility. Some models may let you choose different brightnesses, but many have one setting.

Since the light remains constant, you can readily spot your dog in the park, your backyard, your dark house, and the streets. People riding cars, bikes, or motorcycles will see your dog in the dark, so they are more likely to steer clear.

However, a glowing light does not offer the same visibility as a flashing one. The steady source may blend into the background, while a fluctuating one is more likely to stand out.

If you can, try to get a model that can flash and hold a steady glow. When combined with a reflective collar and leash, your dog is sure to stand out in the dark.

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How to Choose the Best Light for Dogs Collar

The ideal dog collar light depends on your use for it. Consider the ways, places, times, and frequency you use it to make an informed decision.



The brighter the dog collar light, the more distance you can have between you and your dog while retaining visibility.

Some collars come with lights pre-installed in the band. These options lack the brightness of externally attached ones.

If you do not let your dog off the leash, you can get away with a dimmer bulb. However, dim lights are not ideal for dog parks, forests, or busy streets. They work well for late-night bathroom trips, but that is about it.

A brighter bulb gives you more freedom, and it offers versatility. Keep in mind that these lights may need more frequent charges or battery replacements. Nevertheless, they help in more situations than a dim bulb.


You can choose between rechargeable or replaceable batteries for your light. The rechargeable ones have a higher initial cost, but you will not need to pay for replacement batteries. They come in handy if you live somewhere with lots of access to USB chargers.

Replaceable batteries are cheaper and work well for trips to remote regions where you will not have electric access. Despite this, a rechargeable one is preferable in most situations.

You may want to get one of each if you travel often. You can use the rechargeable one daily and save the battery-powered one as a backup.

Water Resistance


Even if you live in a desert, your dog will probably find a way to get wet. Curious pups may explore puddles, rivers, ponds, or even your toilet water. A waterproof light can withstand these conditions, adding years to its lifespan.

Furthermore, it could start raining or snowing on your walk. No matter your area’s precipitation rate, you could encounter a light-damaging storm on your walk. Investing in a waterproof light can save you the hassle and cost of buying a new one every time your dog gets wet.

Durability and Cost


These factors often correlate with each other. You usually get what you pay for, so opting for a low-cost option may result in a less durable light. Ensure you read reviews on the model you prefer to see how long it lasts.

Look for one with a well-sealed battery and bulb to prevent water damage and wearing down. You may need to choose a costlier light, but it could save money in the long run as it will not need replacement.

However, expensive does not always mean quality. Please read reviews from real customers to determine the efficacy of the light.

Light for Dogs Collar – Conclusion


A light for your dog’s collar can help you keep your dog safe while on a walk. It boosts visibility and signals to others that a dog is nearby. You can choose a waterproof, flashing, rechargeable, and glowing light for your furry friend.

Ensure the light matches your dog’s needs, and try to buy the highest quality one within your budget. By performing plenty of research, you can find the best light for you.

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