Orange Hunting Dog Collar – 5 Reasons You Need to Have One

orange hunting dog collar

Even if you don’t plan on taking your dog out hunting, there are some significant reasons to consider getting your dog an orange hunting dog collar or puppy hunting collars. If you’re hunting dog harness, check out these benefits of an orange hunting dog collar and see if you want one. 

When you first bring your dog home, one of the most exciting parts is helping them pick out a new collar – perhaps a dog hunting ecollar or a regular one. Your dog’s collar is a representation of both their personality and yours.

It shows off your relationship with your dog and also gives you a place to attach all things that keep them safe if they ever sneak away for an adventure, such as their license, ID, and rabies vaccination pendant. 

There are tons of things to consider when choosing a collar for your dog. Walking down the aisle at the pet store, you’ll see hundreds of options which can quickly get overwhelming. So, how are you supposed to choose between them?

One type of collar many dog owners pass by is the hunter orange dog harness, which you can pair with hunting dog collars personalized for your pup. Whether the garish color turns them away or they don’t plan on hunting with their dog, many owners walk by this valuable option when they’re doing dog harness hunting. 

Hunter Orange Dog Collar – Strong and Durable

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No matter how big or small your dog is, you don’t want to have to buy them an orange e collar every few months. You want it to last. Most orange hunting dog collars are made of leather or poly-coated nylon, which means they get top marks for durability and strength. Since they can withstand the rigors of a hunt, they can hold up to even the most unruly indoor dog. 

You also want to know that your dog’s collar won’t break off if they get out of the yard. An estimated 10 million pets go missing every year. If your dog is one of them, you will want to know that they have a robust collar that won’t snap off so that they can be identified and returned to you. 

The strength and durability of an orange hunting dog collar extend to its coloring. Since it resists fading, dogs wearing it are easily identifiable, whether it’s their first hunt or last. So while you may not be out in the wilderness looking for your targets, you and your dog may enjoy off-leash hiking or playtime outside, and with a bright orange collar, you won’t have to worry so much about losing your furry friend. 

Safe and Comfortable

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When you’re hunting, you’re out in the elements. Unfortunately, that means you might get caught in the rain or snow sometimes. As a regular collar gets wet, it can start to stretch out or wear down, leading to a greater chance of your dog slipping its collar and getting lost. Luckily, an orange hunting dog collar is moisture-resistant. This allows you to enjoy the outdoors without the risk of losing your dog

If you love swimming with your dog, you’re probably used to drying off your dog after they splash around with a towel. The problem with traditional collars is that they retain the moisture and rub against your dog’s fur and skin. This can lead to some strong mats that could become so severe that they cut off circulation to your dog’s coat. This potentially leads to health problems that could have easily been avoided. 

With an orange hunting collar, you can enjoy the water without risking your dog developing a rash from the water-logged collar rubbing their skin or the mats that traditional collars can cause when they get wet. 

An orange hunting dog collar is also essential to maintaining a safe experience for your dog while hunting because they are soft and comfortable. If a collar doesn’t fit right or is made out of the wrong material, it can lead to irritation and discomfort. So, this is another instance when you can prevent skin problems due to collars – whether it’s a slight redness or something as severe as ulcers, you want a soft, breathable, comfortable collar for your dog.

Odor Resistant

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Every dog owner knows the smell of a dirty dog. Just like us, our dogs need a bath now and then to maintain their health. But when you wash your dog, do you also wash their collar? If you don’t, you could be putting a dirty, smelly collar back on your freshly cleaned dog

An orange hunting dog collar helps this problem. It is odor resistant. Whether it gets wet or wrapped up in your dog’s dirty hair, it will resist retaining the smell. So, cuddling your best friend is enjoyable rather than one that makes you feel like you need a shower. 


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When calling your dog, you know the familiar jingle of their tags as they come barreling toward you. Like a bell, it alerts you that your dog is near. But in the middle of the night, that jingling can be annoying. 

Many orange hunting dog collars utilize flat identification tags that lay directly on the collar versus dangling from it. Not only does this eliminate the incessant jingling, but it is safer as well.

When a dog is out hunting, they may have to push through low brush and foliage to find the kill. As they do that, a dangling tag would quickly become caught in a bush. This could either choke the dog, rip off the dog collar, or get your dog stuck. With a flat identification tag, the chances of these happening are eliminated or significantly reduced. 

For the indoor dog who isn’t going hunting, this can still be beneficial. But, unfortunately, around 26,000 dogs a year fall victim to collar strangulation, resulting in long-term injuries and even death. You can avoid that tragic experience by using an orange hunting dog collar with a flat identification tag. 

Easy Leash Attachment

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To safely take your dog on adventures, you need to hook them to a leash. With their leash, you safely guide them through the world, keeping them close while still having the freedom to explore their surroundings. However, getting that leash attached can be challenging for many owners, especially those with particularly rambunctious dogs. 

Orange hunting dog collars often have easy leash attachments since they are designed to be used outdoors. With an easier leash attachment, you can get your dog ready to go for their daily walk or to go to the vet with ease. Rather than having to chase them down and struggle to find the right place to attach it. 

Getting Your Hunting Dog Collar

As you probably know, there are many companies selling all kinds of collars. You can choose a specific brand, and perhaps, you can visit their store to create your customer account. You can check out if they offer sale discounts that you can take advantage of so you can purchase the collars at a much reasonable price.

Orange Hunting Dog Collar – Wrap Up

As you’re probably aware by now, choosing a collar for your dog is no easy feat. Researching and choosing between many all-too-similar options can be frustrating. But, orange puppy hunting collars are one you probably hadn’t considered but should definitely try out!

You just can’t go wrong with this kind of collar. Even if you don’t hunt, you and your dog will enjoy its practicality and enduringness.

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