Outdoor Dog Games to Help With Impulse Control for Dogs

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What are outdoor dog games?

Paying attention to our dog is a basic rule that we must enforce when playing games with our dogs in our own backyard. Itโ€™s easy to get the cutest young puppies but training them to be obedient is another story.

Sometimes, keeping your dogs entertained means giving them their favorite toy, a dedicated digging box, their own flirt pole, or just letting your dog win when you play with your dog in a fun way.

One of the most important things to take note of when training your canine companion, is to help them learn how to control their impulsive reactions by giving them games to play. This can be done through making your own agility course or with fun games like your dog’s favorite toys.

Different Ways to Play with your Dog Through his Favorite Game

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There are several ways to train them, you can start with the basics and incorporate it in your dog’s daily life.

This includes learning how to be patient with his food. This also means learning how to listen to you or understanding when it’s time to go out for a nice afternoon walk.

Training your dog can also be super fun by playing their favorite games or playing with your dog’s favorite ball. it can be an indoor game or a fun game of playing hide.

Since your dog has natural sniffing abilities, play hide is a great technique for mental stimulation.

You can also play games with your dog’s favorite toy/dog toys or something that requires you to keep your dog entertained for long periods while you are out of the house.

This includes games to play like leaving them with chew toys that your dog’s teeth touch, hide and seek, play fetch, laundry basket, round robin, or any obstacle course with a rope attached.

Creating Games to Play with an Agility Course

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An agility course is something many dogs love. You can purchase some agility equipment like a flirt pole at your local hardware store that can be used to train them during play sessions.

You can be creative and play with your dog somewhere else other than your backyard. It can be at a lake where you can create your own splashing fun time. This can also be done while you go for a walk at your local beach or simply in a kiddie pool.

We bet both you and your dog will have a great time with everyday objects like an empty laundry basket, litter box, flirt pole or rolled up blankets.

If you are looking for games to play like dog stay or hide and seek with your dog, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will talk about outdoor fun games you can play with your dog so that your dog releases some energy.

But before that we need to understand how we can train our dogs to be in control of their behavior.

What Exactly Is Impulse Control?

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If you are a dog owner, you must have heard people around you sharing different opinions on how to train your dog to become obedient.

Furthermore, that means that there will always be bad behavior that needs to be corrected. Just like children, there’s no way they would know that their behavior is bad unless an adult educates them.

Impulse control is when a dog can control themselves to not do something that they are tempted to do.

This can be something as simple as not jumping on a visitor when they come in, or waiting patiently for their food bowl to be placed on the floor instead of grabbing at it.

For a lot of dogs, impulse control doesn’t come naturally – it takes time, patience and training to teach them to control their impulses.

But once they learn it, it can make a world of difference in their behavior – and in your relationship with them!

Like kids, dogs arenโ€™t born patient and obedient straight off the bat. These new habits and behaviors need to be learned first before getting better at it.

Outdoor Dog Games: Signs Your Dog Needs Their own Agility Course for Impulse Control Training

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Okay, so how would you know if your dog needs impulse training?

As a dog owner, you will notice right away if you need to work on your dogโ€™s behavior. It can be seen instantly in their uncontrolled movement.

High energy dogs start to become crazy dogs if they have no control over their impulses. However, here are some ways that you can find out if your dog needs impulse training:

When Your Dog Rushes

Getting ready to step out of the car is also a problem. If you notice that your dog starts scratching at the door and becomes impossible to control, he may need impulse training.

Additionally, if your dog is too excited and his reactions becomes uncontrollable until you open the door for him then you may need to consider training him properly.

When your Dog Runs to the Door too Fast to Greet People

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Your dog may need impulse training if someone is at the front door and your dog runs uncontrollably.

Some may even bark as loud as they could. If their movement is uncontrollable and trying to be playful most of the time, then you may need to release some of the pent up energy.ย This can be done by going for a nice and smooth morning walk.

When your Dog Becomes too Enthusiastic Around Strangers

Greetings can be tiring if your dog has no impulse control. Every single person or animal your dog meets, your dog greets with uncontrollable behavior.

Sometimes, it can even lead to grabbing any kind of food off your hand even if it’s not for him, or eating scraps on the floor.ย If your dog does any of these, you may need to teach him impulse control.

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Fun Games: How To Understand High Energy Dogs?

Now that you understand the signs and you know how to determine if your dog indeed needs training. Itโ€™s time to understand their behavior and take action. Understanding and knowing how to be in control is really important.

Itโ€™s exciting to have fun games with your dog and play with them while they learn how to calm themselves down. But before we mention those, let’s start with the basics so it wonโ€™t be difficult to get your dog’s attention

It is important that your dog knows how to wait, do polite greetings, and know the meaning of the word NO. That said, teaching your dog as well to know the meaning of the word “good dog” and that heโ€™s doing a good job is equally as valuable.

Here are some ways to understand your dog better:
  • -Identifying how to tell what your dog is trying to tell you is the first step to understanding your pet.
  • Always be patient, and reward him with positive reinforcement if he follows along to your commands.
  • -Rewarding them with their favorite treat is also important. This gives them the signal that they are doing a great job and expect to get treats every time they listen.
  • -Having unlimited patience is something a dog trainer or any pet owner should have. If your dog makes a mistake, make sure to stay patient at all times.
  • -Make sure that you focus on one behavior at a time so your dog wonโ€™t feel overwhelmed and stay focused on the lesson you are trying to teach.
  • -Consistency is how your dog will successfully comply with the new habit heโ€™s trying to learn.
  • -It is important that your dog is not stressed out. Too much training can turn them from being healthy to too exhausted when you start training them while they are stressed.ย Always create a safe and calm environment for your pet to learn.
  • -Make sure your dog pays attention before you start your command.

A Fun Backyard Game: Outdoor Games To Play With Your Dogs

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Great games can involve toys that make it more interesting to engage in during play time. Thereโ€™s a wide variety of toys you can get for your dog. Anything you have in your garage can work too.

If your kid has an old hula hoop, you can use it to create a mini obstacle course for your dog. It could also be an everyday object that your dog has already used before.

This can include toys like a digging box, tug toy, kong toys, frisbee dog toy or any floating toy for your water games. The same goes for any fun backyard game. Your dog needs to find a way to get rid of his excess energy and one way to do it is through outdoor games.

Thereโ€™s so much benefit you can get from including this as part of your weekend activity. Other than it helps to let his excess energy out, it can also be a great physical exercise, and helps mental stimulation for healthy brain development while having fun at the same time.

Splashing Fun Time Party

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if your dog loves water games, then this is a good time to fill up your kiddie pool and throw in some floating toys. You can also make your dog wear a doggie life jacket for extra cuteness.

Ball Pit

Other dogs don’t enjoy water as much as most dogs, no need to worry because you can still use your kiddie pool but instead of filling it up with water, you can fill it up with plastic balls or any random favorite toys your dog has.

Hide and Seek

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We all know that hide and seek is one of the most fun known games to play even for a child. Dogs enjoy it as much as we do.

Treasure Hunting

You can pick your dogโ€™s favorite treats and place it into any of your dogโ€™s kong toys. After filling it all, hiding treats in your backyard is your next step, while someone else distracts your dog.

Not only can this game keep your dog busy for a long time, but it can also help your dog improve his sniffing abilities.

Red Light and Green Light

This can be a fun game to play with your kids and your dogs. The good thing about this game is it teaches your pup to come to you. It also teaches him to learn how to stay.

Play Fetch

You can do varieties of playing fetch. You can also opt to use a normal dog ball. But you can also play frisbee with them using a disc.

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Outdoor Dog Games: Tug of War

This is a great game to teach your pet how to give and drop anything in his mouth. But if your pet is overdoing it? You have to stop and wait for him to calm down.

Outdoor Dog Games: Soccer

Is football a favorite sport? The pup plays soccer. Before you play, you will need a suitable size ball, your pet’s favorite treat, and a clicker.

Playing soccer can also be a tricky exercise. You have to learn clickers before you start letting the dogs learn football. Once your pet mastered clicking techniques, you can then begin to train your dog in football. Put soccer balls in your hands and watch your pup respond.

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Outdoor Dog Games: DIY Agility Course

Having a training course at home is a fun way to exercise your pup. Walk your pup around and have him jump through a rope. He can also jump over a blanket or weave through a little cone. Building an indoor agility track is no longer a big expense.

It is possible to utilize objects you find in the home every day. Make yourself creative, and allow yourself the freedom to think.

Some basic household objects to start with is the old pillow. It can also include blanket hula hoops, stairway, stool tetra pole, and two containers.

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Outdoor Dog Games: Dog Frisbee Game

Frisbees or discs can be used to boost the weight and keep your pet’s health. It teaches your animal agility, as well as improving your friendships. If this is the first time your pup plays

Frisbee, you should begin with an inflatable Frisbee to keep your pup from having an adverse experience. Your dog may not know where to begin playing.

Starting with something small will make him fascinated. Introduce him by throwing the frisbee over short distances, or rolling the ball over his head toward you.

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Final Thoughtsย 

We all want to be around our dogs in good times. But most dog owners are not fond of taking their time to teach their dogs good behavior.

It is part of our responsibility as a pet owner to take control. It’s also part of the responsibility to teach these dogs even just the basics. To achieve successful training, patience and consistency is a bit challenging but it will be worthwhile.

Seeing your dog behave in front of the people they meet is one of the best achievements. This can also help you and your dog improve the bond you have for a better relationship. Remember you have your family and friends around to be there for you, but your dog only has you.

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