Top Personalized Waterproof Dog Collars of 2022


Here are our top four personalized waterproof dog collars that take the worry and guesswork out of the time you enjoy outdoors with your lovely pet. 

Are you a puppy parent with an outdoor lifestyle? If so, that means you and your furry friend spend a lot of time outside. Running through the mud, playing in the rain, and even swimming is likely a typical day in the life for you and your dog.

An outdoor lifestyle can take a significant toll on a dog’s collar if it can’t withstand extreme cold or hot weather or even chemicals that can come from the atmosphere. You might have noticed that no matter how many times you wash your dog’s collar, it no longer sparkles.

Or maybe the texture is not feeling as smooth as it did when you first bought your collar. Some owners might even catch a musty smell that never seems to go away no matter how many times the collar gets washed.

If this sounds like something you have experienced, it’s time to look into the next level of collars. Personalized waterproof dog collars allow your pup to spend time outdoors without the worry of their collar wearing out fast.

The truth is that standard personalized dog collars lack the durability to withstand the elements. Personalized waterproof dog collars might be your solution to spending time outdoors without worrying about a soggy, musty collar that loses its color with time.

Here at Regal Dog Products, we created stylish collars that are comfortable, safe, and made to last through years of swimming, constant changes in the seasons, and the various activities you love doing outside while keeping you and your favorite companion in mind.

Best Overall Personalized Waterproof Dog Collars: Custom Nameplate ‒ Waterproof Center Ring/ D-Ring – Regal Dog Products

Regal Dog Products Large Orange Waterproof Dog Collars with Custom Engraved Name Plate | Vinyl Coated, Anti, Easy to Clean Personalized Biothane Dog Collar - Other Sizes for Small & Medium Dogs
  • ADJUSTABLE / CUSTOMIZABLE FIT: This handmade dog collar is available in small, medum and large sizes that can be custom fit for neck size ranging...
  • VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE: This customized dog collar is constructed with rust resistant, nickel-plated double buckle which lets the collar pass...
  • COMPLETELY WATERPROOF: Does your pup love the beach, river and outdoor? This is the perfect collar for you! This heavy duty dog collar is...

The custom name-plated waterproof center ring with D-ring feature is our collar option for large dogs with a neck diameter between 15 and 23 inches. This collar comes in a beautiful shade of orange, making it easy to spot your pal from afar.

The collar features a center ring to ensure the most comfortable fit for your pet. Double rivets on each side of the center ring avoid any rough or sharp edges that could irritate your dog’s skin.

It’s carefully constructed with webbed vinyl material that passes through the buckle twice to increase the security and fit of the collar. The material requires little to no maintenance and is indestructible. The premium stitching gives this collar years of life through all four seasons and all-weather types.

Part of what makes this collar’s material so important is not only the fact that it’s waterproof, but it doesn’t absorb water or dirt. This fantastic feature will keep the colors bright for years to come as well as prevent odors.  A leash can be attached effortlessly to the center ring or the ring beside the buckle.

For the small and painless investment of $19.99, you invest in a collar that not only makes life easier for you and your pet but also is more environmentally friendly for your entire household.



  • Included custom nameplate
  • Two optional leash hooks
  • Double rivets to enhance comfortability
  • D-ring secures leashes and any other access straps
  • Double buckle increases fastening security
  • Waterproof and odor resistant



  • Only available in large size
  • Only available in orange

Excellent Option #2: Personalized Custom Biothane Waterproof Dog Collar – Dogline 

Dogline Biothane Waterproof Dog Collar with Quick Release Buckle Strong Coated Nylon Webbing with Odor- Proof for Easy Care Easy to Clean Fits Small Medium or Large Dogs, Orange 3/4" W 12-19" L
  • Free your dog to romp in puddles and retrieve from lakes with the Dogline Biothane Waterproof Dog Collar with a Quick Release Buckle. This...
  • Stronger and more durable than leather or nylon, our polyester webbing substrate is bonded with a waterproof coating so it is unrivaled where...
  • Quick Release Buckle. Easy on and off with our quick release buckle designed for full efficiency. A sturdy D-ring makes it compatible with our...

The Personalized Custom Biothane Waterproof Dog Collar from Dogline is an adjustable collar that comes with your dogs’ name and your phone number stitched into the material, which eliminates the need for nameplates.

It is a simple collar that fastens by passing the sturdy material through the buckle twice for added security. 

The collar repels water and odor-causing bacteria.  It is not maintenance-free but can be easily cleaned by simply wiping away grime with a damp rag.

One of the best features of this personalized waterproof dog collar is the number of style options available.  Puppy parents have 11 color options to choose from.  

Dogline even offers five sizing options with various width measurements based on the size you choose.  For example, the 18 to 22-inch collar features a one-inch width.  The 9 to 12-inch collar features a one-inch width.  

The options don’t stop there. Owners can choose to order a matching leash to complete the look.

The collar comes in at $27.99. 



  • 11 color options
  • Matching leash 
  • Name stitching directly into the material of the collar
  • More flexible sizing options
  • Waterproof
  • Odor resistant



  • Leash is extra
  • Simple styling

Marvelous Option #3: GoTags Personalized Sporting Dog Collar – Chewy

GoTags Personalized Dog Collar, Custom Embroidered with Pet Name and Phone Number in Blue, Black, Pink, Red and Orange, for Boy and Girl Dogs or Cats, Adjustable Sizes, Small, Medium, and Large
28,635 Reviews
GoTags Personalized Dog Collar, Custom Embroidered with Pet Name and Phone Number in Blue, Black, Pink, Red and Orange, for Boy and Girl Dogs or Cats, Adjustable Sizes, Small, Medium, and Large
  • Personalization that WOWs: Give your four legged companion the VIP treatment they deserve with our exclusive custom dog collar. With endless...
  • Peace of Mind: Don't let your furry friend's identity go unnoticed. Our custom embroidered dog collar is a surefire way to keep them safe and...
  • Click Customize Now: With a variety of vibrant collar colors and thread options, get ready to steal the spotlight and become the envy of dog...

The GoTags Personalized Sporting Dog Collar is our marvelous option because it’s waterproof and odor resistant. It is labeled a “no stink” collar because the moisture from dirt and oils cannot penetrate it.  

The personalized nameplate is attached with rivets meaning that it is silent and secure.  You will never have to worry about losing the nameplate no matter what adventure your dog chooses to partake in.

The collar doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Simply rinsing it off gets it clean and like new again in seconds. 

Another notable feature of this collar is that the hardware is made of stainless steel that won’t rust or corrode, meaning that it’s not only safe for it to be submerged in water and mud but that it will last you for years to come. 

The price is $25.99 from Chewy, which is an incredible deal for this personalized waterproof collar option.



  • Price
  • Double rivets to secure nameplate
  • Rinse clean in seconds
  • Three sizing options (small, medium, large)
  • Waterproof and oil resistant
  • Material is odor-proof as it doesn’t absorb any moisture



  • It only comes in orange
  • It needs to be broken in for complete comfortability

Fantastic Value Option #4: Waterproof ScruffTag Personalized Dog Collar – dogIDs

dogIDs Personalized Waterproof ScruffTag Dog Collar, Made in USA - Soft Grip Biothane, Adjustable, Odor Resistant, Custom Laser Engraved Name Plate - Teal, 1 in x 18 in (Fits Neck Sizes 16-20 in)
  • SIZE: 1 in x 18 in: For accurate sizing use a fabric measuring tape and measure your dog's neck or their current collar when it's adjusted to the...
  • LASER ENGRAVED NAMEPLATE: Each ScruffTag nameplate is laser engraved using deep fiber laser etching. Your dog’s most important information is...
  • WATERPROOF & ODOR RESISTANT: Our custom waterproof dog collars are a top pick for a variety of reasons. The fact that they’re waterproof and...

The Waterproof ScruffTag Personalized Dog collar from DogIDs is a rugged collar made from poly-coated nylon webbing that is not only flexible but will never break.  It’s excellent for training or in the unforeseen event that your dog feels the need to chase.

This personalized dog collar is also waterproof and odor resistant and features an attached stainless steel nameplate so that you never have to worry about losing your dog tag.  

With four color options and four size options, you have the freedom to customize the collar to your liking.  The range of the sizing options gives your dog space to grow into.

The price for this collar is $34.00.



  • Waterproof
  • Odor resistant
  • Attached nameplate for security
  • Four sizing options
  • Four color options
  • Made of poly-coated nylon webbing



  • Buckle might loosen with time
  • The nameplate can slide but will never detach

Personalized Waterproof Dog Collars Option #5: Personalized Name Plate Dog Collar – Yellow Dog Design Inc

Personalized Name Plate Dog Collar - Laser Engraved, Waterproof, & Odor Proof - Available in 4 Sizes
  • PERSONALIZED DOG COLLAR - Add your dogs name, phone #, address, extra phone #, or be creative and add any text you want to your ID Dog Collar....
  • SIZING - SMALL: 16"L x 3/4" W; 10.5-13" Wearable Length, MEDIUM: 20"L x 3/4"W; 13.5-17" Wearable Length, LARGE: 23"L x 1"W; 17.5-20" Wearable...
  • NAME PLATE - The personalization is laser engraved on to the anodized aluminum name plate and then double riveted to the collar. Put simply, this...

The Personalized Name Plate Dog Collar is our premium option because they are available in sizes small to extra large.  They are entirely customizable.  That means you can easily put in extra holes or cut them down to create the perfect fit without the need for any special tools.

The nameplate is attached using double rivets that ensure that it won’t loosen or detach from the collar.  

It’s made out of polyurethane-coated nylon and is waterproof, odor-resistant, and highly durable.  The Yellow Dog Design collar is the only one that offers pattern customization.  For example, one can choose red and black plaid or even leopard and combine it with a turquoise or purple nameplate.

Altogether there are 17 patterns and ten nameplate colors available. 

For the price of only $20.95, this is a deal one can’t overlook.  The styling options and the ability to customize the collar for fitted comfort is the main reason it’s on our list.



  • Double-riveted attached nameplate
  • Waterproof
  • Odor resistant
  • Polyurethane coated nylon for easy customization (cutting and adding holes)
  • Seventeen pattern options for every style preference
  • Ten nameplate colors



  • Silver nameplate fades over time
  • Nameplate scratches easily

Personalized Waterproof Dog Collar – Regal Dog Products


Here at Regal Dog Products, we pride ourselves on creating the best products for our beloved pets. It is important to us to always celebrate the wonderful and exciting relationship between a dog parent and their companion.

Our American-made collars and leashes are made with fine leather and textiles. We understand the role that dogs play in the lives of their owners.

We offer a number of great collar and leash options that fit your needs. The safety and security of our pets can never be underestimated. The relationships and memories created by a person and their pup are important to our human existence. 

All of our waterproof collars are made from the same indestructible vinyl-coated webbing to withstand all four seasons and any type of weather. The main differences between the collars are the D-ring, center ring, adjustable buckle, and military clasp.

Personalized Waterproof Dog Collars – Wrapping Up


No matter the size of your dog or your personal preference, we are sure we have a collar that will meet and exceed your needs for years to come. Feel free also to check out our other collar and leash options.

Each option is customizable to meet all of your safety, security, and style standards. Hence, your puppy pal is not just comfortable but can frolic alongside you on any outdoor adventure happily.

Our overall goal is to help remove worrying about safety and security from your time and space so you can spend more time making unforgettable memories with your furry companion.

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