Pet Spy Dog Training Shock Collar: Does It Really Help?

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Are you looking to give your pet a pet spy collar for training?

Professional dog trainers have different ways of training dogs. Sometimes, they go for traditional training with basic commands. The collar worn on the dog’s neck will be the tool between the professional dog trainers and the dog.

There are also different kinds of training collars to train dogs. This includes shock collars or an electronic collar. When they get one obedience command right, the receiver collar will send a strong vibration stimulation to the contact points.

PetSpy P620B Dog Training Shock Collar for 2 Dogs with Vibration, Electric Shock, Beep; Fully Waterproof Remote Trainer with Two E-Collars, 10-140 lbs (for 2 Dogs)
2,436 Reviews
PetSpy P620B Dog Training Shock Collar for 2 Dogs with Vibration, Electric Shock, Beep; Fully Waterproof Remote Trainer with Two E-Collars, 10-140 lbs (for 2 Dogs)
  • THREE TRAINING MODES: The PetSpy P620B Dog Remote Training Collars for Two Dogs features three training modes: Beep, Vibration, and Electric...
  • 650-YARD RANGE: The PetSpy dog shock collar with remote has an operating range of 650 yards, so you can train your dogs no matter the size of...
  • BLIND OPERATION DESIGN: The remote’s easy layout and touch-distinguishing buttons allow trainers to easily maneuver the device without the need...

If you are considering getting a dog training shock collar for your dog, then you should consider the pet spy training collar. In this article, we will be teaching owners how to use the the pet spy training collar, its benefits, and how the dog training collar to dramatically improve your pets behavior.

How Does a Shock Collar Work?

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A shock collar, also known as a training collar, is a device that delivers a static shock to a dog’s neck in order to deter unwanted behavior.

The shock is controlled by a remote control held by the trainer or dog owner, and can be delivered in various training modes, depending on the desired effect.

The static shock function for some shock collars have a green led light indicator to prevent excessive pressure around your pet’s neck. It also comes with a user manual, and a certified trainer will usually adjust the collar during training sessions. While shock collars are controversial, many trainers believe that they are an effective tool for training dogs. When used correctly, they can help to quickly teach a dog new behaviors and discourage unwanted ones.

Different Kinds of Petspy Dog Training Collar

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Petspy training collars are a great way to train your dog without having to resort to using a shock collar.

A Petspy training collar comes with three humane training modes: static, vibration, and tone. With these three training modes, you’ll be able to find the perfect way to train your dog without causing any pain or harm. This dog training collar also comes with a remote control so that you can help the dog understand and follow instructions properly.

Here are 2 good quality Petspy e collars that you can consider for your pets:

Petspy P620 Waterproof Collar Receiver

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Remote Training

The Petspy p620 is a light weight dog training collar sends noise, vibration, and shock modes to the contact points of the receiver collar.

The Petspy p620 also has a 650 yard range with a remote control. First time pet owners can also use the Petspy p620 to keep track of their dog remotely as it includes a GPS.

PetSpy P620 Dog Training Shock Collar for Dogs with Vibration, Electric Shock, Beep; Rechargeable and Waterproof Remote Trainer E-Collar - 10-140 lbs
6,794 Reviews
PetSpy P620 Dog Training Shock Collar for Dogs with Vibration, Electric Shock, Beep; Rechargeable and Waterproof Remote Trainer E-Collar - 10-140 lbs
  • Helps expert trainers and new dog parents change their dog's behavior
  • 3 training modes: electric shock, vibration, and a beep trainer with 16 adjustable levels
  • Good fit for dogs from 10 to 140 lbs, rechargeable and waterproof with remote control up to 650 yards
It’s Waterproof

The Petspy p620 receiver collar is waterproof, which means that your dog can splash around or get wet during a training session.

The Petspy p620 receiver collar is also not the most comfortable and its also not the proper fit for your dog’s neck if they have long and thick fur.

Ease of Use

They wont have to use a pet spy p620 separate collar for remote training. While the Petspy p620 receiver collar has 16 levels of shock and remote training adjustments, it is quite expensive.

Despite the extra cost though, the Petspy p620 is well worth the money. The Petspy p620 also has a sustainable battery life. The battery life can last longer than a few hours from its last stimulation.

Pet spy M686 Premium Remote Training Dog Training Collar

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As a dog owner, of course, we would want a dog training collar or an e collar that is not so expensive worth it for use as a first collar. The if Petspy p620 was expensive, this one is the most affordable. The Petspy M686 includes a remote transmitter, which includes a shock button.

If you have two dogs, you can put two collars on your dog and adjust the shock modes. It’s durable and also comfortable, which makes it the ideal e collar for your dog.

PetSpy P620 Extra Remote Transmitter - Replacement Part for Dog Training Collars P620 and P620B
294 Reviews
PetSpy P620 Extra Remote Transmitter - Replacement Part for Dog Training Collars P620 and P620B
  • COMPATIBLE WITH PetSpy Dog Training Collar, Models P620 and P620B
  • 3 TRAINING MODES: Shock, Vibration, Sound; Range up to 650 yards
  • PETSPY P620 Extra Remote Transmitter - receiver collar is not included

Remote training is also made easy with the Petspy M686. You can send a different sound from the remote transmitter depending on the command you are teaching your dog.

So for example, you want to train your dog to sit, you can set the tone on the remote transmitter so that the dog associates that tone with that command. It’s also effective for curbing bad behavior when approaching strangers.

Things You Need to Know Before Using a Pet Spy Shock Collar

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Petspy is a collar that delivers a shock to your dog when it barks. It is designed to stop barking, but it can also be used to train your dog.

Here are some things you need to know before using a Petspy collar:
  • -The collar must be fitted correctly in order for it to work properly. If it is too loose, the shock will not be effective.
  • -The collar should only be used for short periods of time. If it is left on for too long, it could cause physical and emotional damage to your dog.
  • -You should never use the collar without supervision. Dogs can get injured if they are left alone with the collar on.
  • -The collar should only be used as a last resort. Try other methods of training first, such as positive reinforcement or obedience training. Only use the collar if all other methods have failed.

Petspy is a powerful tool that can help you train your dogs, but it should be used with caution. Make sure you understand how the collar works and how to use it properly before using it on your dog.

How Does Pet Spy P620 Work?

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The PetSpy P610 is a dog training system that enables the training of dogs electronically. This product is primarily made for dog owners wanting a simple way to teach their dog to be responsible to improve the dog owner’s health. It is also designed for professional dog trainers that seek easy-to-use electronic documents that can be used to correct and train a dog’s behavior.

Is Pet Spy Waterproof?

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What’s going on in that case? The rechargeable waterproof collar is suitable for every dog breed from 0-120 kg. Choose from three humane teaching methods—static stress, vibrations, and beeper training.

Are There Shock Collars for Humans?

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Stone Cold Steve Austin shock collar 3:16. You and friends should wear a shock collar around your neck that can not be reattached until you get home.

Why Is My Pet Spy Collar Not Working?

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It may cause problems when battery voltage drops or functions faulty. Don’t disable it if you’re not using it. Checking batteries before any exercise will not cause any problem for you.

Advantages of Using a Shock Collar for Dogs

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Shock collars can be very effective in teaching dogs good behavior. They can also be helpful in situations where other forms of teaching have failed.

In addition, shock collars can be a safer option than physical punishment, such as hitting or kicking a dog.

When used responsibly and with proper instruction, shock collars can be a valuable tool for teaching dogs.

The Intensity Can Be Adjusted


If you’ve ever been out for a walk with your dog and had them drag you into a mud puddle, you know the importance of teaching.

A well-trained dog is a joy to take out in public, but getting to that point can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. One tool that can be helpful in teaching dogs is a shock collar.

These collars deliver a small electric shock to the dog when they misbehave, which can help to teach them what not to do. Used properly, shock collars can be an effective way to train dogs and help them learn good behavior.

It Provides Fast Results

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As any dog owner knows, dogs can be difficult to train. They often have a mind of their own and can be resistant to following commands. This is where a shock collar can be helpful. A shock collar provides fast results by delivering a mild electric shock to the dog when it misbehaves.

This quickly teaches the dog that there are consequences for bad behavior. While some people are hesitant to use a shock collar, it is important to note that the shocks are generally very mild and cause no harm to the pup.

In fact, many dogs quickly learn to associate the shocks with bad behavior and make a positive behavioral change as a result.

You Don’t Need to Be Present All the Time

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Jolt collars are a popular way to teach dogs, but they’re not right for every pet or owner. One of the main advantages of using a shock neckband is that you don’t need to be present all the time in order for it to work.

This can be helpful if you have a busy schedule or if you need to leave your pup home alone for extended periods of time. However, it’s important to carefully consider whether a jolt neckband is the best option for your situation.

PetSpy P620 Extra Receiver Collar - Replacement Part for Dog Training Collars P620 and P620B
503 Reviews
PetSpy P620 Extra Receiver Collar - Replacement Part for Dog Training Collars P620 and P620B
  • PetSpy P620 extra dog training collar - remote is not included. Compatible with PetSpy P620 and P620B dog training collars
  • Quickly pair your P620 system with additional collar and train up to 2 dogs at the same time
  • Durable and adjustable TPU collar strap - good for dogs 10-120 lbs

If used improperly, jolt collars can cause physical and emotional harm to dogs. With that said, shock collars can be an effective way to train dogs if used correctly. Just make sure you do your research before making a decision.

It’s Affordable and Lightweight

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If you’ve ever been to a dogshow, you know that the dogs who compete are strikingly obedient. They listen to their handlers and perform tricks flawlessly – it’s almost as if they can read minds.

But how do these dogs achieve such a high level of obedience? Many people assume that it’s due to extensive training, but the truth is that many of these dogs are simply using shocking neckbands.

shocking neckbands are lightweight, affordable devices that deliver a brief electric shock to the pup when activated by the handler. While the name may sound harsh, the shocks are actually very safe and cause no lasting harm to the pup.

In fact, many dogs don’t even seem to mind them. The key is to use the collars sparingly and only when absolutely necessary – for example, if a dog is about to run into traffic. When used in this way, electronic neckbands can be an effective tool for teaching dogs.

Disadvantages of Using a Shock Collar on Your Dogs

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As any pup owner knows, teaching a canine companion can be a challenge. One popular method of teaching involves the use of a neckband , which delivers a brief electric shock to the pup when it exhibits certain undesirable behaviors.

However, there are several disadvantages to using an neckband on your pup.

The Shock

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First and foremost, the current itself can be painful and even harmful to your pup. If not used properly, electronic collars can also cause your pup to become fearful or anxious, which may actually lead to increased aggression.

It Inflicts Fear

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The sudden jolt of electricity can cause fear and anxiety, which may lead your pup to associate the neckband with negative experiences.

So, if you’re looking for a way to build a bond of trust with your furry friend, you might want to consider ditching the e neckband in favor of more humane teaching methods.

You May End Up Over Correcting

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The idea behind this type of neckband is that you can give your pup a mild shock when they misbehave, which will help them to learn what not to do.

However, there are some potential downsides to using an electronic neckband. One of the biggest risks is that you may end up over correcting your dog. This means that you could shock them even when they haven’t done anything wrong, which could lead to them becoming scared or anxious around you.

Additionally, electronic collars can be expensive, and they may not be the most effective teaching method for every pup. Before you decide to use an electronic neckband, it’s important to do your research and make sure that it’s the right choice for you and your pup.

No Reward for Positive Behavior

As any owner knows, cats and dogs are not always the easiest to train. Whether you’re trying to get your pup to sit or your cat to stay off the counter. There’s no shortage of challenges when it comes to animal training. One common method of teaching is the use of an electronic neckband.

However, many pet owners have found that these devices can actually be counter-productive.

Is It Worth It to Purchase the Pet Spy P620?

I think it is well worth the investment to purchase the Petspy P620 with good value.

Final Words on Pet Spy P620

PetSpy’s p620 pup training collars are a great tool for behavioral correction. It offers 16 levels of adjustable static shock noise and vibration to match perfectly the size of your pup.

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