How to Select Your First Puppy Training Collar


Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting time for everyone. There will be many new things to consider, from food and sleeping arrangements to even a puppy training collar. The choices can be overwhelming.

There can be several reasons why your new four-legged family member will need a training device. From excessive barking to pulling during walks or just general obedience, using a training collar along with proper methods and guidance will have your pup behaving and listening to commands better than before. 

Why Do You Need a Puppy Training Collar?


Puppies are adorable balls of furry energy on four legs. Unfortunately, they have very little self-control when it comes to listening for commands and following directions. Puppies are easily distracted and are impulsive when it comes to anything they find mildly interesting. 

Puppy training is a fun but challenging time. Here is a list of puppy training collars to help you turn your puppy into a well-trained dog

The various types of training collars can help with many different issues new dog owners may experience. These situations include: 

  • Pulling on the leash during walks
  • Excessive barking 
  • Escaping from the yard or continuously running away 
  • Obedience problems 

The Best Time for a Training Collar 

Regal Dog Products Small Red Waterproof Dog Collar with Heavy Duty Double Buckle & D Ring | Vinyl Coated, Custom Fit, Adjustable Puppy Pet Collars | Comes in Other Sizes for Medium and Large Dogs
  • ADJUSTABLE / CUSTOMIZABLE FIT: This handmade dog collar fits small, medium, large, and big dogs. It can be used for neck sizes ranging from 13...
  • VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE: This heavy duty waterproof dog collar is constructed with rust resistant, nickel-plated double buckle which lets the...
  • COMPLETELY WATERPROOF: Does your pup love the beach? This is the perfect collar for you! vinyl-coated webbing is more durable than rubber, nylon,...

Although you can start getting your puppy accustomed to wearing a collar during the day, you should not introduce a unique training collar until they are ten weeks of age or more. It will take some time for your new friend to be comfortable wearing an item like a collar, so remember to be patient. 

If you’re looking for a regular puppy collar of high quality, you can try out our standard waterproof collars for puppies and dogs, which will adjust to fit your puppy even when they’re fully grown. Use this when you’re not using the training collar

It would be best if you waited until your beloved pet is at least 14 weeks old before attempting to use E-collars or other training devices that can help correct your puppy’s behavior from a distance.  

Types of Puppy Training Collar Products 


Depending on your reason for the training collar, the product you need for your new puppy will vary. Not all collars will give the results you desire in your new pet, so you must choose a training collar to suit their needs.

Products for Puppies Who Pull During Walks 


If your new pet is pulling when taking walks and this behavior continues, you will have a large dog that will pull you down the road. Owners should have complete control over their animals at all times, so keeping your puppy from pulling will help them with their manners. 

Country Brook Petz Martingale Heavy-Duty Nylon No-Pull Collar 

Country Brook Petz - Hot Pink Martingale Heavy Duty Nylon Dog Collar - 21 Vibrant Color Options (1 Inch Width, Medium)
  • 1 INCH WIDTH | Adjustable from 15 inch - 21 inch neck. Be sure to use our martingale sizing chart for the most accurate fit. (Use the true...
  • NO BUCKLE | Martingale-style collars give you gentle control over your pet. Designed for training purposes, this collar slips over the head and...
  • Personalize your pup with rich, fashionable colors and mirror like metal hardware. The classic style of this collar looks cute on both boy and...

This nylon puppy training collar comes in 19 different colors and adjusts from 15 to 21 inches to fit your new pet. The martingale style with two loops ensures that if your puppy starts pulling, it will get tighter to prevent them from escaping, and they will naturally stop pulling. In addition, it has durable materials that help keep better control over your pet. 

PetSafe Gentle Lead HeadCollar

PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar, No-Pull Dog Collar, Perfect for Leash & Harness Training, Stops Pets from Pulling and Choking on Walks, Medium, Black
  • VET RECOMMENDED AND TRAINER DESIGNED: This headcollar instinctively redirects your dog’s tendency to pull by placing gentle pressure on...
  • TEACHES BETTER LEASH MANNERS: Gently and safely helps you control unwanted leash behaviors like pulling, lunging and jumping for even the most...
  • NO MORE COUGHING AND CHOKING: A padded neoprene nose loop puts pressure on the back of the neck instead of your dog’s throat, which prevents...

This Gentle Lead HeadCollar from PetSafe can help train your puppy to stop pulling, as well as keep them from jumping or lunging. It takes the pressure away from their neck and places the focus around their nose where you can communicate better with them for optimal training. In addition, you do not have to worry about your puppy choking with this Gentle Lead HeadCollar. 

Training Collars to Curb Excessive Barking 


Puppies like to bark when they are excited and to communicate with their people. Unfortunately, if your new pet does not receive the proper training methods to curb this behavior, it will continue to worsen as they grow older. 

Petsafe Spray Bark Collar

PetSafe Spray Bark Dog Collar, Automatic No Bark Device for Dogs 8 lb. and Up - Rechargeable and Water-Resistant – Includes Citronella and Unscented Spray Refills & USB Charging Cable, Navy
  • SPRAY TO KEEP BARKING AWAY: Gentle bursts of spray distract your dog and deter him from continuing to excessively bark
  • LEARNS YOUR DOG’S BARK: Our unique bark-sensing technology prevents outside noises like other dogs’ barking from causing a correction
  • 2 SPRAY CARTRIDGES: Includes 2 spray refill cartridges in unscented and citronella; try them both to see which scent works best for your pet

This spray bark collar from PetSafe is rechargeable and emits a small spray to help control barking and whining in your puppy. It comes with options for citronella and unscented spray cartridges that are easy to replace. Also, it is water-resistant and includes indicator lights for low battery and low cartridges. It will fit puppies and dogs up to a 27-inch neck circumference. 

DogRook Rechargeable No Shock Humane Dog Bark Collar 

DogRook Bark Collar for Small Dog - Anti Dog Bark Collar for Large Dog, Automatic Bark Collar for Medium Dogs, No Shock Bark Collar, Dog Bark Collar Rechargeable, Anti Barking Collar for Dogs 8-110lb
  • Bark training - Our anti barking collar for dogs teaches your pup to be relaxed and trusting instead of terrified. The no shock dog barking...
  • Vibration & sound - Our no bark collars for dogs combine 2 vibration modes & 7 sound stages to deliver progressive bark training while remaining...
  • Smart & sensitive - Our vibrating dog barking collar features a smart microphone that responds to your dog’s unique bark only! The anti barking...

The DogRook Rechargeable No Shock Humane training collar is ideal for pet owners who prefer to use sound or vibration when curbing excessive barking in their new puppy. It works without the need for a remote to help keep your pup from disturbing you or the neighbors. In addition, it automatically adjusts, making it ideal for when you are not home with your pet. 

Collars for Puppies Who Run Away


It is your responsibility as a pet owner to keep your new puppy safe and secure. A dog at large can hurt others or become hurt when not under your supervision. Puppies will need to learn their boundaries and where they belong as part of their regular training. 

PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless and Portable Fence Collar Containment System 

PetSafe Stay & Play Compact Wireless Pet Fence, LCD Screen to Adjust Circular Boundary, Secure up to 3/4 Acre Area, Use for All Your Pets, Portable System from the Parent Company of INVISIBLE FENCE
  • NO DIGGING OR WIRE TO BURY: Sets up in just a few hours; a wireless boundary allows you to create a secure barrier around your yard to protect...
  • 3/4 ACRE OF CIRCULAR COVERAGE: Adjust the circular boundary range up to 3/4-acre (22-105 ft in all directions) from the placement of the indoor...
  • LCD DISPLAY: An easy to read display shows you how far your pet’s play area expands; the screen also has warning indicators to let you know if...

This wireless boundary containment system from PetSafe is the ideal solution to train your puppy to stay close. It covers up to ¾ of an acre of property, and you can add an unlimited number of pets to the system. 

The lack of fencing wires means you can take this system with you camping, to a friend’s place, or anywhere outside your home that you need your puppy to stay with you. 

Pet Control HQ Wireless Pet Containment System 

Pet Control HQ Wireless Pet Containment System w/ 2 Rechargeable Waterproof Shock Collars, Safe Perimeter Electric Dog Fence Wire & Remote Dog Training – Above No Dig or Underground Wire Fence
  • CUSTOM PERIMETER FENCE WIRE FOR ANY YARD: Pet parents with large yards and complicated spaces say this combination of a wireless pet training...
  • DUAL ZONE PET CONTAINMENT SYSTEM: Enjoy the benefits of an easy-to-layout dog wireless fence system, plus 492 feet of 20 AWG inground, above...
  • BREAK STUBBORN HABITS FAST: Our wireless dog training collar with remote can control up to 3 separate shock collars with a beep and vibration...

For a permanent solution to keeping your new puppy safe at home, the Pet Control HQ Wireless system works for both underground or above-ground installations. The long-lasting rechargeable batteries in the collars come with a rapid recharge station for quick use. In addition, it includes both beeping, vibration, and shock modes for all styles of boundary training.  

Training Collars for Obedience Problems 


Part of pet ownership is ensuring that your new puppy will listen to commands at home and when you take them out in public. A dog that does not follow directions can put itself in dangerous situations or harm other people or animals. 

PATPET Rechargeable IPX7 Waterproof Dog Training Collar With Remote 

PATPET Dog Shock Collar for Small Medium Large Dogs(8-110 lbs) 2 Dogs, Rechargeable IPX7 Waterproof, 3000Ft Control - Dog Training Collar with Remote for 2 Packs
  • For 8 to 110 lbs dogs. Smaller and more lightweight receiver collars are suitable for dogs from 8 to 110 lbs. This e collar is suitable for dogs...
  • Support 2 collar receivers. You can choose the effective training modes to correct barking, chewing, biting, digging, and other dog behavior...
  • 984 to 3000 ft range, IPX7 waterproof. This remote can be up to 3000 feet in open areas with no obstructions. You can train your dog indoors, and...

For puppies ranging from 8 to 90 pounds, this waterproof rechargeable training collar from PATPET is ideal. It includes a remote to help make daily training more manageable and more effective. The remote’s additional on/off switch ensures that your puppy will not receive a correction by accident if the remote is in your pocket. 

Lucky Dawn Dog Stainless Steel Pain-Free Prong Training Collar 

Luck Dawn Dog Prong Training Collars, Stainless Steel Pain-Free Pinch Collar with Protective Rubber Tips, 3.0mm x 20" Girth
  • MATERIAL & SIZE: High quality stainless steel spike and rubber tips, durable to use. Size medium: 3mm*50cm/ 0.11"*19.6"(diameter* length).
  • EFFECTIVE TRAINING - You only have to pull the training collar and the dog will stop immediately. This prong collar is great for the dogs which...
  • PROTECTIVE TIPS: Additional blunt cut rubber tips on every gear can prevent harms to your dog's neck.

This stainless steel pain-free prong collar from Lucky Dawn Dog can do the trick for aggressive or stubborn puppies who need training. It comes in a range of sizes from 2.5mm up to 44mm and 18 to 22 inches in circumference. The rubber caps on the prongs ensure that your puppy’s skin is safe from breakage during training. 

Ensure you know how to place a prong collar before using one, as improper placement can hurt your dog. 

Which Puppy Training Collar is Right For Your Pet? 


Not all puppies will need these training collar products. Each training method will work differently for each pet, so finding the best product to suit your training needs can be a chore. However, searching for a suitable puppy training collar becomes easier once you determine what behaviors you want to correct. 

Remember to keep in mind that the training process will not happen overnight. Your new puppy will need patience and understanding as he learns the rules and how to behave correctly.

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