Spiked Dog Collars – Worth it or Not?


Spiked dog collars have been prevalent for centuries, although the reason for their use can differ. From fashion to protection, dog collars with spikes continue to be controversial for many dog owners.

One vital element of this type of collar is that they are different from prong collars, which can harm your pet if they do not fit correctly. This situation is due to the spikes being on the outside of the collar and do not come in contact with your dog’s neck.

Let’s look at their uses and if they are worth it for your pet.

Are Spiked Collars Bad for Dogs? | Are Spiked Dog Collars Illegal?

Spiked collars are not bad for dogs if used correctly, but if misused they can cause harm. Spiked collars were originally designed to protect dogs from wolves and other predators. The spikes prevented the predator from getting a good grip on the dog’s neck, making it more difficult for them to kill the dog.

However, nowadays spiked collars are more commonly used as a fashion statement or as a way to make a dog look ‘tough’. When used in this way, the spikes can pose a risk to both the dog and other animals. If the spikes are sharp and long enough, they can puncture skin or get caught on something when the dog pulls.

In addition, if a dog with a spiked collar were to get into a fight with another animal, the spikes could cause serious injuries. For these reasons, it is important to be aware of the potential risks before putting a spiked collar on your dog.

Uses of Spiked Dog Collars | Purpose of Spiked Dog Collar

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What are spiked collars for? This dog accessory is still a popular choice for many pet owners for numerous reasons. If you want to consider this style of collar for your four-legged friend, it can be helpful to know the motives that bring other dog lovers to choose them.

Some of the more popular reasons why pet owners choose spiked dog collars include:

  • Owners may choose them for style
  • Provide a visual warning
  • Offer protection
  • They can be intimidating

Owners May Choose Them for Style

Many dog owners love to dress up their dogs to reflect their own style. Many spiked dogs collars in the market are fashionable and provide a distinct look for your pet. In addition, several stylish dog collars are available to add individuality to your dog’s accessories, from punk-rock to emo variations.

Alternatively, there are spiked dog collars that do not offer large metal spikes, which can cause injury to your dog or other pets. Instead, small metal studs, metal designs that resemble hearts, bones, or other attractive elements can give your four-legged friend stylish pieces that stand out.

They Provide a Visual Warning

Let’s face it; not all dogs are friendly. Dog owners who have reactive dogs or own a pet that has issues with other dogs or people may opt for a scary-looking spiked collar when they go out for daily walks. These products provide a visual warning to other individuals and pet owners that your dog needs space.

Having a large breed dog with a spiked collar is a recipe that can ensure you will have a peaceful walk alone and not be bothered by others. For example, dogs in training or dogs recovering from trauma may need time outdoors without the possibility of other animals intruding on their space.

Having an easy way to warn others to stay away from your dog to avoid a potentially harmful situation is more manageable than constantly asking other individuals to give you space. In addition, dogs with large, excessively spiked collars will look meaner and more brutal, repelling owners with small dogs or docile breeds.

They Can Offer Protection

One significant benefit of these dog collars is acting as wolf collars in real-life situations. Wolf collars are standard dog collars equipped with aggressively large, elongated metal spikes to protect your animal’s vulnerable areas, like their neck, from harm.

Traditionally, livestock guardian dogs remain outdoors to fight wolves and protect farms. However, owners will use wolf collars to give them an added defense against these predators if they have to fight them off at some point.

This way, a wolf cannot bite and injure the dog during an altercation since the large spikes protect them from harm. This leather dog collar also acts as a protective barrier from teeth if predators try to bite them.

They Can Be Intimidating

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It is natural to feel intimidated when coming across a large dog breed with a spiked collar. Dogs who protect properties or businesses will often wear spiked collars to look mean or protective, hoping to scare off intruders or potential thieves.

Even if your pet is docile and friendly, employing spiked dog collars can change how others perceive them. Therefore, minimizing the chances of you being the target for robbery or other criminal activity. In addition, putting this model on your large dog may be less expensive than purchasing a security system for your property and work just as well.

Prong Collars vs Choke Collars

Choke and prong collars are both types of dog collars that are meant to help train dogs not to pull on their leash. choke collars work by tightening around the dog’s neck when they pull, while prong collars have metal spikes that pinch the skin on the dog’s neck.

Choke collars can be dangerous because they can choke the dog if they pull too hard, but prong collars are also dangerous because the spikes can puncture the skin. either way, it’s not recommended to use either of these types of collars on a regular basis.

There are other, safer ways to train your dog not to pull on their leash. instead of using a choke or prong collar, try using a gentle leader or a harness. These devices work by redirecting the dog’s attention back to you instead of whatever they were trying to get to in the first place.

Gentle leaders and harnesses are much safer for dogs than choke and dogs prong collars and will still help them learn not to pull on their leash.

Does Your Dog Need a Spiked Collar?

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Spiked dog collars are not for everyone, unfortunately. These models can be heavy and cause stress and tension on a dog’s neck if they are too large. In addition, small dogs or breeds with long, thin necks may develop strains when wearing spiked collars that are too large or heavy for their build.

After examining the many uses and reasons you would want a spiked dog collar for your animal, you can now make an informed choice if your dog needs one.

Using one of these collars can give others a visual warning of your dog’s temperament or help protect them from predators if they are a working dog. Do you want others to stay away from your home or property?

Wherever the reason is for this collar choice, there are safety considerations when using these products. By using a spiked dog collar safely, you can keep your pet safe and produce the desired results you want.

How to Use Spiked Dog Collars Safely

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Spiked dog collars, especially ones with excessive points that come with wolf collars, require extra care and attention during use. By following these guidelines, you are putting the safety and comfort of your pet first for the best experience possible.

If you prefer the look of a spiked dog collar for your pet, there are many models and styles to choose from that are completely safe. However, even with items that can pose a threat, there are many situations where they can be helpful and provide safety for your pet.

Spiked Dog Collars – Takeaway

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Many pet owners will use spiked dog collars for various reasons. We hope this guide has given you insight into these controversial accessories and how they can benefit your pet. These models can be helpful from protection or intimidation if used in the right circumstances and by following safety protocols.

If you prefer the look or functionality of spiked dog collars, you, as a pet owner, must find a collar that fits correctly and is safe for your animal. You can even get custom spiked dog collars. This way, both you and your dog will be comfortable with this accessory.

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