Sustainable Dog Collars – The 2022 Market Overview


If you’re searching for ways that your dog can also live a more sustainable lifestyle, you can start with their collar. Several companies are creating eco-friendly dog collars. Some choose to use hemp as a cotton alternative, cork as a leather alternative, or recycled materials. Here’s a rundown of some of the best sustainable dog collars on the market today.

Collars are not just functional for our furry friends, but they also show off your pet’s style. Traditionally collars are made using cotton, leather, or other unsustainable materials. More and more people are paying attention to how these unsustainable materials negatively impact our planet. 

Finding sustainable alternatives to these materials or sustainably farming those materials can drastically improve Earth’s health.

Sustainable Dog Collars – Little Pine Artisanal Cork Collars

ARING PET Dog Collar and Leash, Velvet Dog Collar and Leash Set, Soft & Comfy, Adjustable Collars for Dogs Medium
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Two friends created Little Pine after they began taking notice of our planet’s state and set out to develop sustainable dog products that connect a dog and its owner to the environment. They’ve created many of their products using repurposed materials found in their mountain town. These range from used climbing ropes to plastic materials. 

If you’re looking for a sustainable dog collar, Little Pine’s artisanal cork collars are a fantastic and beautiful option. All of these collars are handcrafted using indigenous beadwork and the leather alternative, cork. Cork is a durable and waterproof material that will allow the collar to last longer than traditional collars. 

Little Pine offers a wide variety of collar sizes than other companies. They have collars that will fit your XXS dog to your XXL dog. Due to the hand beading, these collars are on the pricier side, but worth it. Prices range from $52 to $155. Purchasing a collar for your dog from this company ensures you’re getting a beautiful and environmentally conscious product.

Regal Dog Products Collars

Regal Dog Products Genuine Mahogany Leather Dog Collar | Adjustable Dog Collar with Durable Metal Buckle and D Ring | Soft Leather Dog Collar for Small, Medium, and Large Dogs (Mahogany, 23")
  • BEAUTIFUL QUALITY AND CRAFTSMANSHIP: This leather dog collar is cut from northern U.S. saddle leather for thicker, more durable leather to ensure...
  • DESIGNER TWO TONE COLOR WITH HAND FINISHED EDGES: These handcrafted dog collars with rolled leather edges provide the highest level of comfort...
  • ADJUSTABLE / CUSTOMIZABLE FIT: This Leather dog collar fits Large and XL Dogs with its middle hole being 23” inches (fits neck sizes 21”,...

Regal Dog Products is a small business that operates in the United States, and they make all their products here, too. 

The products they make an offer on their website use sustainably sourced material, such as hemp. Hemp is incredibly sustainable because it takes less water to grow than cotton, and it’s one of the strongest naturally occurring materials. 

There are many colors to choose from as well as some select styles, and their sizes run from XS to XL. 

Even though Regal Dog Products are not made with 100% hemp, it’s still a more sustainable option than a 100% cotton collar. Prices for their collars range from $9.99 to $34.99, depending on the size and style you choose. 

If It Barks Hemp Collars

If It Barks - 1.5" Martingale Collar for Dogs - Stripe Design - Adjustable - Strong and Comfy Nylon - Ideal for Training - Made in USA - Large, Sail Away
  • GET FULL CONTROL OF YOUR DOG - Humane no-choke anti-pull system used by martingales, also called limited slip collars, is perfect for controlling...
  • PREVENT BACKING OUT - Restrain your pet effectively, get control, and stay safe on walks by preventing escape; ideal for training small or large...
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS AND CONSTRUCTION SINCE 2002 - Thick heavy-duty collar made from durable x-tough fabric; range of classic colors and can be...

Another option for hemp dog collars is If It Barks. If It Barks is a North Carolina-based small business that offers sustainable dog products. They specialize in martingale collars but offer standard collars as well as bark collars.

They don’t list their sizes as small, medium, or large, like other companies. You will select your dogs’ neck width in inches, and they’ll create the collar based on that size. Width options range from 9 inches to 30 inches. 

They offer a wide selection of colors to choose from to best fit your pet’s personality. You can choose between a solid color or a dual color collar with a stripe. The best part about If It Barks hemp collars is they’re customizable. 

You have the option to engrave the buckle with your pet’s name and your contact information if they ever stray from home. Due to the customization options, prices start at $32. 

Project Blu “Leather” Collars

Regal Dog Products Genuine London Tan Leather Dog Collar | Adjustable Dog Collar with Durable Metal Buckle and D Ring | Soft Leather Dog Collar for Small, Medium, and Large Dogs (London Tan, 15")
  • BEAUTIFUL QUALITY AND CRAFTSMANSHIP: This leather dog collar is cut from northern U.S. saddle leather for thicker, more durable leather to ensure...
  • DESIGNER TWO TONE COLOR WITH HAND FINISHED EDGES: These handcrafted dog collars with rolled leather edges provide the highest level of comfort...
  • ADJUSTABLE / CUSTOMIZABLE FIT: This Leather dog collar fits Small and Medium Dogs or Large Breed Puppy with its middle hole being 15” inches...

Leather collars look very stylish and chic, but leather isn’t considered sustainable—Project Blu specializes in making “leather” collars for a man or woman’s best friend. They call themselves “Eco-Chic,” and all their products are upcycled and sustainable. 

Their collars come in shades of blue, black, gray, and brown to give your pet a classic, natural look. They offer sizes XS to XL, like most other companies. When you browse their selection, you’ll see they have three material options to choose from:

  • Apple “leather”
  • Eco Fabric
  • Eleather

Apple “leather” is completely vegan and made from apple skins and a bio-based polymer. Their eco-fabric collars consist of sustainable leather combined with sustainable fabrics. Lastly, they create their Eleather collars from recycled and unused leather. You can purchase one of these eco-friendly collars starting from $38. 

Wigglywoos Cork and Hemp Collars

Wigglywoos prides itself on providing vegan and earth-friendly pet products to owners. They offer a variety of dog collars made from cork and hemp. Wigglywoos creates all their hemp collars from 100% chemical-free hemp, and the cork they use in their collars comes from Spain and Portugal. 

You’ll find various collars made from either cork or hemp and some that combine both materials. While cotton is not the most sustainable material, they do offer cotton collars that are cruelty-free. Their sizes range from XS to XL and prices from $20 to $40. 

Sustainable Dog Collars – Earthdog Hemp Collars 

Earthdog Adjustable Hemp Dog Collar in Star Pattern (Blue, Large)
  • Great for your dog and the earth: Earthdog collars are made triple layer, 100% hemp canvas which is hypoallergenic, resists odors and is...
  • Easy on and off with quick-release clip: Adjustable too, of course!
  • Handmade in the USA by Earthdog, a wonderful, rescue-focused small business that we are very excited to support.

Dave and Kym began crafting their dog’s collars out of hemp years ago and never imagined they’d start selling them to other dog owners. All their collars are durable and eco-friendly. They offer both standard adjustable hemp collars as well as martingale hemp collars

Their standard, adjustable hemp collars and their martingale collars come in five colors ranging from vibrant to neutral. These range in S to L sizes and will cost you anywhere from $22 to $24. 

If you prefer collars with a design, they have 19 different decorative collars available in standard or martingale from which to choose. They have the same size range, but their price range is slightly higher, from $26 to $30. 

Dogflour Organic Cotton Collars 

A couple of avid dog lovers founded Dogflour. They set out on a mission to live a more sustainable life, and that includes their furry friends. Everything they create is handmade using sustainable practices and materials. 

Traditional cotton farming is not considered sustainable, but cotton can be farmed sustainably and entirely organic. Dogflour offers a variety of collars, all handmade, that provide a unique knotted design. They offer box martingale collars and slip collars. 

They come in natural, as well as earthy colors and range in size from XS to XL. One of the best things about Dogflour is that the collar’s price stays the same regardless of whether it’s XS or XL. Their prices range from $32 to $38. 

LupinePet Eco Collection

LupinePet is a larger-scale pet product company. Not everything they sell is considered eco-friendly or sustainable, but they have a collection that fits this mold. 

Non-recycled plastic is slowly killing our planet, so LupinePet found a way to recycle some of that plastic. They create all the collars in their Eco Collection using recycled plastic from plastic bottles, so this is an earth friendly option.

You’ll have the option of six cool tone colors, furthermore they base the size on the width of the collar and your dog’s neck size. Their prices range from $11 to $38. 

Sustainable Dog Collars – Final Thoughts 

Regal Dog Products Cool Designer Collar | Adjustable Dog Collar with Custom fit for XS, Small, Medium, Large Dog, Cat, & Puppy | Fun Dog Gift Idea | Multiple Colors | Large (18 inches to 24 inches)
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  • 𝗙𝗲?𝘁𝘂𝗿𝗲𝘀: The quick release buckle is fully adjustable with a side release buckle to fasten around your pet’s neck and a...
  • 𝗘𝘅𝗰𝗹𝘂𝘀𝗶𝘃𝗲 𝗗𝗲𝘀𝗶𝗴𝗻: Give your dog some style with a Regal Dog Products Purple / Orange / White Plaid...

Whether you’re looking for a more standard-looking collar or something more artisanal, there are several options to choose from, which are created sustainably. 

It’s easy to find the collar that you and your dog will love from materials such as hemp, cork, and even apple skins. Purchasing sustainable dog collars, for instance,  is a small but effective way to show support for small businesses and help alleviate our planet’s environmental stress. 

To view our complete line of sustainably sourced dog collars, CLICK HERE!

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