Taping Dogs Ears: How Does It Help Your Pet?


Have you considered taping dogs ears before? As a dog owner, we can all agree that a dog’s ears is one of the most adorable features on a dog. A dog primarily uses his ears to show you his emotions. Unlike humans, dog’s are not very gifted at showing facial expressions. Therefore, the only way that you can determine a dog’s mood is through his dog ears or tail.

When a dog has good health, you’ll see it in one ear or both your pup’s ears. They could either be folded down or in an upright position. That said, you will never get confused with your dog’s mood. But, what happens when you put duct tape on your dog’s ear flap? or perhaps have his ears taped all the way to the side?

Dogs Are Like Humans


As we all know, ears are a very important appendage. Not only for dogs, but also for humans. If you tape the ears, you run the risk of ear infections or uncomfortable canines around your house. If you do it incorrectly, that’s what you’ll get. However, if you tape ears properly it could be very relieving for some breeds like the german shepherd. German shepherd ears can sometimes turn into floppy ears.

Some dog owners prefer to keep the german shepherd puppy floppy ears. There are also who prefer erect ears. So it will really depend on the owners preference, but you should also consider the comfortability of your pet if you decide on taping dogs ears. If you have been deciding on whether or not your should be taping your puppy’s ear, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be explaining why taping dog ears is good for your pet.

We will also mention how it’s beneficial for your puppies ears and for certain dog breeds like a german shepherd. Additionally, we will also be teaching you how to look for potential infection, or painful areas on top of the a or how to care for the skin when you start unraveling the piece of tape on your dog’s ears.

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What is Ear Taping for Puppy’s Ears?


Ear taping or otherwise known as the top of the ear cropping is the act of removing a part of a puppy’s ears/dog’s ears. Cropping is often followed with taping dog ears. The ears taped are usually what’s left of what was cropped out from the puppy’s ears/dog’s ears. The dog’s ears are usually taped upright so that the erect ears heal vertically. Rather than you puppy’s ears hanging down, the ears stand.

Depending on the breed standard, taping ears can take up to two weeks for the taped ear to heal. It will also take that long before the ears stand. This is especially true for breeds like german shepherds. Some people like to use athletic tape to keep the erect ears taped. Some may even use a popsicle stick so the german shepherd puppy ears remain stabilized.

There are also other breeds that not only get their dog’s ears taped, but also under go tail docking. This is most common in breeds like pitbulls, bullies, or Dobermans. Some guardians prefer that their dog moves around with their dogs ears upright. While their are also many guardians that prefer not to tape the ears because they like their dogs ears to be floppy. It really depends on your preference as an owner, but you may also have to consider ear problems and the breed.

What Does Ear Taping German Shepherd Puppy Ears Do?


Most German Shepherds have ears that stand up on their heads like small flagpoles. But puppy’s ears may need a helping hand.

That’s where taping for German Shepherd puppy ears comes in! By giving dog’s ears a gentle nudge, it may help them to stand up stoutly and bravely on their little puppy head! Puppies are very energetic, so it’s important to do this when they are already finished teething.

It only takes a few simple steps to do the taping. It’s easy: just use a popsicle stick, cotton swab, and some small strips of medical tape to gently coax puppy’s right ear flap towards its rightful place on top of her head. Just don’t forget that puppy’s ears may take up to two months or more to stay standing up ‘just so’ – so keep at it and you’ll be proud of your pup in no time!

Ear Canal: How is Ear Cropping Performed?


Ear cropping is a procedure commonly performed on certain breeds of dogs. The wrap around the ear area is cut short and laid in the desired shape and position. The dogs head will then be tilted so that the pup is secured and able to stand properly. This allows the hair to stay in place while the ears are healing and acquiring their new shape.

Why is Ear Cropping so Popular?


Ear cropping is a process that dogs go through for certain medical and aesthetic reasons. It involves the surgical removal of parts of the ears and the immediate re-shaping of them. While it may seem like a good idea to take off these bandages and re-tape your pup’s ears, this is actually a bad idea as it can cause serious harm to your furry friend.

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What Breeds Benefit From Ear Cropping?


If a taping session with your pup’s auricle isn’t your idea of a good time, you may want to look into breeds that benefit from ear cropping! Day-by-day taping has become increasingly less popular as the ease of surgically cropping ears provides the desired results with far less maintenance.

Among the favored candidates for this alternative solution are certain working dog breeds such as Dogo Argentino, Boerboels and American Pit Bulls. Just make sure you take into consideration your dog’s individual preferences as not all dogs have the same tolerance for taping. So if you see your pup displaying discomfort definitely explore ear cropping options!

What Problems Can a Dog Encounter During Ear Cropping?


Taping dogs ears is a controversial practice that many still consider to be cosmetic surgery. It involves surgically removing a portion of the puppy’s natural ears and taping the remaining part of its ears into an upright position. The long-term effects of taping a pup’s auricle for weeks at a time may cause infection and soreness, since dog’s ears naturally contain moisture.

Furthermore, taping the ears may lead to severe pain during taping or untaping, as well as excess bleeding in some cases. To avoid any lasting risks to their furry friends’ overall health, it’s important that owners fully understand the possible consequences before they decide if auricle cropping is right for their dog.

Is Ear Cropping Painful for Dogs?


For those who are unfamiliar with auricle cropping, it can seem like a painful and unnecessary surgical procedure for dogs. But the truth is that if performed correctly, taping is an effective way to manage pain in puppies and adult dogs undergoing auricle cropping.

Veterinary anesthesia eliminates discomfort during the surgery, and taping stabilizes and supports the ears post-surgery so they can heal correctly. Of course, your veterinarian will demonstrate taping techniques for you if you are planning to do any taping of your own. It may seem counterintuitive, but taping can make all the difference when it comes to helping your pup or dog heal after auricle cropping!

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For How Long Should You Tape Your Dog’s Ears?


Taping your dog’s ears requires a judicious decision-making process. On the one hand, taping is important for certain types of breed such as Dobermans and Shih Tzus that often have ears that are slow to stand up on their own. The general expectation when taping your dogs auricle is to do so until they are standing normally, usually around 8-10 weeks old; occasionally taping will be necessary after this period of time as well.

You should also adjust taping sessions accordingly according to comfortability and make sure not to leave it on for more than 20 minutes at a time. As tiring as this all sounds, safety first: at least you can rest easy knowing that you’ve taken the proper steps to ensure both furry fashion and health!

How Do You Know if Your Dog’s Ears Will Stand Up?


Knowing whether or not your dogs ears are going to stand up can be a fun guessing game for puppy owners. To figure it out, one of the first things you can do is take a look at the parents of your pup if possible. If both have erect ears, then you have a good chance that your pup will follow suit.

Another thing to consider is the breed of dog! Some dog breeds notoriously have non-standup ears such as basset hounds and poodles! Your best bet is to remain patient and wait — there’s plenty of research out there so you can get an idea of what kind of outcome to expect. Either way, your furry friend will still be man’s (or woman’s) best friend no matter what their ears end up looking like!

Are Floppy Ears Bad for Your Dog?


It’s no secret that floppy ears give dogs a certain charm, making them even more adorable than they already are. But did you know that having floppy ears can actually be bad for your canine companion?

As many owners of puppy dogs with floppy ears have discovered. The extra skin on the auricle can increase the risk of bacterial and other infections. To counter this issue, taping is an effective way of controlling the floppiness and preventing these infections.

Functions of a Dog’s Ears


While dogs use vocalization to communicate intraspecies, the most efficient way to communicate is through body language. These complex signals use most of the body of the dog. Including the head gesture, tail motion and important points of ear position. In Addition, the auricle pinae also provide a practical protective ear and prevents foreign bodies intruding into the auricle.

Is It Bad if German Shepherd Ears Don’t Stand Up?


It is absolutely normal that GSD is not sitting there. Some puppies’ head flips around during eight to 9 years. An 8 month-old puppy with flappy ears isn’t something that should alarm you about. You’ll be smiling more later on seeing those cute floppy eyes!

Taping Dogs Ears: Is It Too Late to Tape My Dog Ears?


It’ll just tap on your tip. I’ve had correction ears since the twelfth of a year. You can tape them up until he is one year old but the outcome is worthwhile.

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Can You Crop Your Dog’s Ears Yourself?


Sharp shears are often used when cropped to fit dogs’ears on their puppy. Because of the hesitation marks left by scissors. Auricle trimpers on larger and larger breed animals may use a blade to create a smooth edge.

Taping Dogs Ears: Other Ways to Keep a Dog’s Auricle Down


Many dog owners never thought about attaching their auricle up. Since the cultural background of this practice is so strong. People have several ideas about how one can maintain it flat. This includes:

Taping Dogs Ears: Puppy Auricle Glue

posting-german-shepherd-earsWhen it comes to taping dogs ears, most dog auricle glues are commonly used for pups because they can be kept more stable during initial development. Eventually, the hairs grow back again and the adhesive disappears after shaving.

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