Using an E Collar to Stop Barking: Does It Work?

what is an e collar for dog training

Have you tried using an e collar to stop barking?

Every dog owner knows how annoying it is to come home to a dog that barks excessively. Dog barks can be caused by a number of reasons. But imagine having more than one dog uncontrollably? wouldn’t that be worse?

Dogs bark for all kinds of reasons, but trying to effectively stop it is equally as challenging. That’s why a shock collar or a bark collar will be able to help you curb excessive barking, unwanted barking, and control the way your dogs respond to situations.

An e collar or a shock collar is used primarily as a dog training collar to stop excessive barking and correct the barking behavior of your dog. The bark collar will be attached to your dog’s neck and the collar will send a mild electric shock to the dog’s neck to correct your dog’s behavior.

A bark collar is very effective when it comes to shock collar training, however, you still need to know how to use it properly. If used the wrong way, your can develop skin irritation and other health issues. So, given that there are so many shock collars available on the market today, how do you find the best one for your dog?

If you are looking for a bark collar/shock collar for your dog, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be teaching you how to use shock collars properly to correct your dogs barking behavior. We will also be teaching you how to teach your dog to associate the electric shock with positive reinforcement training.

What is a Shock Collar?

whats an e collar

A shock collar is a device that is attached to a dog’s collar. The shock collar delivers a shock to the dog.

The shock is designed to stop the dog from barking. Shock collars are also called e-collars, stop-barking collars, and dog collars. The shock that the shock collar delivers is similar to the shock that a person feels when they touch a metal doorknob after walking across a carpet. The shock is not harmful to the dog and is not intended to hurt the dog.

Associating Vibration with a Positive Reward

The shock is intended to startle the dog and create an unpleasant experience for the dog so that the dog will stop barking.

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There are different types of shock collars, and some shock collars have different levels of shocks that can be delivered to the dog. The level of shock that is delivered to the dog can be adjusted based on the size of the dog and the severity of the barking problem. Some dogs may require a higher level of shock than other dogs to stop barking.

Shock collars are not recommended for use with your puppy or small dogs because they may be too sensitive for the shock collar. If you are considering using a shock collar to stop your dog from barking, it is important to get your dog used to it first.

How Do you Train Your Dog with a Remote Training Collar?

puppy e collar

An e collar is a great training tool compared to normal dog collars. Some professionals use bark collars and shock training to alert the dog.

The goal of the e collar training is to control barking and enforce appropriate behavior so a mild static shock will be sent to the dog’s neck.

Using a Remote Control

Training with bark collars is a manual process. Usually, bark collars come with a remote control, which you can use as a training device.

The remote control, is used to make the shock collar work. Most dogs react to it well, while others need a few tries during dog training so that the dog reacts in a positive way.

Adjustable Vibration

An electronic collar sends vibration to the dog’s vocal cords and it will proceed to do that to get your dog’s attention.

Once your dog gets used to the electronic collar, you can allow your dog to walk for extended periods off leash. As long as you are consistent with your efforts to train your dog, it won’t take too long before they get used to it.

That said, the static collar also comes with adjustable levels of vibration. You can adjust how quiet the sound is so your pet wont get startled.

Using an E Collar to Stop Barking: Why Do My Dogs Bark?

using an e collar to stop barking

A dog bark can mean a lot of different things. As a pet owner you first need to associate yourself with the reasons so that you are aware of how to get your dog’s attention and stop barking. Here are a few reasons that you may want to check:


Dogs are territorial animals. Barking continues at any given time when a person, animal, or vehicle enters an area that they think is part of their territory.

Many dogs show dominance in this area, which is the reason for barking. Dogs also view their house as their territory, so if someone enters their home they can bark when they hear a sound from outside.


When your dog feels threatened, it can be seen in the dog’s face. As a response to their fear, they may start barking.

It’s important to keep a fearful dog calm during training. A spray collar/spray collars or a citronella spray work best to relax your dog. If your dog is calm, it will keep quiet.

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To Show Affection

Dogs are also very playful and to show their affection they can end up barking or whining when they hear the sound of their owners.

This behavior is of course very adorable, but if your dog has this behavior all the time training him to only bark when needed will be beneficial.

To Get your Attention

Your dog may bark when he needs something from you. Barking is also a form of communication to get the attention of their owners.

With proper dog collar training, you can train your dog to only do this when he needs to go out. You can train him on command with a specific word. Once that command is given, that’s the only time that your dog can be allowed to bark.

Medical Issues

Your dog can also use barking as a way to tell you that they are not feeling well. Some dogs will usually be quiet, which is why you should stay on top of your dogs behavior when this happens.

how does e collar work


If you only have one dog in the house, he may get lonely. This is why giving your dog toys to play with while you are away will keep him busy. You can also train or command your dog to stop barking while playing.

Separation Anxiety

Barking could also be a sign that your dog is anxious. Dogs that have separation anxiety tend to bark excessively when their owners leave for work.

With proper dog collar training, you can command your dog to stop barking. With an e collar, you can send vibration to the collars. The collar responds only when you send the vibration to the collars.

How to Stop Excessive Dog Barks

There are many e collars you can buy online, but choosing the right one is of the most importance.

If you’ve ever been kept up at night by a dog’s incessant barking, you know how frustrating it can be. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help your four-legged friend find his indoor voice.

First, make sure he has plenty of toys and chew bones to keep him occupied – a bored dog is more likely to bark out of boredom. You might also want to try putting him in a kennel or crate when you’re gone or at night, as many dogs feel anxious when left alone and tend to bark excessively as a result.

Finally, if your dog is barking for attention, provide him with plenty of positive reinforcement when he’s quiet – this will help him learn that being quiet is more rewarding than making noise. With a little patience and training, you can help your dog learn to bark only when it’s necessary.

Are Shock Collars for Barking Cruel?

Shock collars often have the tendency to be misused and can lead to anger and aggression from your pet. However, they are not intended to teach your dog to do what it wants.

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Using an E Collar to Stop Barking: Why You Shouldn’t Use an E-collar?

Shocks can cause serious damage to your animal. Electrostatic shock can create emotional distress in your pets and cause phobia, as well as excessive stress which in turn can cause dangerous increases in blood pressure and burns on the dog skin.

Using an E Collar to Stop Barking: Does It Work for Howling or Whining?

Yes, collar activating by vibratory motion will cause dogs to whine a bit. You should read it carefully first. Whining sounds less pronounced than barking, and you may have to test various collar types for the right dog.

We have some excellent dog collars here. Manual training can also be done in electronic forms. This requires greater awareness and involvement. Despite the extra work you will still get praise when they stop doing so. It will help accelerate learning.

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Using an E Collar to Stop Barking: Tell Me the Difference Between Automatic Barking and Bark Collar?

Most dog owners have experienced the frustration of dealing with a dog that won’t stop uncontrollably barking. Whether it’s during park walking or in the middle of the night, excessive barking can be a real nuisance. But what’s the difference between automatic barking and using a bark collar?

Automatic barking is when your dog starts barking and doesn’t stop, even when you try to distract them or quiet them down. This can be caused by things like separation anxiety or fear.

Bark collars, on the other hand, are devices that are placed around your dog’s neck. It emits a sound or vibration whenever they start barking. This helps to train your dog not to bark excessively. As this will teach them that it will result in an unpleasant sensation.

Both automatic barking and bark collars can be annoying. But bark collars are generally considered to be more effective in training dogs not to bark excessively. If you’re dealing with a dog that just won’t stop uncontrollably barking, a bark collar may be worth considering.

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