Where Should You Attach a Leash to a Choke Chain Style Collar?


Choke chain-style collars work well to help you discipline and train your dog, but only if you’re using them right. There are plenty of benefits to a choke collar, but it is essential to know how to use it properly to make the most of this training tool. So, where should you attach a leash to a choke chain-style collar for positive reinforcement training?

The type of choke chain-style collar your dog wears affects how you connect your leash. Here are all of the things you need to know about attaching a leash to a choke chain collar.

The Importance of a Dog’s Collar

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A collar is placed around your dog’s neck to attach a leash to control your dog. Most dog owners train their dogs not to use specific undesired behavior, like pulling on the leash while you walk. The collar and the leash work together, so the owner has complete control. By pulling the leash either gently or firmly, depending on your intentions, the collar tightens around the dog’s neck. This action gets the dog’s attention and helps to train your dog and stop unwanted behaviors.

Does The Fit of a Leash and a Dog Collar Matter?

When training a dog, the fit of a dog’s collar is essential. You want to be able to create a loose fit that adjusts depending on slack. The collar slips over the dog’s head and sits comfortably at the base of the neck. Adjust the collar to fit your dog’s neck with comfort, but try not to let the collar slip over the dog’s head when they pull backward.

Choke Collars

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A dog choke collar is usually used when training dogs outside of the home. They are best for dogs that have a mind of their own. Choke collars are made of metal chains and are used to train your dog to obey.

The choke collar tightens around the neck to gain control of your dog. This collar is not commonly used on dogs with small necks due to the chain’s strength. These collars are great for adjusting the tension and put pressure on the neck.

Does the Size of the Choke Chain Collar Matter?

There are a variety of different sizes of choke chain collars. Larger dogs require heavy-duty 6 mm choke chain collars. The length of each collar is measured from one ring to the other. To get the best size choke chain collar for your dog, measure the size of your dog’s neck and add between 3-4 inches. The extra length of the chain allows for movement as the dog moves.

Most pet stores help size choke chain collars for dogs. It is not recommended to use choke chain collars on very small dogs, so slip collars are preferred on small dogs.

Why Use a Choke Collar?

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A pinch collar causes discomfort and makes the dog pay attention to the trainer’s command. It helps temper aggressive tendencies. Each collar has either a loop or ring to attach a leash to. But where should you attach a leash to a choke chain-style pet collar?

There are various types of choke collars, such as slip, prong, and martingale collars. The different type of choke collar affects where to attach your leash.

Slip Collars

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A slip collar is commonly used when training a dog. The trainer slips the collar over the dog’s neck and tightens and loosens the slack to train the dog to behave on a leash. There is no buckle attachment, and it is simply looped through each end. This type of collar is most used on easily distracted dogs. A simple jerk of the hand corrects the dog’s behavior and encourages them to focus on your command. Slip collars work best on small dogs with little neck fat.

Where Should You Attach a Choker Dog Leash to a Choke Chain-Style Collar – Slip Collars

Do you know how to put on choke chain? There is only one ring on a slip collar, and you attach your leash to that ring. As you pull your leash, the collar tightens around the dog’s neck. Usually, there is an easy-to-use thumb latch to attach the hook of your leash to the collar’s ring. Adjust the slack on the leash to adjust the amount of pressure on your dog’s neck. If they try to run away, they soon learn as the collar tightens and gets them to stop. The leash should roll freely through the ring on the collar.

Prong-Style Collars

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Prong collars, or pinch collars, are a popular metal chain collar that offers slack when you tighten and loosen the tension. You can add or remove chain links to adjust to your dog’s neck size. Each chain has a prong that sticks to the dog’s skin. Depending on the tension of the collar, this style allows the trainer to create a snapping action when pulling the collar to get the dog’s attention. Prong collars work best on large dogs or dogs that have excess neck fat.

Where Should You Attach a Leash to a Choke Chain-Style Collar? – Prong Collars

Prong-style collars should have an outer ring and an inside ring. The proper way to attach your leash is to attach it to this outer ring. This allows you to lead your dog, the leash to slide freely, and teaches your dog not to pull. Attaching the leash to the inside ring loses the ability to slide along the collar, affecting your ability to train your dog successfully. Some even consider using the inside ring, but this results in misuse due to an unnecessary tugging of the neck.

Martingale Collars

Martingale collars typically have three rings, one on the outside and two inside rings. Martingale collars do not tend to choke a dog as much as a slip collar. This collar tightens on the neck and is adjustable depending on the size of your dog’s neck. Martingale collars are referred to as non-slip collars that dogs cannot pull out of. This collar is preferred on dogs who have necks wider and larger than their heads.

Where Should You Attach a Leash to a Choke Chain-Style Collar? – Martingale Collars

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Like the other collar types, you attach your leash to the outer ring. The trainer tugs on the leash to adjust the pressure on the dog’s neck by tightening the collar. You can notice if the leash is attached properly by jerking the leash quickly. If the collar doesn’t tighten immediately, you have attached it to the inside rings by mistake.

Where Should You Attach a Leash to a Choke Chain-Style Collar? – Conclusion

So to recap, where should you attach a leash to a choke chain-style collar? When attaching your leash to a choke chain-style dog collar, you should always attach it to the outer ring, no matter what style. The leash should still have a bit of slack, and the collar should fit comfortably over your dog’s neck. By attaching the leash to the outer ring of the collar, you gain full control over the pressure put on the dog’s neck.

Slip collars, prong collars, and martingale collars provide a variety of different options of choke-style collars that adjust to your dog’s physical needs. All choke-chain dog collars allow the owner to have complete control over the dog when pulling or jerking the leash to get their attention and gain control.

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