Wide Dog Collars – Can They Be Too Wide?


Dog collars come in all shapes and sizes. You can also choose different materials and designs to suit your and your pet’s needs. One common type that is prevalent in the market is wide dog collars. Of course, there are benefits and advantages to these products (particularly when it comes to being easier on the neck), but are wide dog collars necessary? 

Let’s take a look at their advantages and disadvantages, their features, and how to choose the best wide dog collars.

The Wide Collar Difference 

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While standard dog collars come in many materials, colors, and styles, their width falls to one inch on average. This size is common for many manufacturers and will be the standard product on store shelves for many pets. However, wide collars go beyond that. 

Wide collars extend beyond the standard 1-inch width and come in sizes from 1.5 to 3-inch measurements. These broader versions naturally have their own pros and cons, which can help you decide if wide dog collars are necessary for your pet


  • Minimize neck injuries 
  • Better suited for animals that have thicker necks
  • Helpful for training puppies or reactive dogs who tend to pull on a leash 
  • Can hold various identification and health information
  • Beneficial for active dogs 
  • Are stylish and highly adaptable


  • Not suitable for small dogs 
  • May start to be uncomfortable for some pups if it is too broad or worn for long periods
  • On the heavier side



With a broad range of benefits, wide dog collars can be useful for many owners.


Helps Minimize Neck Injuries

Dogs who pull or suddenly yank on their lead can suffer from prolonged stress injuries on the trachea. In addition, thinner collars that exert pressure against the neck can cause your pup to suffer from windpipe collapse. 

Wide dog collars can help spread the force against the neck more evenly and distribute the pressure, minimizing the risks of these injuries. 


Better-Suited for Animals With Thicker Necks

Dog breeds who have thicker necks can benefit from having wider collars. These typically are active, large dogs who may need more support than a 1-inch standard collar provides. 

However, if your dog has a thick neck but a smaller head, you must be certain that your pet cannot slip out of it during use. Some wide dog collars offer Martingale features that ensure animals with thick necks, and smaller heads will not slip away. 


Helpful For Training Puppies Or Reactive Dogs Who Pull On a Leash

Puppies in training or reactive dogs who pull on a leash can benefit from wider collars. These types will help them feel more secure while not exerting great force on their neck when you need them to follow directions. 

Imagine walking with your furry friends who suddenly sees a squirrel! A wider collar will reduce the force on their neck as you restrain them and gain their focus back. 


Can Hold Various Identification and Health Information

Have you noticed how cumbersome it is to add identification and health information to a standard collar? These tags can be noisy or easily break off and get lost, leaving your beloved friend without these essentials. 

Wide dog collars come in several styles, so you can have their details built right into the collar. This way, there is no worry of losing tags if your pet goes missing. 


Beneficial for Active Dogs 

Active dogs can often require more restraint and guidance from their owners. Wide collars can help your animal feel more secure and respond better to your commands since they cover more space on their neck. 


Stylish and Adaptable

Let’s face it; wide dog collars can look great on large breeds or pooches with thick necks. Different materials and features, such as buckles or clasps, can make your pet the talk of the dog park. 

As well, some wider models include reflective material, which helps your walks in reduced visibility. For example, when comparing 1-inch collars to 2 or 3-inch versions with reflective capabilities, your pet will be more visible to others when wearing a wider collar



While there are many advantages to a wide dog collar, that doesn’t mean they don’t come with some drawbacks.


Unsuitable for Small Dogs

Reflecting their dimensions, wide collars are not practical for small dogs. Since they won’t adequately fit around the neck of, say, a Chihuahua, the likelihood is that your fur friend will easily wriggle out of wide collars.  


May Become Too Uncomfortable

Although a wide collar can be ideal for large furballs and those who have a habit of pulling on their leashes, they can become uncomfortable when worn for long periods.  


Can Be Heavy

Many wide dog collars tend to be on the heavier side. While that can make them more secure, it also has the potential to cause significant discomfort. What’s more, it may even lead to breathing problems.


How To Choose the Best Wide Dog Collars – Buying Guide

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So, how do you choose the best product? Here, we have a helpful buying guide to make it easy for you and your pet to select the best collar for their needs. In addition, these elements can provide more assistance in narrowing down your choice. 

  • Material 
  • Width 
  • Size 
  • Price 
  • Use 


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The material of the wide dog collar you choose should be chosen with your pup in mind. After all, you want them to be comfortable while wearing a collar. In addition, the product should be easy to clean, so it does not cause skin irritation. It should also be durable enough to withstand pulling forces if you have a reactive dog or you are currently training your pet



How wide is too wide for your dog collar? As these products range from 1.5 to 3-inches in width, this factor will be dependent on your furball’s breed and size. You want a wide dog collar that fits their neck without rubbing under their jawline or being so heavy on the neck that it strains their muscles during wear.  



A collar should still fit comfortably while placing two fingers underneath it and between the skin. However, it should not be loose enough to slip over their head and escape if they are reactive. This handy guide from PetSmart can help if you are unsure. 



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Naturally, you want a high-quality product that will last, but you should not overpay for a product. Still, less expensive brands may not use durable materials, so finding a good collar that falls within your budget is vital.  



Does your dog get wet while swimming, so they need a wide water-resistant model? Are your daily walks generally in the early morning or late evenings where a reflective model can be helpful? 

If you have several uses for a collar, some pet owners may purchase different styles for alternative uses. This way, you get the best wide dog collar possible for all kinds of activities


The Takeaway 

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Choosing the best wide dog collars can be a chore if you are unsure what to look for in a product. So, are wide dog collars necessary? For large pooches and active dogs, they can be an invaluable tool for owners. 

The best wide dog collars will fit a pooch’s neck correctly, will not irritate their skin or be too heavy, and are optimized for specific uses. A proper wide dog collar will keep your pet safe and secure, help with training, and be fashionable. 

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